Cloth Diaper Bloggers – What Do We Do With the Fluff?

There seems to be a misconception floating around about cloth diaper bloggers.  Because we often receive free stuff for review, there’s this idea that we are swimming in cloth diapers… and since we’ve got so many diapers, we can give them away whenever someone asks.

I can’t speak for all cloth diaper bloggers, but I know that I have an excess of cloth diapers.  I do.  I’ve started destashing.  But the question remains: why do cloth diaper bloggers end up with so many diapers… and what do we do with them all if we aren’t giving them away to everyone who asks?

Cloth Diaper Bloggers Know Blogging Is Work

Really, it takes effort to be a cloth diaper blogger.  I’m not going to sit here and claim that I’m the paramount of all cloth diaper bloggers (because I’m not), but it takes work to create a blog, keep generating content, and try to get people to want to read our stuff.  It takes time to write a quality review that goes beyond “love it” or “hate it.”  It takes time to take the pictures, edit them in photoshop, set up the giveaway, and whatever else goes with it.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being all “poor me.”  The simple fact of the matter is that most cloth diaper bloggers (and bloggers in general) don’t do the work for the free stuff.  We do it because we love it.  The free stuff that we are given to try for review is sort of our payment.  Sure, it’s non-monetary, but it’s still a taxable benefit.

But There’s So Much Fluff!

I can’t speak for other cloth diaper bloggers out there, but I have a policy for my blog: for every diaper that I receive for my blog, I give a diaper (either the one I received for review or another one from my stash) to Cloth for a Cause.  The simple fact is that I don’t need all of that fluff that I have in my cloth diaper stash.  For me, a lot of the fun comes from trying new and different fluff.  Once I try it, sometimes it’ll sit and languish… usually because I don’t have anything in my kids’ wardrobes to match the diaper.  There’s no point in that happening, so I destash either by donating to Cloth for a Cause or by selling it in my local cloth diaper group.  Selling fluff lets me get money for buying new fluff.  Other bloggers give it to family members who are starting to use cloth and need to build a stash.

You Need Fluff?

If you want to start using cloth diapers and cannot set up your own stash, there are organizations to help.  Yes, Cloth for a Cause is my personal favorite (and I’m the president of my local chapter, so I’m admittedly biased), but there are American organizations out there, too.  Giving Diapers, Giving Hope is a great one.  There’s also The Rebecca Foundation’s Cloth Diaper Closet.

What do you do with your unneeded fluff?

Cloth Diaper Bloggers - What Do We Do With the Fluff? (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

This was my stash shot as of April 2013. I’ve destashed some and gotten some more since then. Do I need this much? Nope. But 99.5% of it I bought, and it makes me happy.

About Suzi

Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. I have given a few diapers away. The rest that I did not want I sold for super cheap. When I am done diapering, I will probably donate my stash.

    • I sew my own diapers, and sewing diapers is just as addictive as buying them. Maybe more. I have given away several stashes of diapers to moms in need. Some I made specifically for them, others were diapers my baby had outgrown or that I had replaced with something I liked better. Only a very few have been thrown in the trash, and only if they were worn out and unusable.

  2. I am learning a lot of things about cloth diapering just by reading your blog Suzi 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love that you donate for every diaper you receive! I wish we had that many to giveaway- right now if I get a free diaper it immediately goes into rotation with the rest of my stash. I know I will donate my diapers once we’re done using them on our second child.

  4. Fluff? I’d never heard of that before reading your blog today. It’s wonderful that you donate for everyone one you get!

  5. Yay I can finally comment! I couldn’t agree more with this post, and I thank you for posting it! A lot of people don’t understand the word that goes into it, so thank you for sharing a little bit more about what goes into a review. I love that you donate one for each one you get, as I grow more, I will definitely be doing that as well! Thank you again Suzi!

  6. Thank you for this! I haven’t had anyone ask me for my diapers but I recently did a very large destash of the diapers I just wasn’t using much and am sticking with just a few brands now. Any “extras” are either sold (most of my stash is still diapers that I’ve purchased for myself), I have donated some to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope, and I have also thrown in a few extra items “for free” when I have sold some diapers on Craigslist.

  7. Rachel N says:

    I think that once you have tried the diaper and written a detailed review you should be free to do whatever you choose with it. If that means selling it, then sure. If that means donating it, that’s great. Or if you choose to keep it in your stash thats great too. If you were getting diapers for review and only writing a sentence about them and taking 1 picture then that would be wrong.

  8. Rachel A. says:

    Since I started entering giveaways I was curious what you all did with the diapers! So glad to hear that lots of you pay it forward! I’d love to be able to donate some diapers one day.

  9. This is great! So awesome to see you’re able to help other out not just by supplying great info, but being able to donate the diapers once you’re done with them! Kudos.

  10. Anne Sweden says:

    I think it’s a win-win for everyone. The blogger gets a free diaper and works hard to turn out a review that’s helpful to other mothers. The diaper either gets used in her stash, donated to someone in need, or sold to help support her blog so she can continue providing great reviews!

  11. Michelle Lee says:

    I think it’s really great that you donate diapers. I’m still building my stash for two in cloth but I do have a couple of diapers that don’t work well for my kids that I could donate. Thanks for the links to those great organizations!

