Funky Fluff Review (Giveaway Closed)

I’m pretty biased, but I think I’ve got an amazing prize.  Funky Fluff kindly provided me with a Funky Fluff Bamboo 3-in-1 Fusion diaper and a double pocket wet bag for review.

About Funky Fluff

Funky Fluff is a Canadian home-based business started by two moms and friends in the Toronto area.  Kathy and Tricia spent many a night after their kids were in bed designing a diaper.  Their versatile designs and contrasting colors made Funky Fluff happen.  These ladies are also exceptionally giving.  They’ve been known to help Cloth for a Cause, my personal favorite charity, on more than one occasion.

Funky Fluff Fusion Design

The Funky Fluff Fusion diaper is called a 3-in-1 system because you can use the diaper in three different ways: snap the soaker in the pocket for an all-in-one, snap the soaker on top for an all-in-two, or just stuff the soaker in for a pocket diaper.  It comes in a stay dry system and a bamboo system.  The stay dry gets you a microfiber soaker topped with a stay dry fabric.  (I think it’s microsuede.  It’s not prone to pilling at all.)  The bamboo style gets you four layered bamboo soakers and a super soft bamboo inner.  I’ll be reviewing the bamboo style.


The Funky Fluff Fusion is a snap closure diaper designed with a hip snap in a three snap configuration.  There are two rows of snaps across the diaper to allow for ease of hip and waist adjustment.  The snaps also cross over.  Funky Fluff is a one size diaper designed to adjust with snap rise, and comes with a double gusset inner.

What’s Awesome about the Funky Fluff Fusion

I love that the Funky Fluff Fusion gives you options.  Even if I don’t actually use the options (as I prefer to use it as a pocket), I like that I can choose how I use it.  The hip snaps prevent that gross and awful wing droop.  The crossover snaps make it fit smaller, and the snap configuration makes it possible to fold a dirty diaper up on itself.  That’s fantastic if you forget your wetbag.  (And I totally love that because I am really bad about forgetting a wetbag.)  Instead of the standard two rows of snap rise, the Funky Fluff Fusion has three rows.  Sure, Eudora is big enough to be on the last row of rise snaps, but this is awesome for getting babies in that diaper earlier.  The double gusset design is great for keeping in poo (even the runny exclusive breastfed stuff) and the waterproofing strip in the front helps keep in the wet.

What’s Not Awesome about the Funky Fluff Fusion

There’s only one minor thing with the design on Funky Fluff Fusion that I would change: the hip snap.  I love that it exists, but the placement is in the wrong spot for my taste.  It snaps onto the bottom row.  I would prefer it to snap on the top, just because of the order that I use for snapping diapers.  I know, it’s weird.  It’s super minor, but it works.

In a Nutshell?

I’d totally recommend it.  It’s a fun diaper with fun colors to go with it.

Funky Fluff Double Pocket Wet Bag

The Funky Fluff double pocket wet bag is a convenient little creation.  It’s big enough to hold 7 diapers, which is fantastic for a day’s out and about.  It’s designed with a handy little zipper in the top and a second pouch in the front.  This is great; I’ve got a place to put the dry diapers so that they’re nice and organized and contained within the diaper bag.  There’s a little loop with a snap that makes it perfect to attach to the handle on the back of my seat in the mini van, the stroller, and the towel rod in the bathroom.  It’s fantastic.

You want one of your own?  There are a few ways to get your Funky Fluff Fusion: you can order it directly from Funky Fluff’s store, from Lagoon Baby, or you can enter to win it right here if you live in the US or Canada and are 18+.  (Giveaway closed)

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About Suzi

Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Anne Sweden says:

    The orange and turquoise bamboo diaper is pretty snazzy!

  2. I like the purple one! If it had a different color snap besides green I’d love it even more! 🙂

  3. Teal & lime… Stay dry or bamboo doesn’t matter to me 🙂

  4. Nikole H. says:

    I like the Birds and Teal & Lime 🙂

  5. I would choose bubbles!

  6. I love the birds print!

  7. Grey and pink

  8. I LOVE the bubbles print…Funky Fluff diapers are definitely among my top few favorite diapers 🙂

  9. Bubbles

  10. Rachel N says:

    I would choose the pink and orange

  11. teal 🙂

  12. I would choose the green

  13. I lOVE the Black and Pink bamboo! That would look great on my little girl!

  14. Jessica Hughes says:

    Teal & Lime!

  15. I think the purple and green is my favorite, but there are a lot of cute ones! Love Funky Fluff!

  16. Andrea R says:

    I JUST ordered a starter kit with teal/lime and black/white diapers. My next fave is either birds or the blue/grey diaper.

  17. Laurie P says:

    Fusion Bamboo 3-in-1 System BLACK with Pink snaps

  18. Valerie S says:

    Purple and Green!

  19. I like the blue and silver 🙂

  20. I would choose the bubbles print!

  21. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I’d love the purple & green!

  22. Sarah Hayes says:

    Id choose the pink and orange

  23. kristina robinson says:

    The pink color is so pretty so i like the pink and orange.

  24. Brown and blue, Grey and blue or bubbles! LOL (aka I have to get one and buy the other two!)

  25. Rachel A. says:

    I’d probably choose the blue and grey.

  26. I’d get the brown and blue stay dry diaper.

  27. I would choose the FUNKY FLUFF Fusion Bamboo 3-in-1 System Blue and Silver

  28. Victoria Wollf says:

    bubbles print, love it 🙂

  29. I think I’d like the Bamboo diapers – maybe the black/pink.

  30. Vanessa Coker says:

    The Fusion Bamboo 3-in-1 System in Pink & Grey.

