Brown Cloth Diapers Fall Out of Fashion

For a few years, brown was the new black.  It was wonderful for children’s clothing and nurseries; a lot of people don’t believe that black is appropriate for children because of its funereal uses.  It spawned a whole series of collections of pink or blue with brown accents.  Of course, like many trends, they find their way to cloth diapering.  Brown cloth diapers were plentiful.

Now, though, brown cloth diapers seem to be going out of fashion.  Best Bottom diapers discontinued their double chocolate diaper in February.  FuzziBunz discontinued the Choco Truffle diaper around July.  AppleCheeks announced that they were retiring Chocolate earlier this month.  Brown cloth diapers seem to be getting phased out by numerous companies.Brown Cloth Diapers Fall Out of Fashion (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

So what are people going for if not that beautiful brown contrast?  It seems that animals are getting increasingly in fashion.  AppleCheeks has their Wingin’ It limited edition diaper.  Best Bottom has Fox Trot, Foxy Frolic, and Hedgehog.  AMP has their own lovely Benny’s Farm.  FuzziBunz, a company that has skipped animal prints in the years past, came out with a limited edition minky animal print lineup earlier this year.

Black diapers are also increasingly popular.  Sure, there are still those who don’t like black for children, but then there are those of us who put our children in skulls, compare them to zombies, and expose them to music like Danse Macabre.  For those kinds of people, a black diaper is a perfect diaper to coordinate.

While the major manufacturers haven’t hopped on the chevron trend as of yet, there’s still time.  After all, the ABC trade show is next month.  Who knows what fun surprises cloth diaper manufacturers will have in store for us?

Are you a fan of brown cloth diapers?  Is there a color that you’d like to see come into fashion?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. I have a brown cover and I love to use it now that fall is coming! I also have the chev-worm (chevron in a lime green) from SoftBums that is fabulous! But my CD stash is a crazy hodge-podge of different companies, different styles, and different prints/colors; and I love it 😀

  2. II don’t do cloth diaper. But since this is a question about colors, it is a no-brainer for me 🙂 I will go for a colorful one- may be red or green or yellow 🙂
    Vinma recently posted…Vicinity- A Rewarding Experience!My Profile

  3. I have a couple of brown AMP diapers and I use them for night time since they are not my favorite. Don’t own a black diaper yet but I have considered getting one because it would work well under lots of little girl fancy dresses.

  4. We’re out of diapers here, but I do love a deep chocolate brown. I’d love to see brown and blue together.
    Meegs recently posted…not in my gloryMy Profile

  5. Jessica Hughes says:

    I second the chevron trend! I’d also like to see more florals and nature inspired prints.
    As for black, I have two black Charlie Bananas that I use quite frequently on my baby girl. It just looks cute with certain outfits (pink shirt with panda bears, for example ) Just because it’s black doesn’t mean it has to be macabre.

  6. meh, haven’t been a fan of brown in very much of anything. Though pairing it with cute pastels (like pink and blue) is nice. I personally like gray as a gender neutral color these days.
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  7. I have 3 brown diapers and my kids wear brown often. I never thought of myself as a brown fan but i guess I am 🙂

  8. I had thought the chevron fad had passed. Eh, what do I know? I wear clothes that are like 10 years old lol. Seriously though, I love seeing little ones in cloth diapers. I think they are so adorable.
    Missy Homemaker recently posted…Deliberate Motherhood-A ReviewMy Profile

    • It doesn’t seem to have. I’m still seeing it in the stores on home decor, and it’s still something people are snatching up in cloth diapers.

  9. I’m actually really surprised the bigger “name brand” cloth diaper companies haven’t hopped on the chevron bandwagon yet. All in due time, I’m sure. Chevrons aren’t my fave either, but they would be a lot cuter than plain ole poop brown, imo. 😉
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  10. I like brown! I’m just glad the owl trend has started to fade;)

  11. Honestly, I love my brown diapers and would still buy more, but I can’t stand the chevron trend that’s taken over. Hopefully it passes soon.

  12. I love brown, and I think it makes a great GN color — we have a Thirsties wrap in brown. As far as a color I’d like to see more of in cloth diapers — maybe Periwinkle? I think that would be another great GN choice. Now I’m issuing a challenge – sift through your resources to see if you can find any existing Periwinkle diapers 🙂
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  13. Brown seemed so chic to me, until I bought a brown cover. Turns out, it’s the one I reached for the least. And I just don’t get the ghastly skulls and skeletons thing for tiny, innocent babes…..
    Anne Sweden recently posted…Nuby’s Under the Sea Teether Makes a Splash!My Profile

  14. I like brown, especially with other colors or designs. I wasn’t fond of chevron, but its grown on me 😀 I think it is interesting the way cloth diapers have trends much like anything else.
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