Geffen Baby Absorbers Review

Cloth Diapering Again- Geffen Baby Review

I received a product in exchange for my honest opinion.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and honest. My experiences may differ from yours.

Geffen Baby Absorbers are universal inserts (meaning you can use them in any diaper) made out of a hemp/cotton blend.  They come in many different sizes, from small enough for a newborn to big enough for a toddler.  They’re made out of either a knit or a fleece.  The ones I received are the Super Absorbers Plus.  They’re made out of five layers of hemp/cotton fleece and are about 6″ wide x 17″ long.  These babies are trim!  Just look at the pictures down below (and forgive any staining you might see, I grabbed that insert right out of the wash).  I was not squeezing that insert, that’s how thin that sucker is!  Five layers of hemp fleece!  Alone in a cover these are just as trim as disposable diapers and they’re absorbent enough for day time.  For night, I like to use either two of these or one with a bamboo insert.  Either way, it makes for a trim nighttime diaper and lasts up to 12 hours for a toddler.  As you can see in the picture below, they fit great in a large Bummis Super Whisper Wrap.  And I can fold them down to fit in my one month old’s covers (shown folded into a newborn Rumparooz cover).  Can we say “Awesome!”?!  They don’t last my little guy all night all alone, but with a doubler, even folded, these are still a really trim option.

Cloth Diapering Again- Geffen Baby Review

I must admit, mine haven’t stayed as soft as they were after the first time I washed them.  I think it’s because I have hard well water and stuff gets built up pretty quick, so it’s no fault of the inserts.  They’re still soft enough that I feel fine having it up against my babies’ bottoms.  These Geffen Baby absorbers are the ones that I use most often for night or when we’re fixing to go someplace..

I really can’t see a downside to these absorbers.  The only thing that I can  think of that I don’t really like about them is how wide they are.  But if they weren’t that wide, there wouldn’t be that much fabric and they wouldn’t be as absorbent.  These being so wide isn’t a deal breaker since they’re pretty soft.  Even for Little Man, they don’t seem like they’re that bulky between his legs.

Overall, these are worth it. They’re a good price and have great absorbency and versatility.  And have I mentioned that they’re made in the USA?  That’s pretty darn great.  You can check out my Small Biz Saturday post about Geffen Baby here.  Once you’ve tried their products, it’s really clear why Geffen Baby is gaining in popularity.

You can order Geffen Baby’s absorbers from your favorite cloth diaper shop or the Geffen Baby website.  You can follow Geffen Baby on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


  1. I see this post is a few months old but I was looking for your advice. We are looking to purchase our CD for baby 3. We are starting over as I didnt think there would be a baby 3. We used a ton of brands and designs with #2 and I do not want that. The only bulletproof dipes we had were the bummis prefolds with the wraps. That is what I plan to use but they are so bulky! So I found the geffen site and am so dying to know more about them. My plan is this: for newborn have plenty of the inserts and a dozen of the jersey prefolds with the whisper wrap. When they get big enough, go to the medium size prefold (a dozen) with the wraps and inserts.
    That is my plan. I want to primarily use the insert in the wrap alone and for night/nap/long drives, use the prefold as well. Are these inserts good enough alone or am I on the right track to have prefolds? I love the pics you added! they were so incredibly helpful to me. If this plan will work we can diaper birth to pt affordably and not sacrafice quality or trim fit. Thanks so much for the great post. Tandi

    • Melissa Mendez says:

      Thanks, Tandi, for your kind words and congratulations on your surprise baby! It really depends on whether your baby pees a lot or not, as to whether or not the absorbers will work alone. My two year old girl doesn’t pee a lot (a prefold alone lasts her all night long for comparison), and she can use these alone for a while. BUT my now five month old is a super soaker and these alone don’t last him long. These worked alone for him while he was a newborn to about a month old. Little Man HAS to have a fitted or an sbish prefold with a doubler to go 11 hours with no leaks. For nighttime, a prefold and an absorber insert would be a great combo. If you find Bummis prefolds bulky (I have a few, and I know I do!), maybe you could try Imagine smart fit prefolds. Besides the three Bummis prefolds I have, my prefolds are Imagines. They’re great quality and inexpensive. And I find that if I fold them around my boy (I use an angel wing fold), it’s trimmer than trifolding. Thirsties duo wraps are my favorite covers. I used them from birth on Little Man with prefolds. So personally, I would recommend just going with using prefolds, using a prefold and insert for nighttime or long car trips. Honestly, for nap time, we just use whatever he happens to be wearing when he falls asleep (usually a prefold), and we haven’t had any problems. It sounds to me like you’ve got a very good idea of what you want to use. 🙂 If I had to buy a stash all over again, I would go with prefolds and covers with a few fitteds or something else specifically for nighttime. Good luck to you, and if you have any more questions, you can email me at clothdiaperingagain (at) 🙂

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