Knickernappies Stay Dry Nursing Pads Review

KnickerNappies Stay Dry Nursing Pads Review- Cloth Diapering Again

I received product in exchange for my honest opinions.  My experiences may differ from yours.

Knickernappies is well known for their cloth diapers.  What’s not so well known is that they also make nursing pads and menstrual pads.  They’ve got babies and mamas covered.

I received a three pack of their nursing pads to try. They’re very well made.  They’re made with a PUL backing and a hemp/cotton absorbent layer sandwiched between the PUL and a layer of microfleece.  They are serged around the edges.  And they are BIG.  They are the biggest nursing pads I have.  I’m pretty small chested (right now, nursing, I’m a B/C cup) and these pads are honestly too big for me.  They’re flat, not contoured, so I get some pretty bad bunching around the edges.  I only use them at night.  I don’t leak a lot of milk, so these work for me.  Being made out of hemp, they’re pretty absorbent for how trim they are.  Maybe for a larger breasted lady these wouldn’t bunch up.  The microfleece layer does help pull the wetness away from my skin.  I admit, I was skeptical that it would, but it actually does give you a dry feeling.  So for those who don’t like feeling wetness, this is an excellent option.  They wash up very well as you can see in the pictures.  They stay flat and have not pilled.

Overall, Knickernappies nursing pads are high quality, but they might work better for large chested ladies.  For a light leaker, they are absorbent enough for night.  These might be a better day time option for a heavy leaker, unless you keep a pair next to your bed so you can change them in the middle of the night.  These just don’t work that great for me during the day because of the size.  If they were more contoured, I might not have such a problem with bunching, but as is, these just don’t work aesthetically for me.  And it’s not very comfortable to have it all bunched up in my bra (at least in a soft molded cup bra it’s not, the bra I wear at night is soft and stretchy).

You can order a set for yourself from Knickernappies’ site here.  You can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.  Also check out their blog.  They have some great posts on there.


  1. These look awesome! I love colored pads and in the beginning I leak so badly, it’s nice to have something with PUL!

  2. Katherine Blankenship says:

    I’m interested in using cloth nursing pads… I’m trying to get away from just about anything “disposable” right now. I’m so worried about putting out $$ for something that will leak, though. I’ve already nursed 2 children and I leaked A LOT for the first few months, so I expect it will be the same this October when baby boy #3 is born.

    • MelissaMendez says:

      You might be surprised, I’m nursing my third and I don’t leak as bad as I did with the first two. Don’t get me wrong, I did leak pretty good at first, but now I’m not (he’s a month old now).

  3. I’d like to try these. I’m a G cup when nursing and it’s hard to find pads that don’t show from being too small.


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