Fearless Toddler Gives Mom a Fright!

Eudora.  She’s sweet.  She’s snuggly.  She’s cuddly and charming.  She’s also a completely and utterly fearless toddler.

For a while now, Eudora has been tearing around the house, climbing and playing.  She’s so very adept at climbing that it has left her totally fearless about getting up or down.  The first time she caused me a mini-stroke was when she decided to climb out of my bed.  My bed is so high that I use an ottoman to help me step into bed.  Eudora decided that she wanted to get down, so she crawled over to the side of the bed, turned around so her feet were dangling over the edge, and slid herself off.  I caught her before she hit the floor.

Fearless Toddler Gives Mom a Fright (Cloth Diaper Addicts)The most consistent display of that irrepressible fearless toddler quality is on the changing table.  She, like most toddlers, hates the diaper change.  It requires staying still and cooperating.  It restricts movement.  In her mind, it just plain sucks.  That means that she takes the most reasonable course of action for a fearless toddler: she tries to slide down, feet first.  Unfortunately, Eudora absolutely does not look when she tries to climb down.  She just slides and expects to land safely.  I’ve always managed to wrestle her back on the table.

The worst, though, was at the park: we decided to take advantage of the long weekend and burn off some of Norton’s obnoxious energy by taking the kids to one of our local parks.  Eudora loves the swings, and it’s the one place that Norton can actually push her and have it be okay.  There are also slides and climbing structures that both kids enjoy.

I didn’t expect Eudora to enjoy the slide.  When Norton was her age, we took him to that same park and he cried when we went down the slide together.  Eudora was already showing her fearless toddler behavior by going down alone and squealing “Whee!” as she slid.  That was surprising… and pretty neat.  It became less cool to watch when she decided to try to climb the large, arching ladder that went to the top platform.  Norton won’t even climb it.  He prefers to stick to the safer rock wall.

Time and time again, Eudora ran to that blue ladder to climb.  I pulled her off repeatedly… and finally decided to just let her go.  She kept going back to it, and I would be right there.  She went.  Every time my fearless toddler pulled herself up on that ladder, I died a little.  I wanted to be a helicopter mom and hover, but bring her to safety before she climbed too much.  I finally contented myself with being extremely close and able to grab her if she got into trouble.  Anything else wasn’t going to stop her.

So she climbed.  And she kept climbing, slowly but surely, clutching her little pink monkey as she went.  When she was pulling herself up to the third rung, she slipped.  I rushed over and grabbed her as she dangled from that rail by her little hands.  I saw a flash of fear in her eyes when I got her down, and she managed to get her little lip bleeding a bit.

In the end, though, she was okay.  That little flash of fear didn’t stay with her, though.  She was still determined to climb any obstacle and wouldn’t let anything stand in her way.

Do you have a fearless toddler?  How do you keep them from getting too badly injured?

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  1. My toddler has also been doing that since about 14 months. Thrilling isn’t it?

    • She’s been doing the rest of it for a while. 14 months sounds about right. But the terror of her trying to climb at the park is a new thing.

  2. Debra Elliott says:

    Kids are daredevils. Mine still is!

  3. Alix St.Amant says:

    My one yo is fearless. It drives me nuts.

  4. Oh man, I know parks are tested to be safe, but I always get nervous when my kids are toddling around & learning how to play on the playground!

  5. Brave! My LO is 3 and I still have a near heart attack every time she climbs the ladder to our swing set. I’m working really hard to give her more independence, but boy is it hard 🙂

  6. Sam [Crunchy Livin Mama Style] says:

    Very much have two fearless toddlers. Not sure how we haven’t had any bad injuries yet!! Lol

  7. My daughter is always scaring me half to death. She is climber, but she is also clumsy like her mother. I am forever telling her to get down, and she is forever covered in boo-boos!

  8. Cat @ TOTS says:

    I can totally relate. I have 1 cautious child and 3 (so far) that are fearless. It is stressful, but luckily now I am getting used to it and haven’t had too many mini-heart attacks recently. Awesome post and adorable little girl!

  9. Karen Hewitt says:

    Fearless toddlers are the scariest. You never know what stunt they are going to pull next!

  10. Emily Murray de Argueta says:

    My fearless toddler taught herself how to climb up and down steps before she even walked!

  11. My second is like this, he started walking at 8 months old and hasn’t stopped getting into trouble since. I actually couldn’t do the playground at all last year because he was 15 months old and threw huge fits when I would take him off of the stuff that was dangerous for him. At least this year at 2 years old he is doing good.

  12. Ashleigh Swerdfeger says:

    lol, my toddler loves slides. At 18 months, he is always trying to climb up it :/. He scares me. He has always been fearless since walking at 8 months. He is always on the go. The only way I can keep him ‘safe’ is to move chairs away from other chairs, shelves, etc, make sure he isn’t walking up stairs by him self and just watch him.

  13. Our son climbs on everything! We have shelving that are on most of our walls in our apartment (they go half way up the wall) and our son decided to climb up onto a rubbermaid container to the shadow box. Luckily I was watching him while doing the dishes and rushed to get him off. He was trying to turn around on it and he def couldn’t do that without falling. I moved the container and placed his back up car seat there instead…the next thing I knew he was back up onto the shadowbox. UGH! He is fearless

  14. I admire your attempt to give your daughter her independence. Our son hasn’t gotten to that stage yet, but he already likes to get himself into trouble via rolling, so I’m sure he will be a handful once he starts toddling.

  15. My toddler is also a daredevil. I just have to keep a close eye on her. I do let her take risks, and sometimes she does get hurt. But she usually learns to be more careful next time!
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