Lil Helper Charcoal Bamboo Diaper Review

I was lucky enough for Lil Helper to send me one of their charcoal bamboo to review, along with a sampling of their accessories, like their bamboo liners and cloth wipe. All opinions are one hundred per cent my own.
Cloth Diapering Again Lil Helper Review
A Little Lil Helper Background
Lil Helper might be better known for being run by two men with degrees in aerospace engineering and their wicked sense of humor. They offer quality diapers and other accessories. They recently expanded into receiving blankets (which can be found hereΒ and will make you laugh) and changing pads (here). They’ve been having contests to name their new prints on their Facebook page, which you can find here. They are very friendly guys, and very customer oriented. I enjoyed communicating with Mohammed through the email.
My Lil Helper Package
Here’s the package that I got:
Lil Helper diaper and accessories
The System and the Charcoal Bamboo Inserts


Lil Helper Charcoal Bamboo Inserts


I love getting fluffy mail. πŸ™‚ Lil Helper’s diapers are an all in two system (AI2), meaning that the inserts snap into the cover. Some AI2s have two snaps in the back, while others, like Lil Helper, have a snap in front and back. The inserts have bamboo or organic cotton on the outside layers, with microfiber inside. Their charcoal bamboo diapers come with two inserts. One is small and perfect for an infant, with two layers of microfiber sandwiched between the charcoal bamboo fleece. It’s not big enough to snap into the diaper when the rise is fully undone, so you have to snap it onto the larger insert, which has the two layers of charcoal fleece and only one layer of microfiber. The small insert has two snaps on one end to snap onto the larger insert. You can position it so the smaller insert is more to the front or the back, depending on where you want the additional absorbency. As you can see in the pictures, they do pill a bit. It doesn’t affect the performance though. I’ve only used both inserts, since my girl is two. They create a cute puffy booty look, as you can see above. I only have one other diaper that uses microfiber, and it makes a puffy butt too, so puffy booty must be a microfiber thing. πŸ™‚
The Cover
Lil Helper Diaper Cover
The cover is different from pretty much all other covers I’ve seen, because it’s made of bamboo PUL. It’s pretty soft. The inside is lined with more charcoal bamboo fleece, so no PUL comes in contact with baby’s skin. I like that it provides a little extra absorbency. It does take a little longer for it to dry than polyester PUL covers. There are three rows of rise snaps and two rows at the waist to adjust the fit around the legs and waist. The cover fits my girl pretty well at 30 lbs. I love the blue color, it’s so soft and pretty, great for a boy or a girl.
Performance wise, this diaper contains poop and pee pretty well. It lasts about three or four hours before needing to be changed. My girl isn’t what I would consider a heavy wetter. Since its absorbent material is made more out of microfiber than anything else, it doesn’t absorb as much as an all bamboo insert might. Like I said, I only have one other diaper that uses microfiber, so I’m used to more absorbent diapers. I’ve left the diaper on for about as long as I would one of our flats and covers and it ended up wicking pee onto the cover. Pee didn’t run down her legs, it just spread onto the outside of the cover. That’s just user error, I should have changed sooner, and now I make sure I do. πŸ™‚ I do think that if the inserts were made completely out of the charcoal bamboo fleece, it would be more absorbent and trim. But as long as you’re aware of how absorbent they are for your baby, you shouldn’t have a problem. I have not tried these at night because of the wicking problem, and also because my girl seems to pee more at night than during the day. Yeah, we’re not going to be potty training any time soon.
Can charcoal bamboo help clear up a rash?
I have heard people claim that charcoal bamboo can help clear up a diaper rash as well as or better than using diaper ointment, but I have been unable to test this theory, as my girl hasn’t had one since we got this diaper. If we had gotten it a week sooner, we could have tested the theory. πŸ™‚ I know Lil Helper recommends just washing the diaper once before use, but I would actually recommend washing twice first before using it. I washed once and used it, and my girl ended up getting irritated (it cleared up quickly). Since then we haven’t had a problem with irritation. I used one of the charcoal bamboo liners and it did the same thing, and after washing it again, it doesn’t bother her anymore.
Bamboo Liners and Wipe
The liners and the wipe I received do their jobs. I don’t really use liners unless my girl has a rash. Lil Helper’s reusable liners are rather silky feeling, and they were easy to spray off. They work. The wipe I received does its job, though I wish it was all bamboo. I don’t feel like the micro-fiber did a really good job of cleaning up. The bamboo side grabs poop pretty well. The wipes are a good size too, not too large, not too small.
I like Lil Helper’s charcoal bamboo diaper. It contains poop and pee and makes a cute puffy booty. It fits my 30 lb girl well with some room to grow. Like I mentioned, I would prefer the inserts to be made with less microfiber, but they’re absorbent enough for nap time and we haven’t had any stink issues with them yet. Of course that could be because I tweaked our laundry routine and seem to have hit on a routine that works great for us (which I will share after another week or two of testing, because I’ve been doing a LOT of research). I don’t mind not having stink issues though. πŸ™‚ I’ll admit, I like this diaper. I can’t wait to try it on Little Man when he gets here.
Have any of my gorgeous readers tried Lil Helper’s diapers? What did you think of them?

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