5 Tips for Bath Time (And a Review)

I have to admit- Little Man does not like bath time.  So I figured out a great bath time routine.  Now the time I give him a bath varies, because I really do have to catch him when he’s in a good mood if I don’t want him screaming bloody murder.  So here are my tips for making bath time easier on you and baby:

1.  Catch baby in a good mood.

This is almost a no-brainer, but I just can’t repeat it enough.  If you want baby to enjoy bath time, you gotta get him when he’s happy and content.  A good time is when the belly is full and he’s still awake.

2.  Give baby a bath in a baby tub or a sink.

My girl used to love getting baths in the sink.  She thought they were awesome.  Sometimes I would give her a bath in the kitchen sink while dinner was cooking.  She loved it.  My point is to give baby a bath where they feel comfortable.  Little Man feels most comfortable in a sink just like his sister.  I like the Blooming Bath.  They’re soft and they keep baby from banging their head on the edge of the sink.  I wish they made them bigger so I could use one to take a bath.  Of course, you should always stay with your baby when they’re getting a bath.

3.  Use gentle soap without a bunch of unnecessary crap.

I’ve been going through our toiletry items and eliminating stuff that may be hazardous to our health as much as I can, Little Man’s wash included.  Which is why when Little Twig offered me the chance to try their Extra Mild Unscented Baby Wash in exchange for a review, I jumped at the chance.  I love it!  It has none of the bad stuff.  No pthalates, sulfates, parabens, or wheat, soy, or nuts.  Allergen free.  Yes! {fist pump in the air}  With a pump top, I can keep one hand on Little Man. And all you smell when you pick that sweet baby up to dry them off is that clean baby scent.

4.  Give baby a bath when you want them to take a nice, long nap.

Apparently, taking a bath wears Little Man right out.  He always sleeps really good afterwards.  So I like to give him one either at night, or when I need to get something done.  It’s worked like a charm almost every time, whether he was screaming his head off or not.

5.  Give baby a massage with lotion after the bath.

Little Man really enjoys getting massaged after his bath.  I think that’s part of why he sleeps so good after a bath.  I use another product I received from Little Twig to massage him with, their Extra Mild Unscented Baby Lotion (another product I got to review at no charge to me).  It doesn’t contain any of the bad stuff either.  And honestly, I use it for myself too. I use it on my face and after I shave my legs.  It works great to keep our skin soft and hydrated.  It absorbs very quickly.  Even Sister likes using it.

I definitely don’t claim to be an expert on babies, but I’d like to think that I’ve learned a few things being the mother to three.  It’s either adapt or be driven crazy. 🙂

To Purchase

Little Twig has a really adorable website.  They have scented products as well.  All of their stuff is safe for baby.  Right now they’re running a promotion where if you buy one of their products, they will send you a pack of seeds to plant to save the bees.

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