What if I’m Carrying Twins? #Throwback

I haven’t even had my first prenatal ultrasound yet, but still, every now and again I think of the possibility of carrying twins.  After all, I do keep feeling that weird rolling sensation, and my research has indicated that ridiculously early (like first trimester early) fetal movement is a sign of carrying twins.

This does not appeal to me.

What if I'm Carrying Twins?! (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Could this be my future?

I know that I have an increased likelihood of carrying twins since I took Clomid.  Unfortunately, I haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for as of yet: a perfect statistical calculator that will determine exactly what my chance of having twins comes out to.

I like statistics.  I find comfort in statistics.  If I could find out for sure that I have a one in fifty chance of having twins, awesome.  But unfortunately, I’m finding numbers that range from 5% to 30% due to Clomid.  Then there’s my age.  (Never mind how old I am.  I’m twenty-five and holding.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  I’m just not telling how long I’ve been holding.)  Then there’s the fact that I was technically one pound overweight when I got pregnant, and being overweight is supposed to increase the chance of having twins.

Really, though, we went through all of this effort because we only want one baby.  Not two.  Or three or more.  I just don’t know if I could possibly handle being a stay at home mom to a busy toddler and newborn twins.  Besides that, my house isn’t big enough for two more children, particularly considering I always keep it so that there’s room for Andy in case he ever decides he wants to come home.  The possibility of having twins just seems too much.

Okay, on the bright side, I certainly have enough cloth diapers for twins and a toddler.  But right now I’m only at the point where I’m thinking maybe I could possibly consider trying breastfeeding.  With one.  No way I could pull that off with twins, particularly considering I’m still not entirely comfortable with the idea.  Or the time.  Or the insanity.

I don’t know how my friend Christy does it: she has toddler twins and a newborn baby to go along with it.  While I’m glad that she has the family that they love, I’m just overwhelmed by even the mere thought of carrying twins.

Let’s just hope that my extreme fatigue is officially ruled to be anemia and not a sign of a litter of children.  But I’ll have to wait until I have that first prenatal ultrasound to know for sure.

Did you have any twin concerns with your pregnancy?

Originally written on August 9, 2011.  I had Eudora, just one baby.  So it definitely was NOT twins. I never did find out the statistical probability of a twin pregnancy.

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  1. Haha I never even think about having twins – but I would have the same reservations or fears as you. It’s so intense! I’m sure you either go crazy or you rise above 🙂 hopefully you would have enough support to feel better if that were to be your blessing! 😉

  2. Twins are pretty common in my family. Honestly I would likely lose my mind! Just havibg my Kids 22 months apart is tough.

  3. Heather O says:

    Realistically, I’dbe overwhelmed with twins! But deep down, I’ve always hoped…

  4. psychsarah says:

    My mom is an identical twin, so people always think I’m more likely to have twins (though this isn’t actually true). I was quite relieved to find there was only one baby on my ultrasound, let me tell you! The thought of parenting two newborns is quite overwhelming, but also there are all the additional complications during pregnancy to think about. Scary!!

  5. I would have been fine with twins except that I wanted a homebirth. Twins would have seriously complicated my plans.

  6. Olivia @ This West Coast Mommy says:

    I think every mom wonders. I know I did, and I was very relieved to see just the one fetus, both times!

  7. Taylor Rios says:

    Twins run on my side and triplets run on my hubby’s side so each pregnancy multiples are a concern of mine. I wouldn’t mind having more than one, but would I be able to handle it? I’m not sure – I think I would need a lot of help! But, just think of it this way… way more single births happen than multiples, so you shouldn’t stress about it too much.

  8. I have twins. I was super excited when I found out even though I was scared. It’s a blessing to have twins, not a burden.

  9. My dad was teasing me about having twins when I had my son two years ago. Thankfully, I only had one. If I would have had twins we would have needed a bigger house and car.

  10. Lauren S. says:

    I’d love to say that I’ll be happy with whatever I’m blessed with (especially after miscarrying), but the reality is that I would be really overwhelmed with twins. I have a girlfriend who is 40 yrs old, with a 13 month old, and is expecting twins w/in the next month…I really don’t envy her – I would go INSANE! But, I’m not facing that situation at the moment, and in the end, you deal with what you’re given…

  11. Michelle Ferguson says:

    A friend of mine is giving birth with twins today! I think twins would be so hard but so fun too! Just like all babies!

  12. I have never been worried about twins because I don’t have any of the factors that make twins more of a probability. It would be incredibly difficult to have twins though, I am sure I would figure it out but it would be hard.

  13. I thought about twins during my first pregnancy…once and done! lol My husband and I only want 2. So now Im worried about when we try for #2…will there be 2?? LOL We do not have twins run in our family BUT you just never know. It would be VERY difficult for us if we did have twins or more…lets just leave twins to the couple who are wishing for twins lol

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