WAHM Diaper Shopping – What to Look For

Cloth diaper shopping.  It’s a fun, delightful activity that can suck up a ton of money from the checking account and hours from your day.  WAHM diaper shopping, or diapers made by work at home moms, is an even more incredibly fun task.  Depending on how the WAHM  diaper business stocks, it can be as easy as clicking and ordering.  Sometimes, if it’s a sought after business on Hyena Cart, “stalking tips” can be helpful.

Still, though, when you just start to delve in the world of WAHM diaper shopping, it’s helpful to know what to look for.  You don’t have to be a seamstress to recognize these things.

WAHM Diaper Feedback

Ask around your local cloth diapering community.  (Or your online community if you have no locals.)  Have any of these moms ordered?  How long did it take to get the diapers?  How did they hold up?  If there were any issues, did the diaper maker stand behind her diapers and resolve them?  That being said, issues can come up from time to time.  I firmly believe that how the diaper maker reacts to an issue is the most telling.  If she’s apologetic and wants to make it right, that’s a huge plus.  If she’s angry and defensive, I don’t want to order from her.  I get enough crap from my kids.  I don’t need it from my fluff.

WAHM Diaper Quality

WAHM Diaper Shopping - What to Look For (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Take a look at the stitching on these diapers. These are well-made. (Diapers are from Ella Bella Bum and Diapers by Chris)

I do not sew.  It’s been suggested that I should never, ever touch a needle.  Ugly, horrendous things result.  It’s why I don’t do repairs for my local Cloth for a Cause chapter.  In spite of my own complete and utter inability to sew, I still recognize quality of work.  Go to that Etsy diaper that you were eyeballing.  Click on a high resolution image and look at the sewing.  How does it look?  (I have no expectations of you understanding a chain stitch, a zigzag stitch, or anything else.  Knowing the names are not important.)  Are the lines straight or does it look like a drunken toddler played with a sewing machine?  Are they even?  Are there skipped or missing stitches?  Do you see loose threads?  Are the snaps straight?  If it’s Velcro, is there a hook and loop point?  It doesn’t matter if she’s using the most beautiful fabric in the world.  If a WAHM diaper shop has that quality (and then has a disclaimer about handmade items having perfections), run the other way.

WAHM Diaper Shopping - What to Look For (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

This diaper works. It’s made with a pretty fabric. However, the workmanship on this diaper is of inferior quality. Notice the loose thread and the uneven stitching. It’s still a pretty diaper, as long as you don’t look too closely at the details.

Why am I anti “handmade items may have imperfections that will not impact the function of this product” disclaimers?  Because to me, those imperfections mean that she may not do the quality control that I want.  I have diapers that work.  I have no further need of diapers.  Heck, at this point, I could have triplets tomorrow and still not need any new diapers.  I expect diapers that I buy to be functional.  But I go for a WAHM diaper shop because I want artistry.  I want beauty.  I want them to look good.  And I want them to hold up and have resale value for when I’m done.

I expect print placement to not necessarily be exactly the same if she’s making more than one of the same diaper print.  That’s a given.  But off-balance sewing doesn’t work for me… and that disclaimer means that if it works for her, I don’t have a leg to stand on.  To me, diapers with those issues are second quality and I would expect them to be sold as such.

Have you ever bought a WAHM diaper?  What was your experience?

About Suzi

Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Cindy Batchelor says:

    These look like great diapers! thanks for sharing! xo xo

  2. Ramblings Mom says:

    i haven’t bought a wahm diaper but i’ve looked. thanks for the tips.

  3. Melanie Somnitz says:

    Great points. I have never actually bought a WAHM diaper before. The price point always makes me change my mind. However, I do crush on some of the ones you mentioned of good quality.

  4. I have never bought a WAHM diaper. I prefer my Best Bottoms.

  5. Amber Mueller says:

    Love my EBB’s! Not only is it quality and the prints adorable, the fit is awesome! I love how they look on my munchkin 🙂

  6. WAHM diapers are the way to go, really. If it’s a good brand and well-made, they’ll pass the quality of big brands. Also take pride i knowing you’ve supported and helped a *family*. Not a CEO. A mom, a dad, and kids. It’s awesome. 🙂 I shall also take this time to mention I’m a big fan of EBBs. 😛

  7. Brynn Arego says:

    I’m going to be switching to cloth but we’ll be using Charlie Banana. I’m very excited!

  8. Rachel N says:

    WAHM diapers have scared me for this very reason, you really don’t know what you will get. I have a very large stash and 99% are big name diapers. I am venturing out a bit now though. I have an ella bella bum diaper and I have a Urban Bums Boutique on order. I have heard great things about those ones too.

