Eczema Rash and Cloth Diapering

I never, ever thought that I would come across something with Eudora that could threaten our cloth diapering lifestyle.  Ever.  She’s not a heavy wetter like Norton, so there was never an issue with finding an overnight cloth diapering solution.  Best Bottom actually work just fine for her overnight.  Then, of course, we ran into the diaper rash that never ends.  Ever.  If not for perseverance and dedication, eczema rash might have just licked me.

How did we end up with an eczema rash on her little bum?

Well, two months ago, Eudora ended up with a yeast diaper rash that was related to teething.  She just ended up with massive, wicked acid burn on her bum from those horrid teething poops.  Then it started to bleed, no matter how much I slathered on coconut oil.  Letting her go diaper-free didn’t work… especially since she does not stop to pee, so I would be using the carpet cleaner on a six foot long swath of carpet.  Even caving in and using Boudreaux’s Butt Paste and sposies didn’t do the trick.  It ended up being yeast.

Anyone who has ever dealt with a yeast diaper rash knows: yeast is a beast.Eczema Rash and Cloth Diapering (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

We did the diaper stripping, the prescription creams, and finally gentian violet.  The rash never completely cleared up.  I kept taking her back to the doctor… and finally the doctor suggested that this wasn’t yeast anymore.  He was right.  The rash wasn’t in folds or crevices.  The teething poops led to a rash, which became a yeast rash… and then all of that irritation brought us to an eczema rash on her tush.

You’d think that at this point, I’d either just plain give up on cloth or I’d be causing my daughter to suffer needlessly.  It turns out that I’ve found ways to deal with it.  It’s ways that keep the rash at bay, even if it’s not completely healed up.

Eczema Rash Overnight

Her little bum will have days where it’s very nearly clear and I can just use a cloth diaper overnight with some hydrocortisone or coconut oil.  Then there are days when the eczema rash has run rampant: her little bum is very nearly the same color as hamburger meat.  On those days, I pull out a disposable diaper and coat her bottom in Vaseline petroleum jelly before bed.  As much as I hate to cave in and use disposables, her little bottom does look better in the morning.  Plain ol’  Vaseline works better than Aquaphor on her eczema rash, which includes petroleum jelly as an ingredient.

Disposable Wipes are Evil

Sure, there used to be times that I would run out of cloth wipes in the wipe warmer and forget to refill it.  When those times happened, I’d just pull out some disposable wipes in a bucket.  I can’t really do that now, as the alcohol in those wipes dry the skin out.  Considering eczema is basically excessively dry skin, that certainly does not help soothe her little rear.  It’s got to be cloth diaper wipes and water, maybe with a quick spray of Thirsties Booty Luster if her bum smells like bum, then finished off with patting her bottom dry with a cotton velour wipe.  Then it’s time to dab on whatever cream I’m using.

Microfleece Liners Save

Sure, I’ve written about how microfleece liners can save diapers from whatever crap gets thrown at them.  Microfleece liners have been a complete necessity since Eudora’s rear went insane.  She gets a microfleece liner every time because of the fact that I do frequently use hydrocortisone or other medical creams on her bottom.  It’s a complete win: her bum is kept drier and I’ve had no issues with repelling or build up.

Change Often

By the time a toddler hits Eudora’s age, you can go longer between changes because they generally pee more at once instead of near constant little dribbles.  (However, in light of our results of going diaper free for her, I’m not sure if that’s the case with my princess.)  Between the moisture and that there are days that she’ll have four or five teething poops, changing her any time I can catch her only helps the situation.  That she’s taken up hiding when she poops doesn’t make that easier.

Have you ever dealt with a diaper rash that ended up being eczema?


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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Shalaina S says:

    My two year old has eczema on her bottom, but not completely to the point of it being a rash. A few weeks ago it had flared to rash proportions, and there is slight scarring from her scratching (at the time we were going diaperless for potty training). I gave her oatmeal baths and a little hydrocortisone and it cleared back up to normal (the regular eczema/somewhat dry skin).

