Little Love Buns Review

Little Love Buns Review-

I received a product free to facilitate this review.

Little Lovey Buns is a WAHM business.  They sell detergent, cloth wipes, wet bags, nursing pads, wipe bits, and cloth diapers.  Dallas (the owner) prides herself on making almost all of her products herself.  I received a bag of her detergent in the Lavender Vanilla scent.  For your information, I have pretty hard well water and use Calgon with the detergent.  I used two or one and a half scoopfuls, depending on how large a load I’m doing.  (I use a bumGenius scoop, which I think is about two tablespoons, so that makes it four tablespoons. This is an estimate.)

The Scent

The Lavender Vanilla scent is pretty sweet.  I smell the vanilla more strongly than the lavender.  It’s not overpowering.  While your clothes are washing, I thought the smell was really subtle, easily overpowered if your diapers are pretty stinky.  The scent washes out very easily, and didn’t leave anything behind.


I used this detergent for a few weeks and did not have any problems.  No build up or stinkies.  It rinses clean, my children haven’t had any reactions to it, and most importantly, it cleans the diapers!  Yes, there is staining, but I have personally yet to come across a detergent that gets out all poop stains.   But I love me a detergent that doesn’t cause build up and cleans my diapers.


I’m going to keep using this detergent.  It works great (even on regular clothes) and smells pretty good.  And you gotta admit, Little Love Buns logo is pretty cute!

Check out Little Love Buns on Facebook and go to the website to browse and purchase detergent or whatever else catches your eye.


  1. Anne Sweden says:

    Lavender Vanilla sounds wonderful! And I also love a scent that doesn’t linger too long. “Fresh and clean” is what I want to smell.


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