Destashing Cloth Diapers – Selling Your Used Diapers

When you have an excess amount of diapers or are just done and decide to “cash out,” using cloth diapers has a distinct advantage over disposables.  You can sell your stash, either all or in part, whenever you want.  Destashing cloth diapers, or selling your cloth diaper stash, comes with its own rules.

Destashing Cloth Diapers Online

Destashing Cloth Diapers - Selling Your Used DiapersWhen you are destashing cloth diapers online, there are plenty of opportunities.  Social networking, forums, sale sites…. The opportunities are endless!  Likewise, there are endless opportunities for buying used cloth diapers, too.

Facebook.  Facebook gives you plenty of ways to sell.  If you want to sell your diapers locally so that you don’t have to fool around with shipping, there are frequently regional cloth diaper groups.  I’m part of a buy/sell/trade group for my town, my province, and for all of Canada.  So far, I do most of my selling locally because I’d rather avoid the post office whenever possible.  There are also buy/sell/trade (or BSTs) for specific diaper brands or even hard to find (HTF) diapers.

Diaper Swappers.  Diaper Swappers is a forum that will allow you to connect with other moms all over the place.  You can chat with them in the forums or list whatever you’re out to get rid of.

Cloth Diaper Trader.  Cloth Diaper Trader has a fantastic listing system.  You can search by type, by country, and by other parameters.  There’s no socializing on the listings, which is amazing for keeping it clean, fast, and easy.

Craig’s List/eBay Classifieds/Kijiji.  Your free sites give you plenty of opportunity to sell, and it opens your market up beyond Facebook.

Destashing Cloth Diapers – Single or Lots?

The other day, a local mom asked about destashing cloth diapers.  She wondered what the advantages were of selling in lots versus selling in singles.

Lots.  When you destash in lots, the larger the lot you try to sell, the bigger price break the buyer will be looking for.  Sure, I might be willing to pay $15 for a used BumGenius diaper… or even more if it’s a discontinued diaper that I want… but I’m not going to be willing to pay that much per diaper for a lot of 24.  When selling in a larger lot, you’ll take a bigger price cut than you would if selling single.  But you’ll also be finished with destashing cloth diapers in one fell swoop.  Or a few sales if you decide to break your destash down into smaller lots.

Singles.  When destashing cloth diapers as a single item, you can ask more per individual diaper.  Sure, you may sell your China Cheapies for $3, but if you’ve got an AppleCheeks Samoa in excellent condition, you can get over a hundred dollars for it.  It’s easier to sell when your buyers are not making a huge financial commitment for diapers that they may not even be interested in.  However, there’s a risk to destashing cloth diapers in singles: it’s entirely possible that you may not sell them all and may end up “stuck” with a couple.  (Of course, you can always donate it to Cloth for a Cause.)

Reputation Helps

When destashing cloth diapers, a seller’s reputation is also something that may be considered by potential buyers.  The best way to make sure that you’ve cultivated your reputation as a knowledgable diaper user is to be active in whatever community you’re trying to sell.  Be honest about what you’re trying to sell.  If you try to pass off diapers as “excellent used condition” when they are, in fact, completely delaminated, word will get around and no one will want to do business with you.  Even if your own integrity isn’t reason enough to be descriptive about any potential issues with your diapers, people’s willingness to buy from you hopefully will.

What tips do you have for destashing cloth diapers?

About Suzi

Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. But how do you decide WHAT to destash, while you are still using diapers? I have over 50 diapers – which I think is WAY to many. I want to sell some, to get back down to the magical 36 number, but I can’t decided what to sell!

    • At 50, I’d say you’re at a reasonable number because the bigger your rotation, the longer your diapers will last. But if you want to sell some, then start with the ones that you don’t love.

  2. Thank you for mentioning Cloth Diaper Trader! 🙂

  3. When I sold some of my diapers, I used a couple B/S/T groups on Facebook. I sold everything that I wanted for the prices that I wanted.

  4. I’ve sold all of my diapers on Craigslist, which has worked out wonderfully! Not only did I make money from my diapers, but I also avoided having to deal with shipping them!

  5. Great information! I like to sell mine on Facebook and sometimes on the swap on Babycenter.

  6. Jessica Cali says:

    I’m still new to CD’ing, and no where near needing to destash, but this is some great information to remember! Thanks 😀

  7. JennieD says:

    This is a great post, & it comes at a great time, as I’m trying to sell some inserts right now. Thank you for your great tips!

  8. Heather Oaster says:

    Thank you so much! I am new to cloth diapers, and have ordered a few that I am not sure I will want to keep. I knew I could resell them, but wasn’t sure the best way to go about it!

  9. Vanessa V. says:

    Thanks for this post! I hadn’t even thought about groups on Facebook, I really don’t want to ship them off lol. I’m going to try Craigslist too. I am trying to get rid of some diaper covers my daughter has overgrown.

  10. Tracy Adler says:

    This is a very informative post. Not only for selling, but for buying too. I was going about thinking that buying single dipes that moms had would be the best way to buy… But it seems like bulk is better. Thanks so much for the post!

