Dermoid Cyst and Facing Surgery

Eudora is perfect.  She’s beautiful and sweet.  She’s such a happy and affectionate baby.  I’ve never had a child that wanted my snuggles as much as she.  For all of her perfection, she also has what appears to be a dermoid cyst.

What’s a Dermoid Cyst?

The best way to explain a dermoid cyst is that it’s a few cells that ended up in “the wrong place” during fetal development.  They generally end up on the head or collar bone.  A dermoid cyst is not cancerous.  Typically, they are sebacious cells and may contain puss or even hair.  Very rarely (as in extremely rare), it may even contain a tooth.  It’s generally something to observe, but not something to worry about removing until the child grows older.

Dermoid Cyst and Facing Surgery (Cloth Diaper Addicts)So why is Eudora’s dermoid cyst being removed now, at the tender age of fourteen months?  Simply put, because it’s growing.  After our first consult with Dr. K, we ended up calling him for a repeat visit because of the changes we’d noticed.  Sometimes there is risk of the dermoid cyst growing under the skull if left unchecked.  The game plan now is to have the dermoid cyst removed and then biopsied to be sure that it actually is a dermoid cyst.

This means, of course, that I’m uneasy.  I ended up having Heather over at The Parenting Patch do some quick research for me because my head was just not in the right place to go over statistics.  I was concerned about the fact that Eudora will have to go under general anesthesia to have this removed.  It was concerning to me because I’d done some reading that indicated a correlation between increased learning disabilities and early exposure to general anesthetic.  (Heather found better stats that indicated that this was only a concern with repeat exposure.)

Still, I’m not exactly thrilled that she has a dermoid cyst at all, let alone that it has to be removed.

Have you ever dealt with a dermoid cyst on your child?


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  1. Will keep your family in our prayers!

  2. Candice Marie says:

    My third son, Caden, actually had one as well. It would shrink and regrow again. It eventually left the side of his forehead by the time he was about 2.5 to 3 years old. It never grew bigger then a lima bean. I hope all goes well!

  3. Prayers to you guys. What a scary process!

  4. We’ve never had one in this family, but I’ve been through surgery with my littles and it is hard. <3

  5. How scary for you! I had a dermoid on my ovary. It was discovered during a routine ultrasound when I was pregnant and the hormones were stimulating growth. Because it and the baby were soon to compete for the same space, and the only thing scarier than planned surgery during pregnancy is emergency surgery during pregnancy, I had open abdominal surgery to remove it at 19 weeks along. That was during my pregnancy with M, so we know this story has a happy ending, but it was really scary.

    Not to alarm you, but you might request that her Dr perform an ultrasound to see if there are any more. While scary for you, it will be easier to address when she’s little and the cyst is tiny than later on in life.

    Good luck! I hope the surgery goes very smoothly and you enjoy the recovery cuddles.

    • Hmm. I never thought to have them check for more. Is it common for a person who has one dermoid to have multiples?

      • I was told there was a chance it could recur, and that some people are “prone” to them, but this was by an anesthesiologist who I believe to be a bit of a quack. Can’t hurt to ask her pediatrician.

  6. Good luck to Eudora (that name, amazing!) during her surgery! I never heard of dermoid cysts before, but appreciate the information about them.

  7. I haven’t dealt with this, but I can see how you would feel uneasy. it sounds Luke the right decision, though. I’m glad Heather could support you in that way.

  8. Jessica A says:

    I haven’t personally had to go through this but my friend’s daughter had one. She was only a few months old when she had to have it removed. Her’s was also growing and they were afraid it could get infected. She did great with it and is fine. Praying for your little lovey (and for you and your hubby.)


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