Disposable Diapers Suck – A Rant

I’m all about the cloth diapers.  A lot has changed since the times when I was proud of myself for using cloth diapers for thirty-six consecutive hours.  I haven’t bought disposable diapers for Eudora since she was in size 1.  And I had so many of those left that I sold them when she outgrew them.

Disposable Diapers Suck - A Rant (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

To think, she’s this happy with a yeast rash and sitting in a puddle on her bed!

However, we’ve been coping with a diaper rash.  She’s got acidic teething poops, which caused a rash that I couldn’t get to settle down (largely due to the increased frequency of those acidic teething poops).  As is known to happen, that rash became yeasty, so I gave in.  I put a sposie on her for overnight so that I could slather her bum with some anti-fungal cream and a layer of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste.  When I got her out of bed this morning, I found something that I have never found when using cloth diapers on her overnight: a wet bed.

She’s not a heavy wetter by any stretch of the imagination.  A lot of people who use cloth only part time use disposable diapers at night.  It’s not like I’m a dolt who doesn’t know how to put on disposable diapers.  They haven’t changed that much in the twenty-six years since my first nephew (and the first baby that I’d ever changed) was born.

In light of this rare occurence of overnight diaper failure in Eudora’s bed, I can only come to one conclusion: disposable diapers suck.  I have no further plans of ever using them again.  Instead, I’m going to have to make a trip out to the fabric store to buy some fleece to make liners.  (My local diaper store is out of microfleece liners right now, largely because they are so awesome.)

Have you ever had issues with disposable diapers failing where your cloth diapers excel?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Anne Sweden says:

    Multiple fails with newborn poo sneaking out of the plastic gussets. Cloth gussets are the bomb. No comparison!

  2. Ariel -Blogs from a Single Mom says:

    I hate disposables. Poosplosions everywhere.

  3. I have had many experiences where a poopy diaper tests every limit of a cloth diaper and you open it and think “How was that contained?” Sometimes a bath is still required simply because of the pure “yuck,” but the sheets, etc. are fine.

  4. YES! Occassionally I will buy sposies for my youngest for “emergencies”, for babysitters, etc. recently my husband and I went out of town for the weekend and left some sposies for my MIL (I really do not like anyone washing my son’s diapers without my supervision) and without fail, those things leaked like crazy…worse than the lesser absorbent diapers in my son’s stash.

  5. Tracy Morin says:

    I find name brand ones r worse than the cheap costco kind. I do use those kind when I need them which isn’t often but it does happen. Haha!

  6. Actually, I’ve been considering starting to use disposables at night. We’ve been waking up in puddles, in GNHWs!! No matter how we stuff them, or what we do, they still leak. =( Any tips? I think it might be a positioning problem (we have a little boy), cause it comes out the top.

    • GNHWs do not cut it in my house. My son is a super soaker. He’ll do okay in a sposie overnight… sometimes. That’s why I was surprised by the utter failure with my daughter, who is a very light wetter.

      My current combos for my son that yields the best results is 1 (Blueberry microterry or AppleCheeks stay dry insert) + 1 (Thirsties hemp prefold or AppleCheeks 3 layer bamboo insert) stuffed in a (Blueberry or AppleCheeks pocket).

      If you’re using two microfiber inserts like the GNHW come with, leaks are no surprise. Microfiber alone doesn’t cut it for heavy wetters, especially since it compresses.

    • Misty Crisman says:

      IMO.. Any diaper will leak when not changed soon enough. I have had GNHW leak after I dont change then for 8hrs. Nothing will be leak proof. You should change a diaper once in the night. I stuff my GNHW with 2 inserts. Also, leak proof with a boy is not likely.. but you can try and make the leaking less by tucking his wee-wee down so he does not pee upwards toward the top of the diaper.

    • Knickernappies SuperDo’s are what worked for me when nothing else did (and then, later, I had to add a hemp doubler or two–my daughter peed a lot in the night). Sometimes a struggle to find a pocket diaper the SuperDo will fit, but worth the effort. We still had leaks, but they were mostly user-error.

    • Kris Broyles says:

      Fitteds are the only things that work well for us at night!

  7. Agreed! My daughter leaked all the time in disposables at night. Only when the insert is not stuff in properly does she ever leak in cloth, which is hardly ever!

  8. Yep! With my daughter, I was the disposable-at-night type for a while. Then around 5 months she started sleeping on her belly with her butt in the air. The pee ran up her tummy & out the disposable. Every night. We were using GroVia AI2’s at the time during the day, and for a while it worked to trifold a second booster and lay it sideways across her tummy to act as a levee. But that didn’t work very well either, so I kept hunting. Eventually I found Rumparooz, which were my favorite diaper with her. Those lasted a long time at keeping her dry for night time (and daytime too – we used them exclusively for a while). When she was older (18 months or so) I switched to fitteds with wool on top, and I wish I’d found those in the very beginning. My son wears only fitted diapers with a wool cover, and we have never had a leak. My favorite fitteds are Bamboozle Stretch and Kiwi Pie. I save my WAHM hybrid fitteds for daytime/no cover.

  9. Misty Crisman says:

    I buy disposable diapers just for my MIL. She does not want to deal with cloth diapers. That does not really bother me, but as soon as I come back to get him I put on cloth. I used disposables with my other 2 kids.. only because I did not know how great cloth was.

  10. Try the time my son’s sposie DISINTEGRATED after overnight use. Literally. Little gel balls soaked in pee falling all over my TAN carpet. He’s not that heavy of a wetter! Grossest thing EVER.

  11. Alice Serraon says:

    I use disposables on my son at night only because I haven’t found the right combination (or brand maybe) of cloth diapers that will work well on him at night since he’s a heavy wetter. Any suggestions? I’d love to put cloth on him even at night!!!

    • tickledpeenk says:

      Not much works for us, but these combos do: Diaper Rite Prefitted with Diaper Rite cotton doubler and blueberry PUL cover; flour sack towel flat folded in airplane fold with a doubler folded into it and PUL cover; or Orange Diaper Co loops fitted with 2 bamboo inserts and fleece soaker over it

  12. rebekah kane says:

    I have not been cloth diapering for long since my little one is only 10 weeks old, but we have been doing it pretty much full time since he was 2 weeks. I did notice that during those first 2 weeks with disposables he was red a lot, and we used a lot of desitin. The redness has gone away with cloth, and we have not had to use any creams- I did use lanolin or coconut oil daily for a few weeks when we first started cloth, but he hasn’t needed anything for the past month!

  13. We were having leaking issues with overnight and by chance I tried a disposable. It was the worst leak of all!! I invested in some good fitteds: problem solved.

  14. Michelle Lee says:

    I used disposables at night for my son and never had a problem with them. When my daughter was born, however, I was shocked by how inferior they were. She could pee and poop out of any disposable we put on her, and we changed her AT LEAST every hour and a half! We’ve been cloth full-time for both kids since and haven’t looked back.

  15. Vicki Hall says:

    I hate disposable diapers now The thought of all those poopy filled diapers sitting in our landfills for the next 500 years makes me sick . I can’t even get over the ugliness of disposables they look like a big old maxi pad with fasteners. Cloth diapers are cute , comfy and chemical free and easier on the environment.

  16. Rachel N says:

    This happens to me too. We are battling yeast in this house as well and baby girl leaked out of her disposable last night. Tonight I have put a pocket diaper over top of her disposable to catch the leaks, seems strange but it was my best option at the time.


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