Imagine Bamboo Fitteds Review

To start off, I am an independent Imagine advocate and this post may contain affiliate links. I did not receive any free products or any other compensation for writing this post. I purchased these diapers myself. If you click on an affiliate link and buy something, I will receive a small credit.

About Imagine Baby Products

This company was started to help bring about more cloth diapering awareness. They have quality, inexpensive diapers. You can sign up to become a cloth diaper advocate and earn some free diapers. Click here to find out more and sign up if you’re interested and to buy one if you’d like. They have a one size and newborn size.

About the Imagine Bamboo Fitted

These are made out of 70% bamboo/30% cotton. The body has two layers and the soaker has four. The soaker snaps into the back of the diaper. No exposed snaps touch baby’s skin. I leave the soaker snapped in to wash and then unsnap it when I toss it in the dryer. They do take a really long time to dry. I run them through the dryer with the rest of my diapers and then hang them up to finish drying. They’re ready by the next night.

Here’s the inside of the diaper without the insert snapped in. Forgive the stains, I can’t sun diapers at the moment (weather and second story living).
The fitted with the soaker snapped in (again forgive the stains). You can see that it looks like it would hang out, but it really doesn’t. I haven’t been able to try this on a smaller baby, so I’m not really sure how you would deal with the extra length with the rise snapped down. I guess you’d just fold it down and put the absorbency where you need it.
The outside of the diaper. I got velcro (just my personal preference).
Here you can see how there’s a flap covering where you snap in the soaker. The snaps on the soaker are underneath, they don’t show on top.
The fitted on the smallest setting. It does get rather small. It looks like it would be a little bulky on a small baby. But if you’re just using it at night, that shouldn’t be a problem. Oh, and this picture is without the soaker snapped in.
The diaper on the largest setting, again without the soaker inside. The velcro grips pretty well.
Here’s the diaper on my girl. It’s not huge. Adding a cover doesn’t add much bulk. You can sort of see that the wings are a little stretched out.. I like the fit of this diaper on her. Personally, I think it’s too bulky for daytime to fit under clothes. I think this diaper would be great for coverless time.

My Take on the Diaper

This is the first fitted diaper I’ve tried. I thought it would be love at first use. I have to admit it, at first, I was NOT crazy about it. I didn’t like them because the first time that my daughter pooped in one, after washing it with my normal routine, it still stunk like poo! I’d never had a problem like that with natural fibers before. We’ve had stinkies from pee, yeah, but not poo. I stripped it and it did take care of the poop smell.

I seriously was thinking about getting rid of them, but I decided to wait a little longer and really test them out. Now they are my go-to nighttime diaper. These things are more absorbent than a large prefold. They hold the poop in. I have had no problems with them (besides the initial smell issue). There is some staining. The rise is a little low, but if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be able to get the cover over them! The waist tabs have stretched out some, but I don’t mind because it means that they’ll fit my girl for a little longer. I only have two right now. I recommend having three or four for nighttime use since they take so long to dry. I don’t even have to use a doubler with these. Seriously! My girl will soak a large prefold, but these still have dry spots in the morning. I’m going to be getting some newborn ones to use on my little man coming in July. I’ll probably be buying more of these after he outgrows the newborn ones.


  1. I loved the “they hold the poop in” made me laugh!!! My boys are 7 & 14, so I’m past the diapers (so glad for this!) but I know plenty of mama’s who still are… Great review!

  2. We didn’t cloth diaper, but I have been really impressed with how soft bamboo cloth is.

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