Scented Cloth Diaper Safe Detergent? #Throwback

I’ve done some experimenting in the last six months of using cloth diapers.  I’ve done cloth diaper comparisons in effort to find something that works better than the FuzziBunz pocket diapers that I started out with.  I’ve tried different cloth diaper safe detergent brands to see if I could find something that worked.

The first cloth diaper safe detergent that I tried wasn’t quite as cloth diaper safe as I’d thought.  I used Tide Free and Clear (or whatever the unscented, perfume free and dye free Tide product is called).  It took about a month and a half of using Tide on my diapers for me to strip them.  I think I used the Tide for about… two or three months.

That went in the “not using this anymore” pile.

Then I switched to Country Save powdered detergent.  It was available at my local drug store, unlike the majority of the varieties of cloth diaper safe detergent.  It worked okay, but still didn’t resolve my leaks or stink issues that I’d experienced with Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers.  I wanted to try Rockin Green, but there was no store in my area that carried it, and I really, really hate ordering something like laundry soap online and paying for shipping.  I’d heard such great things about Rockin Green from a variety of cloth diapering parents.

Then, YAY! (my local diaper distributor, but she sells to people who are much farther away than PG) started carrying Rockin Green.Scented Cloth Diaper Safe Detergent?! - Cloth Diaper Addicts

Then I got a little confused.  I had always thought that all cloth diaper safe detergent was unscented, and scented is bad.  Yet Rockin Green makes scented detergents.  How odd.  But at the same time, I love the smell of the watermelon scented powder that Rockin Green makes for killing diaper pail funk.

I got brave.  I decided to buy the Rockin Green laundry detergent in hopes that it would kill the less than fresh diaper smell that I’d had as of late, since the diaper stripping that I’d been doing hadn’t worked.

Do my diapers smell a bit better?  Maybe.  I’m a bit disappointed that my diapers aren’t carrying the watermelon scent with them, but they smell less icky.  I guess I’ll have to give my diapers a few more washes in the Rockin Green before I decide for sure.

What detergent are you using for your diapers?  How in love with your diaper detergent are you?

Originally written September 12, 2010.  I briefly tried another cloth diaper safe detergent, but I didn’t even finish the bag before I switched back to Rockin’ Green.  It’s officially the only cloth diaper safe detergent that I’ll ever use in my laundry routine.  While the fragrance absolutely does rinse out of the diapers, that’s a good thing!  Lingering fragrances, even the pretty ones, are indicative of something not washing out.  And CozyBums is still my primary diaper dealer with phenomenal customer service.

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Cindy Batchelor says:

    Thats too bad the scent didn’t carry… watermelon is awesome!

    • It’s just as well, though, because if the scent carried, it would have meant that there were ingredients that were actually not cloth diaper safe.

  2. Lexie Lane says:

    Well, if it’s safe enough for diapers, it’s gotta be safe for everything else, right? Sounds fantastic! I will have to try it!

    • It is. 🙂 I actually use it on my handwash only delicates. It’s safe for your high end European import undergarments, too. (And Woolite most certainly is not!)

  3. says:

    This is an amazing product! Sounds too good to be true. I’ll have to give it a try.

  4. I use and love Rockin’ Green too for my diapers!

  5. Jaime Weis says:

    I’ve never tried it! I do remember how weird I thought it was when I saw all the scents they offer – but I’ve loved my Molly’s Suds and that stuff is peppermint. I do notice it washes out and the dipes don’t hold the scent (bummer) but with dipes that’s probably for the best! I’ll have to try that – I love watermelon scent!

  6. I’ve been an Eco Sprout fan for awhile now.

  7. I have great success with country save, been using it for 3 years now and I have never had to strip my diapers. I had terrible luck with Rockin Green.

    • Everyone has different favorites. I find, though, that region (and water type) will have a lot to do with it. In Edmonton, they love Tide. In Prince George, it’s RnG or Nellie’s.

  8. We love Rockin’ Green. All I’ve ever used, never had a problem, so never swayed. I do occasionally use ECOs brand (since this is what we use on our clothes, so sometimes I just throw a couple diapers in), and I’ve never had issues. I try to think “This will never cause a problem,” in hopes that positive thinking will help keep stink issues or any other issues at bay 😉

    • As long as it’s the unscented one, it’s safe, IIRC. But I will say that I’ve accidentally left a diaper behind and washed it with something non-CD safe to no issues.

  9. Alix St.Amant says:

    I just started CDing again. I’ve never used a detergent specifically for diapers, but I have thought about trying Rockin’ Green.

  10. I use Tide Ultra powder and love it but now with the formula change, I’m a little nervous. I’m hoping that it’ll still work or I can find the old formula. I used to use RnG for a while and I love the scents. I especially liked that the smell was “just for fun” and was gone once the diapers were washed.

  11. Ashleigh Swerdfeger says:

    I have tried Tide Free, Laundry Tarts (they smell good) and Rockin Green. Of the three, Rockin Green is my favourite. You only need to use a little bit and it is effective. Plus, I love how you get different varieties for your needs. It lasts for awhile too!

  12. Alicia Figueroa says:

    I’ve been using Seventh Gen on my diapers. I think I’d be afraid to use Watermelon scent on my diapers, since if the smell still lingered around after the baby did her business I’d associate watermelon with baby poo LOL!

  13. mthousewife says:

    Tide original has worked WONDERS for us. Nothing else will touch the stinkies because of the hard water in my city. The free and clear detergents really aren’t the best thing for CDing

    • I love that some manufacturers recommend Tide F&C while others recommend plain ol’ original Tide. 🙂 I know that in Edmonton, those ladies love their Tide.

  14. Mary Schuh says:

    I’m curious why you didn’t like Tide Original. Did it cause problems with your dipes or did you simply not like it? I started out using Purex F&C, then Ecos F&C, and now Tide Ultra powdered detergent. I really like it. I love the smell!

  15. I recently tried using Charlie’s soap (powdered). So far, I’m impressed. I didn’t have to use much, everything came out super clean, fresh, and super soft 🙂

  16. natalie nichols says:

    I keep hearing about the rockin green. Such great reviews. I’m dying to try it.

  17. Amanda McD says:

    I use the Rockin’ Green watermelon scent too! I was really sad the first time I used it and sniffed my dipes after a spin in the washer and they came out scent free. But once I realized why the good smell couldn’t stay (as you mention above), I decided to keep loving it and to just enjoy the smell as I scoop it into the washing machine lol

  18. I Live in anchorage AK, we dont get the rockin green unless special ordered, we have a local pantry that sells whole food and other green products that sells some variaties of cleansers but for the most part I’m left with big box stores. SO I’ too have had to experiment and so far arm and hammer has been the only one to work for us it dosnt do the whole job but once I run it and extra rinse the diapers turn out with no smells which was a big problem before.

  19. I’ve been reading a lot about CD safe detergents and it seems that everyone likes something different and its based on their washing machine and the water type. We plan on trying Rockin Green, Bumgenius, Molly Suds and Charlie’s Soap in the beginning and then picking which we like best. Though ALOT of people seem to really like Rockin Green 🙂

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