Spark of Amber Review

Spark of Amber Review-

Spark of Amber is growing quickly and when you see their necklaces they sell at very competitive prices, it’s no wonder.  These are very pretty necklaces.   You can read about the business in my Small Business Saturday spotlight.

These are beautiful necklaces.  All the amber comes from Lithuania, mostly from small Businesses.  Each necklace is knotted in between each bead, so if it breaks, you won’t lose a lot of them.  But the cord seems really sturdy, so I really don’t see that happening.  The amber comes in different colors.  I received a firefly teething necklace to review.  The beads are raw amber nuggets in a lovely earthy reddish color.  I love the color.  I think it looks very nice on Little Man.  I tried to put it on Sister, but she wouldn’t wear it.  I’m skinny enough that I can wear it as a choker or bracelet (wrapped twice around).  The clasp is a screw in, so you have to use two hands to open it.  No getting this baby off without both hands (at least without breaking it).  It seems like the little screw would break pretty easily if you needed it too (it’s plastic).  You can see in the picture above what it looks like on Little Man.  Isn’t he adorable?  Each necklace also comes in its own little cloth bag, which is great because you can use it to protect the necklace when you’re not wearing it.


Spark of Amber Review clasp-

Amber is said to have anti-inflammatory properties and to help teething babies.  I honestly don’t know about this. Little Man isn’t teething yet (I think), so we aren’t able to put that to the test.  While I was pregnant, my wrist did ache and after wearing the necklace as a bracelet for a day, the aching did diminish.  I didn’t take anything, but I can’t say whether the amber really helped or not.  Needless to say, you should always supervise your youngster when they are wearing the necklace, and remove it when they are sleeping.

Go and check out Spark of Amber’s website.  Then check out the Facebook page and follow on Twitter.  They have more than just necklaces and bracelets.  They also have pendants and earrings.  You can also find them on Pinterest and Etsy.  Go check them out and show them some love!

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