Saying Good-Bye to the Crib

It’s done.  It’s official.  I will never have another baby crib in my house again.  Norton has been in a toddler bed since December 2011.  Eudora is our last baby… and we’ve converted the crib to a toddler bed for her.  It’s been nearly two months since we’ve made the change over… and our darling daughter is only fifteen months old.  I knew when we did it that we were saying good-bye to the crib for the very last time.

Why did whe convert the crib so early?

Saying Good-Bye to the Crib (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

She looks so cute and grown up!

It turns out that our little princess is quite the adept climber.  At thirteen months, she kept climbing in Norton’s bed and taking naps.  After creeping in and finding Eudora sweetly curled up in Norton’s bed for several days in a row, I started really waffling with the idea.  After all, how many people are fortunate enough to have a toddler that will put herself down for a nap?

Since she was so very willing to go to bed on her own terms, it only made sense to make it possible for her to go to bed on her own terms.  So far, the results have been spectacular.  Naptimes?  Generally not a problem.  We put her in bed with her Violet, her Angel Bear, her blanket, and whatever little stuffy she insists upon carrying around.  If she’s not ready to go for a nap, she’ll climb out of her bed and sometimes even play quietly in her room.

Bedtime?  It’s pretty much the same.  She’s up a little later than we’d like, but she’ll generally go to bed without complaint.  In the morning, I go in her room to get her out and find her playing happily with toys either in her bed or in her toy rack.  She’ll wait patiently in her room while she plays.  Some days, Eudora will play quietly and happily until around 9 a.m.  Generally, if she demands to be let out of her room in the morning, she’s quite hungry and ready to start her day.  All in all, saying good-bye to the crib has been a good decision.

Still, though, I did feel a fleeting twinge of sadness at the knowledge that we were saying good-bye to the crib for the very last time.  Eudora is the last baby.

When did you decide that saying good-bye to the crib was a good plan?


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  1. My nineteen month old still sleeps with me. She still nurses at night. But wow! What a good little girl you have! Plays by herself before and after bed?! Lucky.

  2. Emily Murray de Argueta says:

    We didn’t switch our oldest until one month before her third birthday. We are going to switch our youngest (19 months) in the next few days. Our three year old didn’t start climbing out of her crib so we just let it be. Her sister however climbs everything so she needs to be in a toddler bed sooner.

  3. Tiffany Kreh says:

    We changed my first baby’s crib over at 21 months – he was climbing out in the middle of the night and bonking his head. So now he sleeps all over his room but I don’t care as long as he stays in there! Second baby is still in his crib at 15 months.

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