Cloth Diapering – A Family Tradition

Considering how relatively new disposable diapers are, it shouldn’t be unusual that I come from a long line of cloth diapering moms.  Now, though, we’re starting to get into a third generation of children that were exclusively diapered with disposables.  (Granted, it’s a short span between generations, but when someone that I graduated high school with is now a grandmother, it’s still three generations.)

Cloth Diapering - A Family Tradition

There I am at six months old having my very first Christmas. You can see the white flat cloth diaper on my little tiny bottom. (Okay, I was cute. Seriously cute.)

I was born when disposable diapers started becoming the common thing.  They’d become cheaper to purchase.  (Disposable diapers existed when my older sisters were babies, but they were terribly expensive.  Only extremely wealthy families could afford to use them all the time, but most people who used them treated them like a “sometimes” thing to be used for outings and travel.)  In spite of the newly perceived cheapness of sposies, I could not wear them.  I was one of those babies who was allergic to them and broke out something fierce, so my mom still used cloth diapers on me.

Cloth diapering then is pretty different than cloth diapering now with modern cloth diapers.  Pockets, hybrids, fitteds, all-in-one diapers, and the amazing cover options that we have just didn’t exist back then.  My mom diapered me with flats and diaper pins.  I was put in those ill-fitting, leaky plastic pants.  Obviously, what I use on Eudora now works much better!

Cloth diaper laundry has also changed.  My mother stored my dirty cloth diapers in a wet pail with vinegar.  My best friend’s mom would throw her dirty cloth diapers right in the washing machine and let them soak in bleach.  Now?  Most people don’t use bleach and wet pails are discouraged.

Still, in spite of the “primitive” cloth diapers that my parents used (mumbles) years ago and that my mother used cloth on me out of necessity, I’m proud of the knowledge that I come from a long line of cloth diapered babies.  It’s like I’m passing on a little known family tradition.  With that said, I’m also glad that modern cloth diapering is so much more fun than it would have been back then!

Were you cloth diapered as a baby?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. I was cloth diapered as a child too. I asked her to find a pic of me in cloth so I could share too, her response was “why on earth would they care?” To her cloth was THE WAY to diaper and she assumed that everyone else did too back then, even though sposies were around when she was a baby 🙂

    • My mom is gone, so finding pics of me in cloth was no problem. I scanned all of my mother’s photo albums in after she passed. My oldest sister used cloth on my niece, too, but that was when prefolds were the new awesome. 🙂

  2. I was too, mom had contours and plastic pants. She had flats for back up, but hated them. Disposables were for rich people, mom and dad didn’t have much money 30 years ago. She was very proud of me when I told her that I was switching my oldest into cloth.

  3. I have a pic of me in cloth also. I couldn’t imagine using those plastic pants now!

  4. My older siblings and I were all cloth diapered in shockingly modern diapers, velcro fitteds and super cute printed velcro covers that my aunt bought in Japan. We had no washer at home, but my mom was the janitor at the laundromat so they were washed every day or two in a professional steam washer. Even with a pro washer and modern diapers my mom HATED cloth, and spent a few months trying to change my mind about using cloth on Lulu.

  5. I wanted to link up for this post, but to be honest, I have absolutely no idea if I was cloth diapered as a baby. I can’t even find a picture that might hint one way or the other. And yes, what a cute baby you were 🙂


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