  2. Poor thing! This post is extremely helpful b/c I know that rashes send me into a panic. Thankfully, they don’t happen very often, but finding the right solution can often take days to weeks to figure out…
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  3. We thankfully did NOT suffer ezcema on the bottom, but this is a great resource for all of those many who ask about it! I stripped my diapers a lot and we did change often, so maybe that helped in combatting it, since my son had really sensitive skin. 🙂

  4. These are great tips! Our little guy has moderate to severe eczema and it’s on most of his body. I read that eczema isn’t supposed to strike the diaper area- but, YES it does. We alternate between fitted cloth diapers and disposables overnight. I usually end up using two disposables in a week and it does help. I also changed detergents until I found one that was extremely mild, vegan, and completely unscented, and it definitely reduced irritation. Good luck- I’m struggling along with you!

  5. We have fought our fair share of rashes in our time but not eczema. After a bazillion trials and errors it seems that the majority of our rashes are due to acidic poo and we have fought yeast a few times. Ugh.

    Funny enough, I wrote a post yesterday about rashes but haven’t published it yet. Great minds, my dear 🙂
    Regan recently posted…Are Natural and Biodegradable Disposable Diapers Really Better for the Environment?My Profile

  6. Yep, I’m right there with you. We had a rash that the doc thought was yeast but now I know was just eczema. Unfortunately, my son reacted violently to the yeast treatment that I stupidly put him through twice on advice of the doctor. After two chemical burns that took a month to heal we now struggle with an eczema rash on a daily basis. Instead of being on my son’s bottom it’s on his front. We almost never use disposables, but like you fleece liners are my best friend. We deal with the rash and the eczema on the rest of his body by doing weekly oatmeal soaks, slathering him head to toe with Aveeno eczema cream after the nightly bath, using cetaphil soap and only washing the face, hand, and diaper area with the “nonsoap” daily, and then using Grandma Els as a barrier cream nightly. When his rash is flaring rather than Grandma Els I put hydrocortisone on prior to the Aveeno and then finish with a hearty smear of Calmoseptine. At hone we use cloth wipes and water, but at daycare they use Pampers sensitive wipes. They are not great, but they are the best we have found. Also I can’t use Tide but Rockin Green seems to not irritate him too badly. I’m determined to stick it out, but it’s a constant struggle to keep that eczema rash at bay. Oh, and we too do the velour wipe pat down at every diaper change, even at daycare. Nice to know I’m not alone in this!

  7. I;m not sure about eczema, but my little guy has very sensitive skin. When he is teething, his bum gets so red! This past week, he developed a rash on his legs, I think it was from an too tight diaper and pants, but it is awful. It would not go away. I had to give him many baths and put on a lot of lotion.
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  8. I have the same just now and at daycare she says to give him a candida treatment! I am not quite sure, as this only just startet as he startet daycare and at the same time teehting really badly with first mollars. She overzinked my little boy, which only made it worse, so I turned to good old boiled(and cooled of) pieces of cotton fabric to his skin between him, fleece liner and the cloth diaper. This, especially over night, really, really clears the skin up, hwich makes me disbelieve that it should be a yeast infection… I am only using Lansinoh as cream. But might have to strip those diapers well the next few washes and give him a cure with canesten-candida cream, just to make sure? I don’t know, but will put cotton fabric pieces to boil this instant!

  9. Cj’s BUTTer helps allot my boy has been covered in a rash head to toe from Eczema the only area that wasn’t was the diaper area then I put him in a disposable one night and he broke out the hydrocortisone cream for it under control and now I put the cjs on at the least bit of redness and it has been keeping it at bay

    CJ’s it cloth safe so you don’t have to use a liner that’s what it’s was created as but they say it’s kinda a “miracle” cream that it’s said to work great on Eczema. Just got there creamy lotion to try and get him off the hydrocortisone daily well see how it goes and get back with yall

    • Good luck! It’s been known to work well. However, I’d still suggest that you use a liner if you’re using it all the time. It’s been known to build up in diapers anyway. (Cloth diaper safe =/= “never builds up.” It just means “less likely to or takes longer to build up.”)

  10. Miriam Matheny says:

    I know this is very old but I was wondering if you could tell me what laundry detergent you are referring to? We are currently using honest but my son has a bad eczema rash in his diaper area so I’m looking to switch detergents

  11. thanks for posting wonderful post. diaper rash is a big problem. how should i protect my baby from diaper rash

    • Know what causes rashes on your little one. Change frequently enough. Make sure your diapers are clean. And, of course, be aware that there are times that your little will be teething or have other issues that will change the pH of his urine or bowel movements, and that can also cause skin irritation.

  12. I just want to say thank you very much for sharing this wonderful information, I have been searching for a cure for my dermatitis eczema for a while but everything I found did not work.

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