Cloth Diaper Supplies for the Lazy Mom #Throwback

I admit it.  I am lazy as all get out when it comes to cloth diapering.  Yes, I love the fact that cloth diapering is reducing what I put in the landfill.  I love the fact that my son’s little heiney gets red far less often in cloth diapers.  However, I don’t love to work hard.  So, I choose cloth diaper supplies that allow me to work smart (or be lazy), not work hard.  What cloth diaper supplies give me that freedom?

Cloth Diaper Supplies for the Lazy Mom (Cloth Diaper Addicts)It took some trial and error to figure it out.  We bought a wet bag to line the diaper pail.  This should have allowed me to work smart, but it didn’t work out as anticipated.  Our diaper pail rocks.  It’s a Graco diaper pail that requires something like two C cell batteries.  You wave your hand over it, it opens up, you insert the diaper, it closes.  No smell.  The problem with the wet bag is, it’s too long and narrow to fit the diaper pail.  So that means it takes up more space and allows less diapers to go through, thus increasing the amount of time spent cloth diaper washing.

So, an awesome diaper pail is a crucial item on the cloth diaper supplies list.  The great thing about the particular pail that I have is that it fits into the mouth of my front loading washer, so when cloth diaper washing time rolls around, I just take the top off, put the top of the pail in the mouth of the washer, and shake.  Then I wipe out the pail itself with a disinfecting wipe so that it doesn’t get vile and disgusting.

In order to prevent diapers from being absolutely vile and disgusting for cloth diaper washing time, there are a couple of ways to get the baby poo off of the diaper.  One is a diaper sprayer that attaches to your toilet.  Yeah, no.  I tried to use the shower head over the toilet, but that got water everywhere.  So I decided that the flushable liners were the way to fly.  Most of the poo is caught in the liner.  If it’s not, then no problem.  Just wipe the excess poo up with a baby wipe and dispose of it.

I tried using cloth diaper wipes instead of disposable wet wipes.  It was getting annoying to have to have a separate garbage for dirty wipes.  With cloth diaper wipes, I figured I could use the wipe and then toss it in the diaper pail with dirty diapers.  Yeah, that was also annoying.  We bought some cheap baby wash cloths to use for that purpose.  They worked, but I didn’t quite enjoy the experience.

Plus, it seemed rather stupid for me to try to get the excess poo out of the cloth diapers with cloth diaper wipes.  After all, they ended up in the same diaper pail and the same washer.

So I found a way to make the disposable baby wipes work for me.  See, for all of my love of cloth diapering, we aren’t exclusively using them.  We do use disposables for outings and overnights.  And there were some really, really vile poops in those disposables.  I was taking them right outside since the garbage can sits outside our front door.  Then the husband pointed out that summer is coming up, and we’d better find a better way to dispose of them.  So we got a Diaper Genie II Elite.  That is the new home for the disposable diapers when they are no longer fit for Norton’s bum.  It’s also the new disposal unit for the disposable baby wipes that I use when cleaning Norton’s bum or Norton’s poopy diaper.

It’s not exactly the greenest method out there, but you know what?  It really, really works for this lazy mom.

What kind of short cuts have you found to make cloth diapering easier for you?

Originally written April 24, 2010.  It’s amazing how things have changed!  We’ve gone to a diaper sprayer (and will never go back), the Diaper Genie gets used in the bathroom for feminine hygiene products, and disposable wipes are only used on bums on the go.  Oh, and that diaper pail?  It’s also been ditched in favor of a hanging Planet Wise wet/dry bag.  I also switched to microfleece liners instead of using those flushable liners.  Some of the things that I thought were making my cloth diapering career easier were just not.  Sure, they worked at the time, but when you know better, you can do better.

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m always looking for shortcuts and have yet to find a storage solution that works.

  2. I couldn’t live without my diaper sprayer, love it. One of the ways I make cloth diapering easier for me is to have a lot of AIO or Ai2 diapers and less pockets. No stuffing makes less folding time!

  3. I love my diaper sprayer. I did the dunk and swish for over a year before I could get a sprayer, and I will never turn back! Thanks for the other helpful tips also!!

  4. I keep going back and forth over what type of diaper pail or wet bag to use. I think for me it will be easiest to just try both of them and see what works best where! Like you, I like to limit the amount of work I have to do haha

  5. Kris Broyles says:

    Diaper sprayers are awesome! I use liners too, but use the sprayer for the poop that escapes the liner. And theres no mess if you use a Spray Pal!!! It makes spraying no big deal! So easy!

  6. Love this throwback post, especially to see how much things have changed for you. The one shortcut we use is to have disposable wipes for that first wipe of the poopy bum. I have to spray off the diaper, I just don’t want to deal with spraying off the wipes too. I try and wipe his bum with the diaper first, but for really messy poops that doesn’t do much. I figure it amounts to one wipe a day, so I don’t worry about it and it makes my life just a little bit easier.

  7. Stephanie O says:

    I haven’t started using cloth yet, I’m due February 3. I can say daiper liners sounds great. I like hearing how other mamas are cleaning their stashes and making it all work. Like the cloth wipes for example. .. they sound like a great idea but I was wondering what about when they are covered in poo. Did you have to rinse them, store them with the diapers in the diaper pail. Good things to ponder

    • It’s funny, though, because all of those things I *thought* made things easier were things I ended up scrapping. If your baby is EBF, you don’t have to rinse anything. 🙂 Microfleece liners are my preference now over flushable because microfleece is greener and cheaper… and a friend of mine had flushables cause a blockage in her sewage line that cost a few hundred dollars to fix.

  8. Kirsten Rentfrow says:

    Thanks for the thoughts on the diaper pail. I’m torn between using a pail/wet bag liner, or just a large wet/dry bag with a zipper to keep the stink in. Also, as much as diaper liners aren’t that green, I think since I’ll be going back to work full time that I should plan on trying them out to save time and frustration.

  9. This is such an article for me. Thanks a bunch !

  10. This is perfect for me! I’m worried that the thing that will hinder my cloth diapering is the work involved. Definitely funny how things have changed since you originally wrote this:)

  11. It’s nice to see an update–hoping I can use others’ experiences to make some smart choices when I get started in March.

  12. We kept battling ammonia with our night diapers (having to strip them like weekly!). Now we are using disposables at night. I figure one small pack of disposables a month is negligible since I am doing cloth full time during the day. It has saved my sanity and prevented a lot of extra wear and tear on my stash from multiple hot washes and bleaching. I might try night diapering with cloth again, because I am thinking of getting some nice fitteds and putting fleece or wool over them, but for now my Target disposables are getting the job done and I am not getting knocked over by ammonia in the morning.

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