    • Single is great if it’s a particular diaper that you want, or if you just want to try a one off. I tend to sell mine in singles just because it’s easier for me to do it that way. And I tend to buy in singles because I’ve got so darned many diapers that I don’t need dozens of them. 😉

  11. Rachel N says:

    I try to sell locally whenever possible. It’s just easier than mailing. I have mailed a few diapers before that I couldn’t get buyers for locally. I also like to buy used locally so I can see the diaper before I purchase or buy from well known cloth diaper mommies online.

  12. Nicole Bear says:

    I don’t think there is much of a cloth diaper community where I live, so it might be hard to connect with people locally. I have sold a couple diapers that I never really used on eBay, and it was actually the first time I had sold on their. It was pretty easy.

  13. kristenaaa says:

    I’m brand new to CD but super excited about it. I bought a variety of dipes to try out to see what works for my two week old son (baby #2, joining a two year old sister.) I have a mental roadblock to buying used, so I’ve bought everything new, partly because I don’t know anyone here in Houston who uses cloth and I’d rather deal locally than worry about shipping, and partly because after all of the exhaustive research I’ve done on how to get good deals on new dipes, where to buy, and what retailers are good sources, I’ve noticed a LOT of mamas selling dipes in groups on Facebook at prices that just don’t seem justified to me based on what those dipes go for brand new. I think the beauty of reselling is helping out another mama who’s made the awesome choice to use cloth and maybe can’t afford to buy all new. It’s an added bonus to be able to recoup some of the cost of cloth in the end, but I want to help out some new mama who might be on the fence about whether they’re going to use cloth or not and who truly needs the really good deal that you’d hope to get by buying used.

  14. Vanessa Coker says:

    I loved finding this because I was wondering this exact same thing. In the end though I ended up donating a lot of the cloth diapers instead of selling them.

  15. I’ve had success selling on FB just posting photos and description!

  16. Jordan Lu says:

    This is a great article. I have a friend whos husbands isn’t 100% sold on the fact that cloth is cheaper in the longer run, or will save them money I should say. This would be great for her to show him and say see we can even get something back for them. lol

  17. Olivia L says:

    Thanks for this. Not yet, but I will probably be getting rid of some diapers as my youngest outgrows them (unless another one comes along of course!).

  18. Ashley Weber says:

    Thanks for the article! Good to know all this when it comes time to get rid of them! 🙂

  19. Ashley Feit says:

    Most people are so surprised when I tell them there is a resale market for cloth diapers. I have bought and sold a lot of my diapers used. Can’t say that about disposables!!

  20. Danielle D says:

    With me just buying cloth for the first time, I am so impressed that I am going to be able to donate or sell my diapers when my little ones our done with them, such an amazing feeling.

  21. Elyssa Lakich says:

    I’ve bought most of my diapers on Facebook! Saved a ton and feel good about reusing! Just be sure to ask lots of questions about the condition and always use PayPal goods to back your transactions. 🙂

  22. I will probably keep mine for another child. I love them so probably couldn’t part with them except to donate

  23. Rachel A. says:

    I have one that I won in a giveaway that doesn’t work for my son. I would like to sell it but am sort of scared to jump in the B/S/T world. I’m a part of a few groups on FB. I just never get to the post office! Thanks for the tips!

  24. Nanita Thomas says:

    I have a variety of CDs since I am a new mom. I would love to purchase used in my area . But being in a military town it seems like the spouses selling the items want almost what they paid for or the pictures make the items look not in the best condition that i am willing to use. It has been a month of CDing and it has been great.

    • Ugh, that’s too bad! I’m going to guess, then, that those moms trying to sell will be holding onto them for a very long time. (I don’t see the point in buying used if I can buy new for a couple of bucks more.)

  25. becky worthman says:

    don’t think I’ll make hundreds of dolars, but thanks for the tips!

  26. Carissa Whaatt says:

    ‘m always looking for someone locally looking to destash some, as i can only afford used. BUT there i never anything near me ever! once I am done CD i think i’d sell individually, but whatever was left, put them in a lot together!

  27. Rachel Boyce says:

    Great advice!

  28. Jennifer Marohn says:

    Great advice. The problem I am having is, I dont know if we will eventually have/be able to have more kids. And there is some sort of emotional attachment to the diapers on my part (yes I know I am crazy). LOL

  29. Amanda Saucedo says:

    Thanks for the advice! I am gearing up to destash a whole bunch of diapers as I need to quit being a diaper hoarder lol!

  30. Kelly Mills says:

    thats great advice. ide love to collect some $$!

  31. Shannon W says:

    Thanks for the advice. We will need it one day 🙂

  32. Keep your favourite 3, then sell the rest. If you do have another baby, you can celebrate by buying new ones again. It’s still much cheaper than sposies.

  33. Laurie P says:

    I’ve thought about selling a few, but have also considered donating to a local place where they will wash,/strip, and even repair the ones that may need it, then hand them over to someone who can really use them.


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