Baby Talk – Eudora Gets Vocal

Language development has often been a topic of discussion in our home.  There was a lot of concern because of Norton’s language delay.  Now, though, the conversation is more joyous: we talk about Eudora’s baby talk.

It’s amazing.  I’m pretty sure that Eudora’s baby talk is far more developed than I thought it was: we’ve had moments of hearing her say “Bye-bye, Daddy!” as the husband made his way to work.  She’s been naming “puppy” for a while now.  Just yesterday, she pointed to the kitty on her shirt and called it a puppy.  (We have no cats, so she’s not exactly exposed to them.)

Baby Talk - Eudora Gets Vocal (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

According to Eudora, that’s a puppy on her shirt…

This morning, however, gave me a chance to understand some of the baby talk I’ve been hearing from her.  It’s actually got meaning.  Of course her babbling has meant things to her, but it hasn’t always made sense to me.  I’ve been using a lot of non-verbal cues to understand what she was getting at.  I just know what certain bits of whining mean, tell her the word, and then get her what she wants.  When we were on the change table for her morning bum change, that was when I got some enlightenment.  She kicked her feet in the air and said “Uh!”  Then she lowered her little feet and said, “Dow!”  After she repeated this with me a few times, I realized that she was said “up” and “down.”  Yeah!

It took a while, but finally, our baby talk started to make some sense.  Hopefully this is just the beginning of Eudora using words… and me understanding what those words are supposed to be.  It’s wonderful to watch her language development progress.

Have your children started using any new words recently?

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  1. My 20 month old has started talking more in sentences. For example: “Daddy milk please” when she wants her daddy to get her some milk.

  2. J Shallow-Miller says:

    I remember the days when I waited for them to talk and now they don’t stop.

  3. Mine are 4 & 5 but I remember those days. They are only 18 months apart and sometimes my son, who was older would translate as they seemed to have their own language!

  4. Michelle Kneece Waller says:

    My girls are 4 and 2 1/2 and my oldest will translate what my youngest says. I love baby and toddler gibberish

  5. Ramblings Mom says:

    My eldest was a bit of a late daughter was advanced, now my 3rd is a really late talker..he’s almost 2.5 and only has a few words. his newest word is car! the baby isn’t talking yet 😛 How old is your daughter?

  6. My oldest didn’t talk much until she was 2.5. My younger one started babbling and saying words between a year and a year and a half. It was amazing. She’s just over 2 now and speaking in complete sentences. I’m eager to see how early our new baby (due in October) will talk…maybe out of the womb? Just kidding! I think the younger ones are always trying to keep up with their sibling(s).

  7. Taylor Rios says:

    We are a family of late talkers. I didn’t speak until I was 3 and my husband didn’t speak until he was nearly 5 (he had a traumatic birth, they never expected him to walk or talk at all!) My middle daughter didn’t say her first words until she was 3. But my youngest started talking really early and it’s funny how they are 2 years apart, but they are on the same level verbally!

  8. My 2 year old has lots of “words” that are his own made up words but he uses them consistently for the same things, he requires a translator for anyone to understand him, ha ha. In the past month though it seems his language has exploded and he is talking more and more in real words and sentences. I am hoping as he gets more verbal his tantrums and whining will go down since he can communicate the issue.

  9. My two year old’s speech seems to develop a little slower than her sister’s did. But she takes leaps rather than developing over time, or so it seems. A few months ago we could not get her to say her own name, ever. Then she would attempt to say it. Instead of Hannah it came out as Ha-ha. She has been saying that for weeks, now in the blink of an eye she can say Hannah. 😉


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