Car Seat Safety, Precious Bundles, and Oops

I’ve said before that I felt people needed to just back off of Kate Middleton.  It seems like a lot of folks are interested in using her parenting and pregnancy experiences (and mistakes) to further their own agendas.  I have a feeling that @Britax and #carseatsafety are probably trending on Twitter right now… especially since Prince William was seen carrying their new baby in a Britax seat.  Car seat safety will become a topic, too.

Yes, it’s apparent to anyone who has ever used one of those delightful little baby buckets to transport their young that there were some mistakes made in shots of the as of yet nameless Prince of Cambridge.  Some are complaining that car seat safety rules were broken because the handle was left up.  Really, that depends 100% on the type of your car seat.  The owner’s manual of the car seat I’d used on Norton and Eudora said to keep the handle up.  Others will say to flip it down, and others still will say it doesn’t matter.Car Seat Safety, Precious Bundles, and Oops (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

There was also a car seat safety concern over the fact that the new Prince of Cambridge was still swaddled, the straps weren’t tightened, his arms weren’t through them carefully, and probably a few others that I’ve forgotten.  (By the way, the chest clips isn’t an error, as chest clips are not mandatory on UK car seats.)  Yes, he was far from buckled up properly.

That being said: I’m pretty sure most of us have screwed up on something.  I know that we’ve had two car seat safety snafus with our littles: once the husband got distracted and didn’t buckle Norton in his seat.  Norton rode home the entire way in his seat, completely and utterly unsecured.  Another time, I failed to buckle in Eudora.  I put her in her Britax Advocate seat, then chased off after Norton because he decided that this would be a fantastic opportunity to bolt into the neighbor’s yard.  (I don’t care about him being in the neighbor’s yard, and the neighbor doesn’t, either.  I care more about the running off.  We live on a busy street.)  After I caught Norton and stuffed him in his own seat, I completely forgot to go back and finish buckling Eudora in.  That error was caught when I looked in the rear view mirror and saw her standing up in her seat.


Fortunately, our kids were fine.  Those lapses made me a bit more cognizant about my kids and their car seats.  Car seat safety is important because it protects in the event of an accident.

Have you ever had a car seat safety mishap?

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  1. Also, the picture in question does not show that Kate apparently fixed the baby after the pic was taken. And we all make mistakes. I once forgot to tighten the straps completely. Fortunately nothing happened, and I have not forgotten since.

  2. Yes. I had been used to using the convertible seat with my daughter for a while, but one day my husband forgot to move it to my car, and since my daughter still fit in her bucket, I was able to use that. I had only ever used the bucket with the base installed so I wasn’t used to using the seat belt to secure it. However, it seemed easier to use the seat belt than to figure out how to install the base, we were pressed for time, and she was fussy so I used the belt. After we were done at our appointment, I took her back to the car and strapped her into her seat. 2 blocks later I realized I hadn’t actually strapped the seat into the car. I pulled over ASAP and everything was fine, but it totally freaked me out.
    Now she’s 3 and one time she lied to me about not buckling her in. She does the chest clip & I do the bottom. I pulled the car over only to find she was indeed strapped in properly. Little stinker was messing with me.

  3. Oh yeah. A relative put my baby in his car seat to snooze. When we left, my hubby put him in the jeep and down the road we went.,., when we were 5-10 minutes down the road, I asked, did you strap him in his seat? And, the answer was no. We pulled over and buckled him up along the side of the highway. I was pretty upset.

  4. I did the same thing once! I had just picked my oldest up from a visit with his bio father (when he was still in the picture) and got so pissed at him (the donor,not my son) that I just took off and totally forgot to buckle my son. I noticed it pretty quickly and pulled over to fix my error and I’m sure that Will & Kate will learn how to fix theirs as well.


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