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I received a product in exchange for my honest opinion.  My opinions may be different from yours.

I wish I would have had a couple of Undercover Mamas and some nursing bras with my first two children.  They have made nursing my newborn in public so much more comfortable!  Even nursing at home is easier and warmer.  Personally, I prefer to cover up when I’m nursing in public.  I just feel more comfortable that way.

Wearing the Undercover Mama

I wore my Undercover Mama tank the day I came home for the hospital after giving birth to my son and it was so easy to hook into my regular bra.  I love that the tank has two ways that you can hook it onto a bra.  You can either attach it to the bra straps of a regular bra, or you can use the stretchy loop to hook it onto a nursing bra.

I normally love to layer tank tops under my other shirts and the Undercover Mama tank with lace trim looks so adorable peeking out from under casual shirts or dressy shirts.  While I was pregnant, I could fit my tank top over my belly but it was too tight for comfort.  I wear this tank just about every day.  With the cool weather we’re having this summer, my tank keeps my middle warm while providing easy access for Little Man to eat.  Regular tanks I’ve found that I have to slip the strap down over my shoulder in order to nurse and it’s rather a pain, especially when I’m wearing a shirt over it.  With Undercover Mama tanks, I only have to either unclip the clasp on my nursing bra or unhook the tank from my regular bra when it’s  time to breastfeed.  Convenient!


Size-wise, I got an extra small with lace, and it fits pretty well.  I’m six feet tall and pretty thin and this tank is more than long enough for me.  It comes almost halfway down my hips.  I would like to try a small, because the extra small is pretty snug and rides up.  But my hips are pretty wide after having three kids, so it probably can’t be helped.  But I do like having the tank snug because it looks better under figure skimming tops.  The lace around the bottom adds about two inches, but I think the top would have been long enough without it.  Mine still looks great even with heavy use.


Overall, Undercover Mama tanks are awesome!  They’re comfortable and easy to use.  For those who don’t like showing their middles or who don’t want to be cold, these are must-haves.  I really love that they can be used with either a nursing or regular bra.  Mine will be getting lots of use after I’m done nursing.

You can order one for yourself from the Undercover Mama website.  Check them out on Facebook.

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