  31. bkue or red

  32. Wendy Mastin says:

    I like the FUNKY FLUFF Fusion Bamboo 3-in-1 System

  33. Arthur Anderson says:

    My wife likes the Funky Fluff Fusion Bamboo 3 in 1 System..

  34. Jessica O says:

    I would choose the Grey and Pink diaper!

  35. Carissa Whaatt says:

    blue and silver one! 😀

  36. Lauren S. says:

    I would choose the FF Stay Dry dipe in blue & silver. I LOVE this concept – an option for everyone!

  37. Jessica Schank Snow says:

    I would probably get the FUNKY FLUFF Fusion Bamboo 3-in-1 System.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  38. i would love the 3 in 1 bamboo system in the birds print! too cute!

  39. megan beaver says:

    Sounds like that inseert is not going anywhere. Neat concept! I would give the bamboo a shot.

  40. I like Orange & Turquoise.

  41. Abby Lochmann-bailkey says:

    Birds in bamboo 🙂

  42. I’d pick purple and green!!

  43. Priscilla Benterud says:


  44. i’d love the purple and green bamboo!

  45. giveaway comment

  46. i enjoy the birds in bamboo 🙂

  47. Allyson Bossie says:

    I will choose brown and blue

  48. Renee Ashley says:

    i’d love the teal & lime bamboo!

  49. omg <3 the teal + lime color combo dipe! colorful snaps make me happy.

  50. Heather Miles says:

    I would get either the black with gray buttons or bubbles

  51. I would choose Black and Pink 🙂

  52. Jessica Harwell Long says:

    the Orange with Tourquoise is very nice I would get that one

  53. I would go with either the brown and blue or the bubbles – adorable!

  54. I would get brown and blue

  55. Jacqueline Wicks says:

    I love my funky fluffs and my fav is the bubbles print but I would love to have a bird print!!

  56. I like the Grey & Blue the best!

  57. Beth Rose says:

    Love Birds!! So cute 🙂

  58. Hailie Jordan says:

    The Birds are too cute!

  59. I love the purple and green diaper!

  60. I love the Teal & Lime!

  61. Jeannette says:

    I love the Brown Bubbles print!!

  62. b.colerick says:

    teal and lime!!! always one of my favs, but also so many others i love!

  63. black and silver or grey and blue

  64. Sam Stamp says:

    I would choose Blue and Silver! Love it!

  65. I would choose the Bamboo AI2 girl diaper in green and purple!

  66. Black and silver looks really sophisticated.

  67. Kelly Urban says:

    Teal and Lime

  68. I would choose the bamboo blue diaper with silver snaps:)

  69. teal & lime aio

  70. Laura Megan Langham says:

    I would choose a purple bamboo diaper 🙂

  71. Melissa S says:

    I would get the bamboo diaper in the bubbles print!

  72. I like the birds in bamboo

  73. blue bamboo diaper

  74. I’d go with purple and green or grey and blue.

  75. Brown with blue snaps! <3

  76. Katherine Blankenship says:

    I only saw two colors on the website, I’d choose the green diaper with purple snaps.

  77. Jessica Lodge says:

    I don’t have any bamboo diapers so I would try the FUNKY FLUFF Fusion Bamboo 3-in-1 System in green.

  78. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I would pick the blue with grey snaps 🙂

  79. I would love to have the bamboo 3 in 1 in bubbles!

  80. Vicki Hall says:

    I would pick the grey diaper with the blue snaps in the stay dry .

  81. Charlotte R says:

    I love the brown with blue snaps… so cute!

  82. Tasha Jackson says:

    I would pick the bamboo ones!

  83. Zatanna FTM says:

    bamboo 3-in-1 system would be my choice

  84. Ashleigh Swerdfeger says:

    I would love a blue bamboo diaper!

  85. grey and blue

  86. Olivia @ This West Coast Mommy says:

    I love the grey and pink diaper!

  87. Sarah McKelvy says:

    I’d choose grey and blue. Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  88. I definitely prefer stay-dry. I love that it has different options in one diaper!

  89. Shalaina Simmons says:

    All of the diapers I currently have are natural fibers, so I would try a stay-dry.

  90. Danielle Lawler says:

    I would choose the bamboo style.

  91. Louise Chrobak O'Neil says:

    I love the birds print and I would choose the bamboo system.

  92. mama.mary says:

    I would prefer the bamboo diaper and get it with the cute bubbles print.

  93. they have an owl print… enough said. (I think I would pick the stay dry at this point in Tadpole Jones life though. SO SICK OF LEAKY LAUNDRY)

  94. Teal and Lime Bamboo!

  95. Bubbles!

  96. I’d choose grey and blue

  97. Melanie Molnar says:

    i would choose the orange and turquoise.. orange is my favorite!!!

  98. Janice Pope says:

    I would choose grey and blue. I really like the orange and turquoise too!

  99. Kim Hoff Rimrodt says:

    I would love the Black/Silver one – gender neutral, and a true neutral color!

  100. Danielle Carden says:

    Would love a bamboo diaper!

  101. Viv Sluys says:

    I would get Gray with pink snaps. (I’m from BC too 😀 )
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  102. FUNKY FLUFF Fusion Stay Dry 3-in-1 System in blue

  103. Happily Southern says:

    I’d pick Funky Fluff Bamboo 3-in-1 system in Bubbles!

  104. I’ld go with stay-dry bubbles:)

  105. I like the green-purple.

  106. Fusion Bamboo 3-in-1, Brown & Blue

  107. Hannah Avery says:

    I might choose the Bamboo gray and pink one!

    -Hannah Avery

  108. I’d probably choose Funky Fluff Fusion Bamboo 3-in-1 System in gray with pink snaps.

  109. Jessica Cali says:

    Brown & Pink
    FUNKY FLUFF Fusion Stay Dry 3-in-1 System


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