Giving Cloth Diaper Wipes Another Chance #Throwback

I’m trying harder to go for more green parenting initiatives in my home.  I’ve tried cloth diaper wipes before, and found them to be just too gross at that time.  Well, I’ve decided to give them another shot.  After all, I’m already doing the laundry to wash cloth diapers, anyway.  So, really, it’s not like the cloth diaper wipes would be more work, right?

Well, here’s being optimistic.

Giving Cloth Diaper Wipes Another Chance (Cloth Diaper Addicts)A few months ago, I bought an extra pack of baby wash cloths to use for cloth diaper wipes.  For some reason, though, I just absolutely could not get into the swing of it.  Maybe it’s because at that point, I was still fairly grossed out by a poopy diaper or something.  I don’t know what it was, but it was just too ick for words.

After that, I went back to using disposable baby wipes.  I would take the flushable liner and the pile of wipes generated from cleaning Norton’s bum, wrap them up in another disposable liner that I used to make a pile on, and then throw them all in the Diaper Genie.

Probably not my finest hour of green parenting, but, well, it was where I was at the time.  But now, I’m interested in cutting expenses, because a lot of the time, green parenting can match up with cheap parenting.  If I can save money and potentially help the environment at the same time, then, hey, why not?

I have my bucket that the Huggies diaper wipes come in (and I’ve never used because I have a wipe warmer).  I put some water in that to wet down the cloth diaper wipes, and, well, I guess I’ll give them a go the next time Norton has a poopy diaper.  At least, if it’s a poopy diaper that’s cloth.  If it’s a poopy diaper and a Huggies brand diaper, then I’ll be more than happy to use the disposable wipes with the disposable diaper.  After all, I still have a whole bunch of the disposable diapers and the disposable wipes.  I don’t think it’s any greener to use them if I already have them than it would be just to throw the unused ones out.

At least, that’s my theory, anyway.  Have you tried cloth diaper wipes?  How did it work for you?

Originally written August 10, 2010.  Update:  Much has changed since then.  We use primarily cloth diaper wipes on Eudora’s bum.  We use those wipes in the wipe warmer.  This also helped Norton be less inclined to kick me in the face when he was anti-bum changes.  I have to be honest, though: there’s no way I’d have used cloth diaper wipes without a diaper sprayer to rinse the poopy ones off.  That was, I think, a huge part of why it never stuck early on.  I still use disposable wipes, though: they’re a great handi-wipe when we’re out and about, plus I can just put them in the travel container and forget them until I need to use them.

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Hannah Solbach says:

    I love my cloth wipes! I’ve actually noticed that pretty much every kind of disposable wipe that I use on my daughter eventually begins to cause a rash, but my cloth wipes keep her bottom clear. I use a mixture of water and baby shampoo for my cloth wipes. Works wonderfully.

  2. I much prefer my cloth wipes, I find I need to use a lot less of them to get baby clean:)

  3. I didn’t start out with cloth wipes but it didn’t take me long to get on board. I got tired of having to find somewhere to throw the wipe away. I think it’s easier to just roll them up along with the diaper. I find that they work much better, too. When we moved cross country we used disposables for the trip and I had to use so many more disposable wipes for one poo.

    • I must be the only one that uses more cloth wipes than sposies for poo. I rinse the wipes, so I don’t fold over like I do on sposies. I really don’t want to touch poo when I rinse them. Do you rinse your wipes?

  4. Our first will be here in Dec, but we plan on using cloth dipes and wipes right from the beginning. I figure if I don’t get in the habit of disposable anything then it will be that much easier. Will definitely keep in mind your comment about spraying the wipes off with the sprayer!

  5. Sarah Black says:

    We used cloth for a bit when my son was first born and had issues with his circ healing (whole other issue… don’t get me started!)… and I actually really liked it. Even after switching to regular wipes, I even used *gasp* actual cloths to clean up messes, right up until the point where I was endlessly buying disposables wipes for daycare, Nana’s house, etc…(about 1 year with my first). Then, I just had so many on hand, and it was so easy/brainless to grab them, especially out and about, that I just continued using them. Lately, I’ve been thinking of switching back. I cannot bring myself to spend money on “real” wipes, but we have a huge stash still of the dollar store ones we used on my son, and I think, at least while I’m home on mat leave still, I’ll use them for a bit on my second and save at least a teeny bit, where I can. No one’s gonna be perfectly green, all of the time, but every little bit helps, right? 🙂 Not to mention, it’s such a pain to remember to separate out the disposable wipes from the reusable diaper after the change, much easier to just mindlessly toss it all in the wet bag 😉

  6. I bought some cloth wipes the other day and am excited to no longer waste money disposable! 🙂 May buy here and there for when babysitter comes, but that is pretty rare occasion.

  7. Amber Mueller says:

    I didn’t even hesitate, I dove right in to cloth wipes 🙂 I really love the bububebe wipes, they’re cotton velour. Now that’s added comfort on the bum!

  8. Raven Jackson says:

    I am still on the edge about clothe wipes we are going to make the leap next week and then we will be an all cloth household.

  9. Maggie Fout says:

    We use cloth at home and disposable on the go.

  10. I’ve tried cloth wipes but they always end up giving my baby a diaper rash. I know it isn’t my solution because I used the same ones to make wipes with paper towel.

  11. Amberbamber5 says:

    I love you rationalizing. You could always donate the disposable diapers and wipes to the food bank or any charity that helps out low income moms! 😛

  12. I have used both–both gross me out– but I really think being the green is probably the better way to go, so many more pluses to that–Donations is a great idea–or in the baby rooms at church , it always seems when I get in there I always forget something I needed from home and it sure helps out alot

  13. I think I’m going to try disposable wipes but I can totally see being grossed out by it! I hope it works for me!

  14. Ashleigh Swerdfeger says:

    I have never used cloth diapers. I really want to! I just haven’t got around to buying any yet. It doesn’t add much when you cloth anyway. I do agree, that regular wipes are very convenient.

  15. I’m nervous about using cloth wipes too, but I’d like to be as green as possible. I haven’t started cloth diapering yet (first is not yet born) but I think I’ll try starting out with cloth wipes in the newborn stage, when things are not quite as icky yet. Maybe by the solid food/icky stage it’ll become second nature!

  16. We used cloth wipes from day one, actually even before we used cloth diapers! I love my cloth wipes and have found that my son tends to be more rashy if we use disposable wipes.

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