FuzziBunz One Size, Elite, and 2013 Elite – What’s the Difference?

In the three and a half years I’ve been cloth diapering, I’ve watched some changes to the design on FuzziBunz.  Since I started out with FuzziBunz one size diapers, they’ve been a regular staple in my cloth diaper stash.  I’ve bought each new and improved version of FuzziBunz even if it’s just for no other reason than to compare how the design has changed over the different versions.  Locally, I’ve become the FuzziBunz guru since I can tell at a glance what version is being offered on our local community swap page.

Once you know the differences, it’s pretty easy.

FuzziBunz One Size, Elite, and 2013: What's the Difference?! (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

FuzziBunz One Size

FuzziBunz One Size diaper came out sometime in 2008 or 2009.  They were a pretty revolutionary diaper: the shell was based on their popular Perfect Size Medium diaper, but had more snaps for adjustability… including that oh-so-important hip snap.  The FuzziBunz diaper also had the adjustable buttonhole elastic that was accessible without turning the diaper inside out.  I loved that FuzziBunz One Size buttonhole elastic was numbered.  It made for easy adjustment on getting all of Norton’s diapers set the same.

The FuzziBunz One Size also came with two microfiber inserts: a newborn size for when baby was wee and a larger size for when baby was bigger (and therefore wetting more).  Additionally, the FuzziBunz One Size included a spare pair of numbered buttonhole elastic.  Initially, I found it to be irritating because that meant I had to not lose them.  Fortunately, I threw them in a drawer in the nursery and they remained safely stored until I needed them.

FuzziBunz Elite

FuzziBunz Elite diapers came out in 2011 or early 2012.  I bought one in Cotton Candy for Eudora shortly after we were home from the hospital because I had a girl, darn it, and I wanted pink diapers for her little bottom.  The FuzziBunz Elite had some design changes that were meant to be pretty darned amazing.  The snap configuration was a bit different, but it still had three snaps on the front tab.

The FuzziBunz Elite diapers were significantly smaller in cut than the original FuzziBunz One Size diaper.  This was great because it meant that they fit Eudora quite well when she was still tiny, and they were exceptionally trim.  At the same time, though, they didn’t fit my two year old Norton as well as the originals.  The sizing would have been phenomenal if FuzziBunz had gone with a two stage system similar to that of AppleCheeks and Thirsties.

The FuzziBunz Elite still came with two inserts, but now the inserts were minky instead of microfiber.  This was beneficial because minky was less prone to stink than microfiber.  The diapers also still had the adjustable leg holes with numbered buttonhole elastic, but now the diapers needed to be turned inside out.  This was great because that would mean no more buttons touching baby’s skin.  On the downside, though, the minky was less absorbent than the original FuzziBunz One Size microfiber inserts… and the new FuzziBunz Elite diapers were too narrow for the old FuzziBunz One Size inserts to fit.

Some of these design flaws led FuzziBunz back to the drawing board… and that brought us the latest incarnation.

FuzziBunz 2013 Elite

The FuzziBunz 2013 Elite diapers were meant to overcome all objections that consumers had to the original FuzziBunz Elites.  The minky wasn’t well-received, so the FuzziBunz 2013 Elite diapers were microfiber inserts.  Parents were asking for replacement buttonhole elastic because they lost the original ones, so the new 2013 Elite no longer included spares.  Parents didn’t care for the FuzziBunz Elite being so trim that it didn’t last through toddlerhood… so the new FuzziBunz 2013 Elite diaper was even wider than the original FuzziBunz One Size.  I really love the PUL that they’ve used on the new 2013 version.  It’s not sticky at all, so it’s easier to stuff.

What did they keep?  The two inserts remained, and so did the three snaps on the tabs.  The diapers stayed adjustable through the leg holes, and the diapers still needed to be turned inside out so no snap would press into baby’s skin.  The button hole elastics are, unfortunately, no longer numbered.  It makes it a little more of a hassle when adjusting a lot of diapers.  It requires a bit more thought, but it’s not a deal breaker.

FuzziBunz at a Glance

Are you looking at some FuzziBunz on your local cloth diaper community group?  Here’s how you can tell your FuzziBunz apart in a hurry.