  12. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I have often wondered this. But at the same time I have always felt that the diaper you receive to review is your payment for all your hard work. So I think it is so honorable that when you receive a diaper you also donate a diaper 🙂

  13. I’ve never heard of Cloth for a Cause, I have a few cloth diapers we received as a shower gift that our just to big for LO’s tush. I’ll be passing them along!

  14. Jessica O says:

    I am so envious of you guys that you get to try so many different awesome diapers! 🙂 Love that you do donate some when you are done too!

  15. Danielle Bowers says:

    I think it would be cool to try different diapers, but I agree that blogging about the, would definitely be work. It’s nice twit you give extra diapers to the needy.

  16. Heidi Daily says:

    I love that you give to such a good cause! I can also understand selling them, as you have done work to earn the diapers you review.

  17. Elizabeth Blindauer says:

    im afraid of becoming a cloth “hoarder” what do we really need that much for lol but its so cute and fun to buy, and easy to sell later! 🙂

  18. Jen Umm Ayah says:

    Interesting to know! I am sure that blogging is a lot of work and I think you deserve some free diapers or the option to sell them. Very nice of you to donate.

  19. Oh I wish I had space like that to store my fluff! It is all hidden away in drawers. 🙁
    It’s lovely to hear that you often donate to your charity. Those groups are wonderful.

  20. What a great post! I never really thought about all the fluff that bloggers must accumulate, but it’s great to know that much of yours at least goes to a fantastic cause.

  21. I love that you donate to Cloth for a Cause!! Such a great way to pass on to those in need. Great post.

  22. I had no idea about Cloth for a Cause – good to know for when I destash and or stop having babies + am too freaked out for Craigs List or too lazy to sell online. 🙂

  23. Kudos to you for championing ways for struggling parents to get into cloth diapering!

  24. Dayan Diaz says:

    When I’m done with my lo I plan on donating my cloth to a mama in need. I’ve had so much help and I’m grateful for everything my lo has received. I wish I had the funds to start up a cloth donating organization.

    • There are some out there that you can become a part of! If you’re in Canada, check with Cloth for a Cause. If you’re in the States, look into The Rebecca Foundation.

  25. I love that you donate a diaper for every new one you get. When my LO is done with his diapers, I’ll probably save them for future babes. If they’re still in usable condition years down the line (at least I can count on the prefolds to hold up) I’ll try to find someone else who can use them.

  26. It is wonderful to know that there are places out there that assist those wish to use CDs on their babies. I myself planned to CD immediately when my DD was born, but due to her early arrival it was really hard for us to come up with the money to buy all we needed. So we found that it was easier to use disposables that we were given by friends, family, and the hospital. We were very thankful for them, but deep down we wished we were able to buy cloth. I will remember how much of a struggle it has been 5 months down the road and presently cloth diapering, so I will make sure to donate our stash once we have no use of them.

  27. I think giving a diaper away to cloth for a cause is a great feat. I always wondered what bloggers did with them all. I wasn’t sure if it was considered ethical to sell it afterwards or not. Considering it is your payment, I say why not? My stash is extremely minimal as in I have 7 covers, 2 barely usable thanks to my hubby and an incident with a sanitize cycle. So it is nice to see people willing to help others.

  28. I hadn’t thought about what you would do with all the extras! I think that’s great that you donate so that families who want to cloth diaper but can’t afford the heavy up-front investment can!

  29. great idea to give away the diapers to cloth for a cause 🙂 especially for those who cant afford to buy them:)

  30. Danielle Lawler says:

    Thanks for writing this. I think a lot of people don’t realize how much work goes into being a blogger. In the past, I’ve considered starting a blog. It seems like so much fun and I would love to get a bunch of free stuff to review. Once I really thought about everything that comes along with being a blogger, I decided against it. It wouldn’t work for me because I simply don’t have a passion for writing. At a glance, it seems so simple. Write about your life, write what you feel. It’s not simple. You have to constantly come up with topics to write about, edit everything you write, etc. It’s a lot of work!

  31. Viv Sluys says:

    I think having a giant stash would be bad for me. I currently have 14 diapers (that fit my baby). This way I have to do my laundry every 2 days (most of the time. sometimes I go three). If I had many more I would end up letting them sit too long! For me, I think there is a very line between too few(I only had 9 for a bit!) and too many.

  32. Sarah McKelvy says:

    I have not given to Cloth for a Cause or another diaper charity. I have given diapers to friends who want to try cloth out, but don’t want to invest in it. I also gave 6 diapers to my SIL when she was expecting. I have loaned my newborn diapers out three times. Great post.

  33. Vanessa Coker says:

    That is awesome. I donate our unused fluff to a cloth diaper project in town. They donate it to families in need.

  34. Kassi Peerman says:

    Is it a good idea to rotate out certain cloth diapers at some point anyways or does that defeat the purpose of cloth-diapering?

    • Nah, people diaper differently. Some people are really into the frugality and will use the same diaper from birth until potty training through multiple kids. Other people like to try different things and are constantly buying or selling diapers. I love to try new things, so I go through a lot of diapers. The good news is that I get at least a return on my investment. I’ve toyed with the idea of keeping them all until the bitter end (of cloth diapering) and then “cashing out.” It’ll be a nice chunk of change.

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