TushMate Cloth Diaper Review

TushMate® One-Fits-All™ System is a very versatile and easy to use cloth diapering system.  It’s super adaptable to your needs of the moment.  This diaper can do it all!  You can use it like an all in one, snap in two, hybrid, cover and insert, or even a pocket diaper.  I received a starter kit plus a long insert to review and these are my own opinions.  I know I probably sound like an a commercial, but this diaper is soooo easy to use and so adaptable.

You can purchase a starter kit, separate pieces, or a package.  The cover comes with one liner, long inserts are sold individually with your choice of organic cotton or an organic cotton/hemp blend, short inserts come in packages of two with organic cotton/hemp being the only choice, and you can purchase extra liners in a five pack.  TushMate® covers are available with either hook and loop or snaps, and come in three colors: blue, orange, and brown.  Here’s my take on the TushMate® One-Fits-All system.

TushMate® Cover

The cover is a polyester PUL, but it feels different from other covers I have used.  It’s got a slippery, silky feel to it that I like.  I think it’s pretty good quality.  After searching two years to find a reputable fabric manufacturer, it ought to be good quality!  It comes in either hook and loop or snaps.  The snaps have two rows of snaps across the waist.  The hook and loop (which I chose) is really soft, but it grabs on really strong.  There are two flaps on the inside which have the snaps you attach their inserts to.  You can just tuck an insert into the flaps if you want to.  The covers have four rise settings, so you’re sure to get a good fit.  It will not fit most newborns unless you have a chunky baby.  The leg holes were too large to fit Little Man until he was about ten pounds.  It did fit around the waist.  The covers come only in blue, orange, or brown.  I love the orange color.  It’s more of a reddish orange, not a bright orange.  I love the snaps on the inside, because they’re small, flat, and covered, so they don’t dig into baby’s skin.

TushMate® Inserts

TushMate® inserts are all natural fibers (which I love).  You have a choice of either 100% organic cotton or an organic cotton/hemp blend.  Both are a fleece, so they’re fuzzy soft.  There are two types of inserts- shorts (sold in packs of two and only in the cotton/hemp blend) and longs (sold individually and in organic cotton and organic cotton/hemp blend).  I have one of each pack, with my longs being organic cotton.  These are really trim inserts, but they are pretty absorbent.  They wash clean easily.

I have stacked all three for nighttime and didn’t have any leaks on my girl (she’s not a heavy wetter, she can wear a toddler prefold for about 12 hours and it’ll only be half wet).  I haven’t been brave enough to try it with my six week old, because he drowns his nighttime diapers (hemp, bamboo, cotton, we’re talking really heavy wetter!).

On one end of the inserts, there are two snaps for snapping into the cover.  I couldn’t get a good picture of the insert snaps unfortunately.  I love that you have the option of snapping the inserts in, laying them in, or tucking them under the flaps.  These inserts are pretty awesome.

TushMate® Liner


The liner for the TushMate® diaper is made of polyester and gives baby the stay dry effect of a pocket diaper.  It has snaps on the four corners and elastic on the sides.  It works pretty well to hold poop in and the poop sprays off easily.  Mine has not stained yet.  I’m finding that to prevent build up on it (which happens very quickly on pocket diapers for me), I have to rinse it an extra time separately from the rest of the diapers, which isn’t really a problem since I’m doing it with some other diapers.  I like that you can use it like a pocket diaper with whatever insert you want.


I love all the options that you have with the TushMate® One-Fits-All™ System.  It seems confusing at first, but it really is easy to use.  You could have a stash of just TushMate®, with the versatility of a cloth diaper stash with a little bit of everything.  The hardest part is deciding how you want to use it!  I save this diaper for when we go out because it’s so trim and easy to use.  I snap everything together beforehand, pack it, and slap it on baby when she or he needs a change on the go.  What more can you ask for in a cloth diaper? One sized, so many options, trim, and absorbent!

If this sounds like a diaper you’d like to try, you can order from their site.  Check them out on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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