Momme Meals Go Chews Review

Momme Meals-

I wrote about Momme Meals® here, so you can check that post out if you want more details about the business (which is awesome!).

Go Chews

Go Chews- ClothDiaperingAgain.comGo Chews are little bite size snack bars that are packed with nutrients great for pregnant and nursing women, and for keeping up your energy chasing your little minions around.  Their texture is similar to a chewy granola bar.  I love these things.  I would eat a whole bag if I wasn’t careful.  Even my husband eats them.  These babies are packed with lactogenics, which can give a nursing mom’s milk a healthy boost.

The Magic Ingredients and Nutrients

Nothing but the best goes into making Go Chews.  All natural and organic products are the only ingredients allowed here.  They’re even locally sourced when available.  Check out the “Go Chew Solution” and all the goodies packed into these little nummies:

The Go Chew Solution-

Just look at how many vitamins and minerals five of these Go Chews give you!  How many snacks you buy at the grocery store do the same?  These are 100% vegan if you have those kind of eating habits.

Buy some!

These are really yummy!  And if you buy them, you’ll be able to see the boobies shaped barcode. 🙂 Go here to place an order.  And if you really like them, talk to one of your local stores about carrying them.  You’ll want to be able to have them locally available. 🙂

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