What Features a Cloth Diaper Has to Have to Get in My Diaper Bag (and a Review)

I have a confession to make:  I’m a little bit of a cloth diaper snob.  By that, I mean that I have diapers that I will use only for certain purposes.  I have my favorites.  One of my favorite brands for packing in my diaper bag is GroVia.  My GroVia hybrids and all-in-one (AIO) are the first three diapers I pack.  I might even go so far as to say that they are my absolute favorite for going out.  They have everything I want in a cloth diaper for on the go.  So what features do cloth diapers have to have (and that GroVia has) so they make it in my diaper bag?

1. They must be easy to use.

All I have to do is snap in the soaker (for the hybrids) and stuff them in my bag.  I love the AIO because all I have to do is toss it in, but it seems like this is the diaper that HAS to be pooped in.  Every. Single. Time.  But it does hold it all in.  The gussets on the inserts help with that.

2.  They must be trim.

I hate struggling to pull pants up over bulky diapers while changing diapers on the go.  My GroVias fit under pretty much everything.

3.  They must be absorbent.

Both the AIO and hybrids are pretty darn absorbent.  They even last my super soaker son through a trip to the store.

4.  They must  fit both my toddler and my infant.

This is a big one.  When Little Man still fit in newborn sizes, I packed separate diapers for them. Now he fits in one sizes so I can pack fewer diapers for both of them.  GroVia hybrids fit both of my kids.  Unfortunately, my girl outgrew the AIO.  She’s 35 pounds. I still pack it though because it still fits my other criteria and Little Man can wear it.

So yep.  A diaper has to have three of these four features before it can go in my diaper bag (since my girl is now 35+ pounds, it’s hard to find one size diapers that fit her).  GroVias are not the only diapers I have that make the cut.  TushMates™ is another one that fits all my diaper bag criteria.  Currently, I only have three diapers that fit both my kids, but I’m hoping to add some more soon.  I supplement with two other diapers (besides my GroVia AIO) that are sized.

To Buy

You can find GroVias at just about any cloth diaper store.  One of my favorites is Mom’s Milk Boutique (affiliate link).  Or you can go to the GroVia site.  If you’re in Canada, check out Cozy Bums Diapers for your GroVia Fix!


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  1. These are great rules to live by when buying cloth diapers. Thanks for sharing this and helping us to know specifically what to look for.
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