  9. I am a bit nervous about buying WAHM diapers. I won a couple and reviewed one and the quality just wasn’t there. I know this isn’t the way it is for all WAHM diapers and some are fantastically made so thanks for the tips

  10. Ondria Witt says:

    Thanks for these tips! I like CD’ing but have been nervous about WAHM styles, because I’m afraid of leaking, etc. Great to know about these helpful hints when looking for new diapers.

  11. Stephanie F. says:

    Never used cloth diapers before but have friends that did and they enjoyed the experience. Great tips!!!

  12. I have seen a few WAHM diapers up close and some are definitely higher quality than others. Sometimes it’s hard to tell on their websites what kinds of materials they use and even what kind of diapers they are….that’s particularly concerning!

  13. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I have quite a few WAHM diapers. Most of which I absolutely love, I love that you can pick the style of the diaper and the fabric used and get a custom diaper! I love that these diapers help other mommas and they are made with love 🙂

  14. Thanks for the information. I bought one WAHM diaper on Etsy, and spent a long time looking at the feedback. But I don’t necessarily feel like everyone is completely honest or thorough in their feedback – people often haven’t used the diaper for long enough to find out if it really lasts.

  15. Kristyn says:

    I really like Ragababe’s for consistent and undeniable quality. I pick one up whenever budget allows! I want to try Ella Bella Bum as well, I’ve heard nothing but good things about them.

  16. Molly Dubois says:

    Some of my best WAHM diapers have been purchased after in-person recommendations by real friends. No, not diaper forum friends. IRL friends. Those are the ones I trust the most. If one of my friends is raving about a new diaper, and has been for a while, I’m much more likely to try it.

  17. Leela R says:

    I have some WAHM wool diaper covers and really like them a lot. I mostly have some from a WAHM that was recommended on a diaper forum that I follow, but I also have one from a small CD store where my parents live. I don’t have any actual diapers though, but I would like to try some.

  18. I have bought a WAHM diaper, and I’ve gotten some really cute ones second-hand. It can be difficult when shopping online via etsy to tell if there are uneven seams, etc. I’ve found word of mouth on facebook groups to be a valuable resource when looking. (Angela Crimmins)

  19. rebekah kane says:

    Thanks for this post- I haven’t used WAHM diapers before but am willing to try them out!

  20. thanks for the tips i have been wanting to purchase a few WAHM diapers but they where just as expensive as name brand well established ones and wasn’t sure if i should buy them or not this blog definitely will help me out more in my decisions 😉

  21. Renee H. says:

    Sigh, this post makes me sad lol. I have only been able to buy 2 WAHM diapers and that’s because she’s a friend from a birth group. I haven’t received them yet so I don’t know how well they hold up or anything, I’ll let you know 😉 As much as I would love to support them, most of the WAHM diapers I see are just waaaaaaaay too expensive. I can’t afford to spend $40 on 1 diaper when I can get 2 or even 4 diapers of diapers that work for the same price. I mean I started CD’ing to spend less (as well as the green benefits) and this doesn’t justify that for me.

  22. Vanessa Coker says:

    Most everyone I know that have used WAHM cloth diapers loved them. I am not too worried about the imperfections though 🙂 if it’s hand made I would not expect it to look automatically stitched.

    • They’re typically done with a sewing machine. I expect them to be professionally made because I’m supporting a professional.

  23. Vicki Hall says:

    I have some WAHM diapers I have a couple Drammy Droopers and a Mudshrimps I love then the quality is awesome and the prints are adorable. I really love that I can use Best Bottom shells and Softbum pods snapped into my Drammy droopers as an AI2. I’d love to add an Ella Bella Bum to my stash

  24. Tanya Seibel says:

    This post sums up why whenever people suggest that I sell the diapers I make, I always say no. I can’t be the same as a factory that produces diapers. It takes me several hours to make a single diaper and the supplies to make a good diaper aren’t cheap. In addition, there are always flaws in the stitching somewhere regardless of the fact that I have a sewing machine and am a good seamstress. Using a home sewing machine still makes them “homemade.”. To go through all the trouble and materials and have something as simple as a skipped topstitch that will in no way effect the function of the diaper completely ruin any chance I have of making money is just not for me! So, I will continue to lovingly make them for my son, but I’ll stick to items I can make a profit off of to selll… Things that are a little less stressful than cloth diapers! I am in awe of the WAHMs that are willing and able to make a living off them!

    • A missed stitch can happen. I don’t mind paying lots. But I’ll point out that not a single diaper shown in this post are factory made. 🙂

      • Tanya Seibel says:

        Oh, I know, Suzi. I am just saying that not everyone who can sew and likes diapers (me included) is cut out for the very tough cloth diaper market. The moms who do it well are amazing.


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