FuzziBunz One Size FuzziBunz Elite FuzziBunz 2013
inserts 2 microfiber 2 minky 2 microfiber
numbered button hole elastic yes yes no
spare elastic yes yes no
hidden elastic no yes yes
top row of snaps 8 8 10
bottom row of snaps 8 6 6
crotch width 5 + 3/4 inches 5 + 1/2 inches 6 + 1/8 inches
FuzziBunz One Size vs Elite Elastic (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

The original FuzziBunz One Size had an exposed button for adjustment. Both Elite versions have the elastic hidden.

FuzziBunz snap configurations: Top - One Size Center - Elite Bottom - 2013 Elite

FuzziBunz snap configurations:
Top – One Size
Center – Elite
Bottom – 2013 Elite

Where to Buy FuzziBunz 2013 Elite

The FuzziBunz One Size and original FuzziBunz Elite are now only available from individuals (unless you happen to luck into a shop that has your preferred version stashed somewhere), but you can buy the FuzziBunz 2013 Elite at a number of locations: CozyBums (Canada), Diaper Junction (US/Canada), Lagoon Baby (US/Canada), Nicki’s Diapers (US/Canada)


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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Thanks for the comparisons! I have wanted to try the FuzziBunz, but when I asked around my kid’s playgroup (a few of the moms have one of these), no one could give me an answer 🙂

  2. I have an elite, really like it. Haven’t tried the 2013 version though. I like the trimness of the original elite. Not sure I’ll get more with the new design, seems that it is now as big as some of my other one-size which are much bulkier on your average 12 month old.

    • Honestly, though, if you’re objecting to the bulk of OS diapers, have you considered trying sizes? Unless your daughter is really petite, it’s doubtful that the previous Elites will last her to potty training. I have doubts about them working on Eudora, and she’s still wearing 12 month pants at 18 months… with room to spare in the waist.

  3. Kareen Liez says:

    Good comparison! This is indeed an informative article about cloth diapers.

  4. Kylie Worthington says:

    Thanks for laying this out! I haven’t tried FuzziBunz but I hear so many good things… They have so many options so it’s nice to get info on where to start.

  5. Nice comparison. these photos are so helpful!

  6. This actually really annoys me that fuzzi bunz did this. Usually a company changes some small things when they update a diaper, example Bumgenius 3.0 to 4.0. Fuzzi Bunz drastically changed the sizing of the diaper, it’s crazy IMO. I had liked the old one size and used them as a staple in my stash. I then bought a few new elites to try and quickly sold them off because they are SO small! I won’t even try the new one, tired of all the changes.

    • I loved the original OS, myself. There’s only one change on the Elites that I think are fantastic, and that’s the hidden elastics. Norton used to get marks on his legs from the buttons on the original OS.

  7. Twingle Mommy says:

    Great comparisons! As someone who knows nothing about cloth diapers, I find all the different types very overwhelming.

  8. kSquaredGlamour says:

    i keep thinking about cloth diapering so its great when i come across info that i learn more about them 🙂

  9. Missy Homemaker says:

    This is great information! We’re way past the diaper stage here, but I’ll be happy to share this.

  10. Great comparisons, thank you! Cloth diapers can be confusing to me, there are so many types/styles, thank you for the great information!

  11. This is so exciting because I have a feeling I am a cloth diaper addict. Maybe this blog helps me realize this? HAHA I live on a Thai island and we are doing cloth diapering which you can believe has its challenges. I have one Fuzzi Bunz because it was not so easy to get my hands on them but I would love to try out the Elite. If I will ever live in the States or Canada…

    • I know it’s quite a bit harder out there! But on the bright side, at least you’ve probably got access to some really adorable WAHM diapers from Australia?

  12. I have yet to try a fuzzibunz and perhaps it’s a color issue, but the newest one just looks big and generic, like it could be any brand (just looking at the top photo anyway). But I’m new to all this and starting with a 2 year old!

    • To be fair, though, the new one is white. So, yeah, I think it’s just a color issue. The shape is still the same classic FuzziBunz shape. It’s just a little bit bigger.

  13. Julie Ghrist says:

    I had the Fuzzibunz with the sticky PUL and it was so hard to stuff them! I did love how narrow they were between the legs. I don’t like when they are too wide between the legs. I had no problem with the minky tho. I stopped using pockets all together now. I am so tired of stuffing diapers. I just use prefolds and covers these days. Simple!

  14. This is a really helpful comparison. I have a bunch of Elites that I don’t use until they’re all that’s left because I find the crotch too narrow and it’s such a pain to stuff. Based on your description, I’d give the new ones a chance though. It sounds like they’ve fixed the issues.

