Why Pocket Diapers Are So Popular (And a Review)

Why Pocket Diapers Are So Popular (And a Review)- ClothDiaperingAgain.comPocket diapers are one of the most popular types of cloth diapers out there.  They’re the second closest thing to disposables, and they’re pretty easy to use for those unfamiliar with cloth diapers.  Here are 5 reasons why pocket diapers are so popular and a review of Glow Bug Cloth Diapers.

1.  They’re easy to use.

Just stuff them and put them on your child.

2.  You can stuff them with pretty much anything.

Most pocket diapers come with microfiber inserts, which are pretty trim and can work well during the day.  But if you don’t like synthetic fibers, you can get other inserts made from bamboo rayon, hemp, and cotton.  You can even use prefolds and flats.  You can stuff them pretty full if you need to.  A great combination for nighttime is a hemp insert with a microfiber insert on top.

3.  They’re day care, daddy, and grandparent friendly.

Pocket diapers are great for those unfamiliar with cloth diapers.  Pre-stuff them (if you dry them in the dryer, wait until they cool or else you risk stretching out the elastic) and they’re ready to go.  Make it even easier by using hook and loop closures.

4.  They provide a stay dry feel.

The fabric of the pocket (whether it’s microfleece or microsuede) wicks the wetness away from baby’s skin.  This gives the “stay dry” feel.  Great for babies who don’t like being wet.

5.  Poop comes off more easily.

Poop does not really stick to microsuede/fleece.  That makes it pretty easy to spray off it off using a diaper sprayer or to dunk and swish (I would think, I haven’t done this method).  I find that there’s less staining as well.

The Review

I find that there’s one thing that I don’t really like about pocket diapers and that’s unstuffing them.  Especially when they’re sopping wet or poop is close to, on, or in the pocket opening.  Yeah, yuck.  So I was pretty excited when I received a diaper from Glow Bug Cloth Diapers for free to review.

  • Glow Bug Cloth Diapers have dual openings so you can at least avoid having to touch the poop.
  • These diapers have a 360° gusset which works pretty well to contain more solid poop (it doesn’t work quite so well with breastfed poop), so it’s not often that the poop gets near either opening.
  • The SlimDry™ fabric works pretty well to pull the wetness through to the insert, though I have found that it gets dingy.
  • There are two rows of waist snaps and a hip snap on each wing, with two rows of crossover snaps, so this diaper could probably fit a newborn.  With three rows of rise snaps, this diaper will work right into potty training.  It fits on my two month old boy and my two and a half year old girl.
  • They have lots of cute prints for both boys and girls, and they even have some pretty great gender neutral prints.
  • The insert is microfiber and feels pretty thin.  I received a single one, and I find that it’s not absorbent enough on its own for either of my children.  So I’ve been using other inserts to stuff the diaper with, like flats, prefolds, or my other microfiber inserts.
  • Another feature I like about them are the waterproof front and back flaps.

Out of all my pocket diapers, I reach for this one the most.  I do wish I had more!

To Purchase

Glow Bug Cloth Diapers are only available for purchase in 12 packs.  These packages sell for $150 and you can pick either girl, boy, or gender neutral prints.  These make a great start to a stash.

Follow Glow Bug Cloth Diapers

You can follow Glow Bug Cloth Diapers on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  They offer occasional giveaways and special offers, such as the chance to buy the diapers in smaller lots.


  1. I love that my Glow Bugs are so easy. No need to unstuff! It makes poo a little less horrid.

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