Signs of a Cloth Diaper Addict

For quite some time now, I’ve been the cloth diaper addict of my local community.  It’s kind of a running joke, but it’s all good.  I’ve embraced the label of cloth diaper addict… hence this website.

You might be a cloth diaper addict if:

1.) If your kids don’t wear pants because it hides the fluff.

Why on earth would I ever want to put pants on my babies?  They have such adorable diapers.  I love my paisley Diapers by Chris diaper.  The Blueberry Butterflies diaper is also gorgeous.  And on Norton, we had several combinations that I was just completely in love with.  Hiding that with plain old boring pants just seems like a crime.

2.) Your local cloth diaper store suggests that you don’t need to buy more diapers.

After a while, you build relationships with the people in your cloth diapering community.  They are not blind to community members.  They know who has become a cloth diaper addict and who is just a casual user.  After a while, your local store owner (and primary dealer) realizes that you’ve got so many diapers that she suggests that maybe, just maybe, it’s time to stop.  (And I’m eternally grateful to Kerri of CozyBums for not cutting me off!)
Signs of a Cloth Diaper Addict (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

3.) You buy outfits to match diapers and diapers to match outfits.

At one point, I thought everyone did this.  What’s the point of buying cute diapers if you’re going to put them with the most hideous combination possible?  It turns out, though, that most people don’t shop for coordination.  Sure, they pay attention, but they don’t run out and buy a new diaper because it goes with this adorable dress.  And they don’t run out to The Children’s Place for a new top because it looks beautiful with the BumGenius Lovelace.

4.) You sell diapers because you have nothing to match them.

When I bought my Blueberry diaper in the Bloom print, I was elated.  It’s a beautiful, gorgeous diaper.  It should be shown off as often as possible.  After six months, though, the diaper just wasn’t getting enough use because I didn’t have anything that really matched it like things should.

5.) Your local cloth diaper store calls you when she orders a line of product.

I think a lot of us who embrace the label of cloth diaper addict fall under what The Inquisitive Mom calls The Adventurous Collector.  I love to try everything.  I may not need to own every single pattern of every single diaper out there, but I do feel compelled to TRY ALL THE DIAPERS!!!  My local store knows that I love to experiment… so when new stuff comes in, I hear about it… even though she does freely tell me that I really don’t need to buy any more diapers.  (But that doesn’t mean I’m willing to buy any less.)  She also lets you know if something has been discontinued so that you can get it before it’s gone.

6.) Your local cloth diaper store asks you for suggestions.

When you’re all about experimenting and you chat with the local retailers, doesn’t it make sense to ask you what you like that they don’t have before they start carrying it?

7.) You have a cloth diaper blog.

There are over 150 articles about cloth diapers on this website.  Need I say more?

8.) You volunteer with a cloth diaper charity.

At first, my getting involved with Cloth for a Cause was a little thing.  You know, strip a load of diapers here, write a blog post there.  Now I’m the President of the Prince George chapter, I do the web stuff, I do the social media stuff, and I help with fundraising stuff.  On some level, it’s because I know that I will eventually have no babies in fluff… so I’ll need to get my fluffy love out somehow.  Converting each new recipient to a cloth diaper addict over time will have to do.

9.) You get sent product to review.

You’re a known experimentalist, so when a WAHM that you’ve checked out in the past sends you things to review so that you can blog about it (and possibly do a giveaway), you just might be a cloth diaper addict.

10.) You ask to borrow babies for diapering.

Recently, I put out a notice on my local cloth diapering community that I wanted to borrow babies for fluff sessions.  Eudora is my last child, and there are lots of new babies on the way in my local community.  The amazing part is that no one thought it was odd that I wanted to borrow their babies’ bums.

What are some other signs of being a cloth diaper addict?
About Suzi

Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Wow. I blog and advocate about fluff and I’ve tried and owned a lot of diapers, but I’m not sure I qualify as an addict based on this criteria. Maybe I’ll do more matching when I have a gir. I still don’t get what you do when they soil the diaper, though? Change their outfit? I’m lucky just to have clean diapers handy some days. lol

    • LOL! I just have lots of diapers that match. That’s why I love having lots of solid colors. For one dress that I just bought (no additional diapers purchased), I have a Thirsties, an AppleCheeks, a Best Bottom, and a BumGenius that works with it.

  2. Angela Addington says:

    What a great post. I loved it. My daughter is way past the cloth diaper phase, but I am an advocate of using them.

  3. Heather Johnson says:

    I only fit 3, 7, and 9. I think I’m okay for now.

  4. Jillian says:

    Everyone have their passion… clearly yours in Cloth Diapers and I admire that.

  5. Haha. I’m pretty sure that when my son is older and looks at his baby pictures he’s going to ask if we were too poor to buy him pants 😉

  6. These are funny! My passion used to be ruffled pants for my daughter.

  7. Hilarious, Suzi! And I fit a few too many of these. 😉

  8. Ashley Weber says:

    Haha.. yeah The first few pertain to me.. But we only have one store here in Alaska that sells cloth diapers.. which might be a good thing.. so I have to order them. Or Id probably be in there all the time!

  9. Danielle D says:

    These are becoming more and more true to me, I’m just hoping that my husband’s patients lasts lol

  10. Jennifer Lynn Few says:

    we never use pants lol show the fluff!

  11. Nicole C says:

    This made me lol! I love that you do work with a CD charity 🙂


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