  15. Ashleigh Swerdfeger says:

    Wow, great chart! Fuzzibunz are so cute and I have heard many good things about them. It is good that they have tried to correct all the previous concerns.

  16. Hannah Avery says:

    I never tried the Elites, but I LOVE my Fuzzi Bunz OS diaper. I really liked the narrow crotch, and I really wouldn’t have changed anything about it, but I haven’t tried the 2013 version either, so maybe I will like it!

    -Hannah Avery


  17. Heather Miles says:

    I know that there are just SOO many different cloth diapers out there but it would be nice to have some of the different companies compared like this also. It would really helpful to the Newbies to cloth diapering or the ones looking into it.

  18. One Southern Girl says:

    I heard Fuzzibunz was making changes, but I hadn’t seen a photo comparison like yours… (actually any comparison!). We got some of FB’s perfect size seconds when we started cloth diapering our special needs little guy: some worked, others didn’t. He probably wouldn’t fit into an Elite, but I’d still love to try one… Hmm, maybe I can borrow a friend’s baby. 🙂

    • Depends on the Elite! If he’s tiny enough, he’d fit into an original Elite. If he’s a big guy, the 2013s might be perfect. 🙂

  19. The Guru has spoken! What a great comparison chart! Very helpful!
    Amber recently posted…“A Newborn Collective” Giveaway EventMy Profile

  20. jennifer laur says:

    the 2008-09 one size diapers were my favorite (BUT i haven’t tried the newest elites). they fit my son like a dream and were trim enough to be worn under jeans. the first edition of the elites drove me crazy with that sticky PUL, they were such a pain to stuff. i’ve heard fantastic things about the newest elites, and i would love to get my hands on some!

  21. This is a amazing comparison!!! I am a retailer (to Fuzzibunz one size Elites) and have tried the new 2013, 2012 and the older 2011 version of the one size Elites. I would add one thing that I loved the fleece in my opinion is so much softer seems more durable in . All the new colors are made with the new 2013 fleece that I am in love with. There are more changes to come all positive in the Fuzzibunz world all positive:) There new 90 day money back guaranty that started October 8, 2013 is a really nice bonus to let you try the new fit.

  22. The Fuzzibunz elite is my hardest diaper to stuff, I’m really glad to hear they made improvements – I love their perfect size diapers!

  23. This is a nice comparison. Somewhere someone should keep track of the differences between diapers from different companies and diapers from the same company.

  24. Thank you for this comparison! I was so confused when a new FB I ordered looked so very different from the 14 that I had bought a year before and fell in love with! I absolutely love the elites, my daughter potty-trained at 22 months and they still had room to spare. Love the fit, the numbered buttonholes and the colors. Looks like I’ll be holding on to these in case there’s a baby #2, would hate to CD without them!

  25. Heather Perlis says:

    Thank you for the analysis. We have FB made in both China and Turkey, purchased new from 2 retailers. We de-tagged and washed all but didn’t notice a difference until we were re-stuffing them. So, we went to the tags sewn inside of the FBs themselves and discovered that we had not 2 but 3 different versions of the FBs. Unfortunately, I threw away all of the packaging, keeping only one for the purpose of having the recommended elastic adjustments for the waist and thighs.

    So, my question is…

    Does anyone have information on adjusting the elastic for all 3 versions? The one that I kept lists the following:

    7-18 pounds waist 3 thighs 4
    14-30 pounds waist 3 thighs 3
    30 pounds + waist 2 thighs 2

    I know that these are guidelines but it would be helpful to know if this has changed for each version. Thanks in advance.

    • I *think* they list it the same, but honestly, because of how the elastics stretch, you may never actually need to adjust. 😛

  26. Juleen Kenney says:

    Is it possible that there is another version you have not included? I have some FB OS diapers that I purchased used in 2012 that have numbered elastic, visible buttons, 10 snaps on top and 6 on bottom, and are significantly wider in the front and back than my diapers that are labeled as elites. It doesn’t seem to match any of your descriptions!

    • Nope, I’ve included every version. It sounds like you’ve got 2013’s, which doesn’t match the timeline.

  27. I didn’t know that fuzzibunz had adjustable leg hole elastic, that seems handy. Thank you for another great comparison post.

  28. Very helpful. Thank you.


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