Overnight Cloth Diaper Options

Everyone has different preferences for overnight cloth diaper options.  There are a variety of factors to take into consideration: how heavy of a wetter one is dealing with, what’s user friendly, what’s available (a lot of us prefer to buy local in my community), and what’s cost effective.  Some popular overnight cloth diaper options were rejected in my house because my husband either couldn’t figure it out or just didn’t like them for whatever reason.

Recently, I asked my local cloth diaper community what they chose for their overnight cloth diaper options.  Some of them were awesome enough to share pictures.

Overnight Cloth Diapering Options (Cloth Diaper Addicts)“On my heavy wetter it is bumGenius 4.0 with two Thirsties hemp inserts and a Jam Tots stuffer. On my light/medium wetter it is a bumGenius 4.0 with the bumGenius microfiber insert and one Thirsties hemp insert.” ~ Christine K.

Where to buy bumGenius: CozyBums (Canada), Kelly’s Closet (US) Kissed by the Moon (US/Canada), Nicki’s Diapers (US/Canada), Cloth Diaper Addicts Amazon Shop (US)

Where to buy Thirsties: CozyBums (Canada), Kelly’s Closet (US) Kissed by the Moon (US/Canada), Lagoon Baby (Canada/US) Nicki’s Diapers (US/Canada), Cloth Diaper Addicts Amazon Shop (US)

Overnight Cloth Diaper Options (Cloth Diaper Addicts)“Our favourite night time nappy is a Flip with a Flip insert and a hemp doubler…we can do 12 hours no leaks! Not that we ever sleep that long :)” ~ Brooke M. (Mom of beautiful boy/girl twins!)

Where to buy Flip: CozyBums (Canada), Kelly’s Closet (US) Kissed by the Moon (US/Canada), Nicki’s Diapers (US/Canada), Cloth Diaper Addicts Amazon Shop (US)



Overnight Cloth Diapering Options (Cloth Diaper Addicts)“A Mother Ease Sandy’s fitted with a FuzziBunz microfiber insert underneath, all wrapped in a small Bummis Super Brite.  She can go all night.” ~ Amber M. (Newborn option)

Where to get Bummis: Cozy Bums (Canada), Kelly’s Closet (US), Lagoon Baby (US/Canada), Nicki’s Diapers (US/Canada), Cloth Diaper Addicts Amazon Diaper Shoppe (US)

Do you have a favorite for overnight cloth diapering options?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Laura Lee C says:

    I can’t believe 12 hours in a option! Amazing!

  2. Lisa Johnston says:

    Awesome. We also like Antzy Pants for overnight. 🙂

  3. Victoria H says:

    These sound amazing. I am thinking of making the switch to cloth diapers.

  4. Brynn Arego says:

    Love them! We are making the switch to cloth diapers with my youngest 🙂 I’m very excited!

  5. I use a Flip cover with a Best Bottom Stay Dry insert, a Best Bottom overnight insert, and a FuzziBunz minky insert.

  6. We usually do a sibish fitted witha fleece liner and an upcycled wool cover for maximum breath ability and rash prevention, but I have done a BG 4.0 with a microfiber insert wrapped in a hemp babies little weeds that’s lasted 13 hours!

  7. We love our sbish snapless fitteds with a Woollybottoms wool soaker. When you find the right combo, gotta stick with it – no matter what! 😉

  8. Laura P says:

    Thanks! I’m expecting and was worried about overnight… but good to know other moms use bumGenius (with extra inserts) and it works for them! I already have a few bumGenius, so it’s good I don’t have to buy a whole new set of diapers for nighttime!

    • It all depends on how heavily your child wets. 🙂 Norton would look at that diaper and laugh at its puny absorbency… but others would do fine.

  9. Wow. Really seems like pockets work well for people, and that does make sense! I’m bookmarking this post and a couple others of yours on the same topic for when I get to that point. My baby is due in October and I’m guessing for awhile I won’t really have the full “overnight” experience! Seems like this, along with many other parenting choices, will be trial and error!

  10. Regan . says:

    Great ideas. Pockets with two inserts worked okay for me at first but now we have to use either a fitted or a prefold with some other heavy duty (preferably trim) insert like a Ragababe insert or other natural fibers or he wakes up damp.

  11. Rachel A. says:

    Right now we use kawaii pocket with their micro and a hemp insert. Works for us and our 6 month old. Will probably need something different when he gets older, so thanks for the options!!

  12. I’ve heard of a lot of people having success with the BG 4.0s and adding hemp inserts. And also using a good fitted like sbish and a wool cover.
    Laura B recently posted…Pregnancy Week 29My Profile

  13. Rachel S says:

    Hi! Our almost 8 month old daughter can still get through the night with a Diaper Junction AIO with a Thirsties hemp insert. I’m looking into these other suggestions, too. I’m surprised the BG 4.0 with microfiber/hemp works!!


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