Talking Toddler Melts Daddy’s Heart

Eudora has undergone quite a few milestones this month.  She’s walking.  She’s climbing.  She’s starting to talk in ways that we can actually understand her.  While my daughter is continuously adorable with making animal noises, she’s exercising some talking toddler skills that are 100% designed to wrap her daddy around her little finger.

Talking Toddler Has a Tantrum

You wouldn’t think that a tantrum would be time for anything that would melt one’s heart.  Let’s be honest: it’s not cute when someone’s special little snowflake hurls herself to the floor in a rage.  Eudora is skilled already at a dramatic tantrum… but she manages to make it cute when, in the throes of crying, she wails, “Daddy!”  While my response to a tantrum tends to be an eyeroll and a comment along the lines of “I am unmoved by your tears,” Eudora’s screaming for her daddy tends to generate an almost instant response.

(Nevermind how it does or doesn’t encourage that particular behavior.  I know.  He knows.  He may not rush to pick her up over it, but I still see him turn into a puddle of husband goo.)

Talking Toddler, Sweeter than SugarTalking Toddler Melts Daddy's Heart (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

This morning’s ultimate talking toddler moment came while the husband was getting ready to head off to the office.  Eudora was in her high chair.  Her daddy was loaded down with laptop bags and other techy accoutrements required for work.  She knows the drill: when Daddy has that bag on, he’s leaving.  So she smiled at him and waved, all while saying “bye-bye, Daddy!”  Her daddy laughed and said bye-bye to her.  But I could tell when he was leaving that this particular new phrase uttered by our talking toddler completely and utterly made his day.

Was there a magical talking toddler moment in your household?

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  1. I love listening to my son talk, especially, when he is supposed to be sleeping in his crib. He was talking and signing to his stuffed animals in his crib the other night. It was so cute as I listened in on his baby monitor.

  2. “Mama” was the first word my daughter said. Then she refused to say anything but “Dad.” When she started saying “Mama” again, I was overjoyed!

  3. AlannaB says:

    Both of my boys, shortly after they started walking, would step into their daddy’s shoes and say “like da da”, which brightened up his day. He treasures those moments, so for father’s day I took pictures of our boys trying to walk in his shoes, made a mural, and slapped a sappy poem on it. He wasn’t a fan of the poem…but he adored the pictures 😉

  4. Rachelle says:

    Awe I love baby talk! My little girls first word was “bubble”!

  5. cat @ TOTS says:

    Sometimes I swear, I let them cry, just because it is so darn cute!


  1. […] Eudora’s baby talk is far more developed than I thought it was: we’ve had moments of hearing her say “Bye-bye, Daddy!” as the husband made his way to work.  She’s been naming “puppy” for a while […]

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