Oh, Goodmama Diapers, Why Must You Be So Expensive?

I love cloth diapers.  I spend a sufficient portion of my day browsing and oohing and ahhing over cute fluff.  Sometimes I find a diaper that’s at a great price but it just doesn’t appeal to me.  Other times I see a diaper that’s so darned cute that I really want it… only to go into sticker shock.  Goodmama diapers are a great example.  Goodmama diapers are cute and come in a vibrant variety of colors and patterns.  It’s amazing.

In particular, I thought that the blue diaper with trains was just adorable.  I’m sincerely hoping that Norton will be a train-crazed kid.  We live close to train tracks so he can watch the train go by.  There’s an awesome railway museum in town.  Quite frankly, Prince George is a huge railroad and forestry town, so I can’t think of a more appropriate interest for Norton.  (Well, unless he decides he’s a hockey fan.  That’s definitely apropos for a Canadian boy.)  So, anyway, I saw this diaper and nearly ordered it just because it’s too cute for words.

Then I saw the price tag.

Holy crow.  $45 USD?  For a diaper?

It’s a gorgeous diaper.  I’d love to have something that freaking cute in my cloth diaper stash.  But the whole point of using cloth diapers when I first started was that it was a wonderfully green and cost effective way of diapering my kid.  (Cost effective kind of went to the wayside when I started buying more cloth diapers to “experiment.”)  A forty-five dollar diaper definitely falls under the category of “more than I’m comfortable spending on a diaper.”

I could buy two of most of my other diapers for that price.  If I were into prefolds, I could keep my kid in diapers for like three days or something for that price.goodmama-expensive

I understand why the diapers are that expensive, though.  Goodmama diapers are boutique diapers.  They aren’t sold through most diaper stores (at least, I don’t know of any).  For one, Goodmama diapers are about as good as it gets in terms of the community minded diaper.  It’s an American diaper that’s made in America by work at home moms.  The materials come from the United States, too.  When you buy Goodmama diapers, you truly are buying American in every sense of the word.

I’d love to, but I just can’t justify spending that amount of money on a diaper.  But if I could, I would totally be adding that adorable train diaper to my cloth diaper stash.

Do you have a diaper spending limit?  How much are you comfortable spending on a cloth diaper?

Originally written August 2, 2011.  It’s been a couple of years, but I finally got to find out the hype about a Goodmama diaper.  I bought one second hand from another mom, and I’m loving it!  Do I love it enough to pay $45?  No.  Do I love it enough to pay current pricing for new Goodmama diapers at $38-$51 USD?  No.  But it’s a fun little diaper that I’ll pick up second hand from a trusted source.

And I did get my wish about Norton being a train obsessed little kid.  And my diaper spending comfort limit?  It’s gone up significantly since discovering WAHM diapers.  I suspect, though, that so much has changed for me and cloth diapering in the two years since I wrote this post that I’ll be better off just plain writing a rebuttal post to my two years ago cloth diapering self.

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. I was the same way with RagaBabes. My husband said that it is ridiculous to spend more than a few dollars for something that catches poop (we used prefolds and covers at the time). When child #2 came along, I bought a few cheap OS diapers and he gave me the go ahead to buy some because he thought the design was worth it. When he saw a $100+ used RagaBabe he told me that we would never, ever own one. When child #1 began potty training, I sold off his stash to buy some customs and a RagaBabe and felt completely justified in doing so, because I really wasn’t losing out on any money.

    It is pretty funny how our cloth diaper buying habits change.
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  2. I had a few Goodmamas that were given to me from a friend. While most had shot elastic, there were two that were still in great condition. I loved them, but then with my second daughter, they didn’t fit her as well, so I sold them. I would NEVER pay full price for them though, but I’m a cheapskate when it comes to that 😉
    Jenna @ A Mama Collective recently posted…Tea on Tuesdays {10.29.13}My Profile

  3. I don’t think I could ever pay that much for a diaper. I guess you could call me cheap, but most of my diapers range from $9-$15 and $15 is on the high end. I get that they are super cute, but what is the reason for such a high price tag?

  4. I think you know that I’m a Ragababe fanatic. I have no problem spending the money on them because they’re amazing and their resale value is fantastic so it’s almost like borrowing them for a while. I had a few Goodmamas and thought they were really cute but didn’t like them very much as a diaper.
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  5. I used to be like 😮 when I saw prices like that ..then I got suckered into them, and now the “boutique” diapers are by far my favorite! (Not GoodMama, but other brands)
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  6. I haven’t spent much on my stash so far….I think I MIGHT be able to spend $20 on a diaper but that’d be pushing it for me!

  7. My most expensive diapers are ella bella bum scrappies and I have one urban bums boutique hybrid fitted. I couldn’t fill my stash with those but it is nice to splurge occasionally.

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