Fluffy Mail Fun vs. Paying Postage

Any cloth diaper lover out there will tell you thatFluffy Mail Fun vs Paying Postage (Cloth Diaper Addicts) getting fluffy mail is her high point.  There’s nothing quite as amazingly fun as having a little happy package of fluff waiting for you.  It’s like Christmas… except you bought it yourself.  (Or maybe that is like Christmas when you’re a mom.  I’ve always bought my own gifts from the kids.)

Lately, most of my fluffy mail has been WAHM diapers.  Granted, my Ella Bella Bum diapers have been used since I don’t stalk stockings, but still.  I don’t balk at paying $35 for an Ella Bella Bum or a Chelory.  Shipping is included and they are some well-made WAHM diapers.  I don’t really care about the cost.  At this point, I’m not buying cloth diapers because I need them.  I buy them because it’s fun; I like to try different things.  And, well, I like to match them to Eudora’s outfits.

There’s one thing that I have noticed, though: the price of shipping just irritates the devil out of me.  I was looking at a hybrid fitted diaper.  It was in the most adorable little print ever.  (It was probably Hello Kitty, butterflies, or paisley.  I don’t recall now.)  The price was reasonable: $27.  Then I saw that it was $8.50 for shipping.  That was when I changed my mind and decided that I wasn’t buying that diaper.

Here’s the thing: the total price for that bit of fluffy mail would have been $35.50.  It’s not outside of the realm that I’ve paid for diapers before.  (Granted, it’s not something that I do habitually.  At some point, the husband would most definitely object to my spending that much that often.)  Yet because it would have involved my knowingly paying $8.50 for shipping, though, I just Could.Not.Do it.

That’s when I realized something: sometimes, hidden fees are a good thing.

Have you ever declined to buy an item because of the price of shipping?  Would you prefer to pay the same price for something if shipping was figured in the initial cost, or do you prefer to see them split up?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Ashley Feit says:

    Wow, 8.50 seems very steep to ship one diaper! Depending on the weight, I can’t imagine first class parcel costing more than $3 (with insurance) and what does a poly mailer cost? 25 cents? Even if the price is slightly built into the item with free shipping, that is much more attractive to me. Even when buying used, I almost always pass unless a diaper is ppd, because I don’t want to deal with trying to calculate it or figure out if I have enough paypal to cover shipping and the item’s cost.

  2. Mum's the word says:

    wow that’s very pricey shipping!!

  3. GreenGrizls says:

    As a business owner that ships out loads of packages daily, I’ve seen the increase for international shipping. I love opening up my blog’s giveaways to Canada but it can be difficult to get sponsors on board.

    • I know, it’s awful. It’s kind of why I like “hidden shipping” in the pricing. I don’t have to be so cognizant of it.

  4. It’s unfortunate but most items (non home made), I buy from Amazon. I can always get cheap (or free) shipping. But that’s really what’s wrong with our country, I think. No one wants to support the little guy.

  5. I mostly stick to Nicki’s Diapers BECAUSE OF the free shipping.

  6. YES, I definitely am put off by the shipping price. I sold on eBay for years so I’m familiar with how much postage costs to ship most packages. I’d rather pay $8 more for an item I really want than be excited about the low price then disappointed in the shipping fee. One time I was charged $12 to have some packets of seeds shipped — I never purchased from that company again.

  7. I try really hard not to think of shipping when I buy the little guy his fluff. I just focus on the cute prints and how much fun it is to get fluff in the mail. lol I also participate in co-ops for my fave diapers of B4’s to help cut down on the cost as well.

  8. Rachel N says:

    Yes, I have for sure not bought items if the shipping is too high. I try to find a place with a reasonable minimum order to get free shipping when I buy. It is a huge thing for me. I used to buy out of the states a lot before they jumped the shipping costs because it was cheaper than buying in Canada, which is crazy.

  9. Absolutely I have refused to buy something simply because of the added shipping cost.. maybe it’s totally in my head, but the thought of giving $8.50 to Canada Post/USPS/UPS/FedEx for crap/late/delayed delivery really irks me too. Like you, I would be much happier to think that a $40 WAHM diaper was $40 in her pocket and not $30 for her and $10 for the substandard delivery of said item 😉

  10. I do this all the time! Shipping drives me insane.

  11. Michelle Ferguson says:

    Yep, I love love love when items have free shipping! I’m definitely more likely to order them!

  12. Anne Sweden says:

    Sometimes I have to “abandon” my online shopping cart when the shipping price is revealed at the end. The worst rates are usually Fed Ex and UPS home delivery; I much prefer that vendors at least offer you the option of the US postal service.

  13. Rachel A. says:

    I agree, I typically only buy when it is free shipping.

  14. Maman Loup says:

    For my second-hand fluff business this is a big challenge. I like to price things PPD because I am like you, Suzi. But for some items, depending which province my buyer is in, my PPD price could cause me to lose money. For things that go lettermail, at least, I will give the PPD price since it’s the same to Nunavut or Newfoundland. And, when pricing my items, I always, always, always consider the total including the shipping.

  15. Coloradodreamin says:

    Shipping isn’t too much of a deal if the total cost I pay is low enough.

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