Children Know Best?

Parenting.  It’s most definitely not an easy job.  Sure, children can be challenging.  It’s not just the act of parenting our children that can make being a parent rough.  There’s also the push and pull of different parenting philosophies, disapproving strangers, judgmental mommy groups, and trying to be all things.  Some parenting philosophies maintain that as parents, it’s our job to make the best choices on behalf of our children.  Apparently, there are also those that believe that children know best.Children Know Best? (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Sure, there’s child-led parenting, attachment parenting, and other philosophies that believe that, to some extent, children know best.  It’s countered by, on the extreme opposite end, of philosophies that believe in strict, regimented scheduling and that children will fall into line.  I imagine that most of us fall somewhere in between.

I came out as pro-vax on this blog last month.  In other blogs previously, I’d written pieces to explain my position in the vaccination debate.  Generally, when I have a discussion about the vaccination debate, it can stay rational.  I don’t feel the need to get worked up, and since it’s my blog, I have the ability to just plain click delete on anything that’s profane or laden with personal attacks.

I rarely feel the need to insult the intelligence of the person who disagrees with me.

Every now and again, though, I see something that’s just so riddled with logical fallacy that I have to pick at it.

When Nissa at The Cloth Diaper Guru came out as pro-vax on her Facebook page, things on her page became a bit less respectful.  That’s always too bad when it happens.  There was one comment, though, that I had to pick apart.

JMC offered this helpful suggestion.

Natural methods are always better that (sic) chemical poisoning. There are reasons kids don’t like to get stabbed.

Okay, I’m going to ignore the assertion that vaccines are chemical poisoning.  Fine.  That’s her belief.  I don’t agree with it, and I’ll pick the “chemical poisoning” bit apart later.  What I found far more interesting was her suggestion that vaccines are bad because children don’t like them.  Or that somehow, children inherently know that vaccines are bad for them and that’s why they cry.

Since children know best, I’m going to have to make a list of things that are clearly bad for them.


Obviously, broccoli is poison.  Produce stores everywhere should have warning labels on the mini trees to let us know that children know best and their visceral reaction when made to eat the steamed green trees clearly means that it is toxic.

The Dark

The dark is, obviously, a horrible place.  If it wasn’t, then children would not fear it so.  This means that we must immediately lobby our governments to be sure that they create synthetic suns over every city to ensure that we have no dark ever.  After all, children know best.  Nevermind the need for darkness to help with sleep/wake cycles in healthy adults.

Car Seats

Who cares that infant and toddler safety seats have saved lives?  Sure, it can prevent our children from becoming missiles in the event of an accident.  But you know what?  They are clearly inhumane torture devices that should be banned immediately.  Children know best, and they frequently fight, twist, squirm, and scream when it’s time to go in.

Diaper Changes

Clearly, it is a horrendous thing to change our children.  If it wasn’t an awful thing, mothers everywhere wouldn’t commiserate about being kicked in the face or fought so hard during diaper changes.  Obviously, this means that the most reasonable course of action is to either a.) let our children run naked and defecate wherever they please or b.) let our children wear the same diaper until it falls off or disintegrates.  Bath time, bedtime, brushing teeth, and changing clothes are also acts of abuse that must be eliminated immediately.  After all, children know best.

At the end of the day, it falls to us as parents to make the best decisions that we can for our children.  If you decide that some commonly held practice, even if it has been proven to save lives and has eradicated disease, is not something that you want to participate in, fine.  But at least own it.  This nonsense that our children don’t like it because it’s bad is clearly just that: nonsense.

Have you ever gone against your children’s express wishes because you felt that it was in their best interests?


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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Yeah, my daughter would eat nothing but meat and bread if I let her. Honestly, I probably would too, if I didn’t make myself eat veggies. 😛 Children don’t like being told to jump off furniture either…

  2. Oh for sure! My son hates veggies… doesn’t mean I’m not going to cook them for dinner, hehe.

  3. I remember seeing something on Facebook about how much happier, peaceful and just all around awesome the world would be if children were running it. Nearly choked on my food (it wasn’t broccoli). Children all around the world should be thanking their lucky stars EVERY DAY that parents torture them with car seats, bed times, healthy food, school work, character-building and clean underwear!!
    Anne Sweden recently posted…Win a $25 Gift Card to Shop at A Toy GardenMy Profile

  4. I remember my oldest son would fight me during diaper changes. He was a busy body and he would squirm and try to crawl away while changing his diaper.

    My youngest son doesn’t like eating bread for the most part which isn’t a bad thing after all it is filled with carbs. I don’t force him to eat it.
    Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families recently posted…Countdown to Black Friday Giveaway – Offer Ends 11/29My Profile

  5. LOL, greet post. Clearly nap time should also be banned. Why else would our kids fight sleep like Ali? I swear, it’s called parenting, so you know, grow up and be the parent, right?

  6. Love this! Kids don’t like it? It must be bad.
    Mindy recently posted…How to Throw a Favorite Things PartyMy Profile

  7. clearly napping should never happen in our home because these kids refuse to sleep.. so I’ve played their game. lol and let me just say I’m tired 🙁

  8. My two year old literally kneed herself in the eye fighting me over a diaper change last week. insane.
    Jessica recently posted…My DIY Friday Night: Aromatherapy Shower DisksMy Profile

  9. While I am against vaccinations, I do believe children don’t know what is best for them. At times I am sure we don’t even know what is best. We go on what we believe at the. Days, months, years later we have different opinions.
    April @Pixie Dust Savings recently posted…Sea World SavingsMy Profile

  10. I also don’t think that children know what’s best: my LO hates seat belts on carseats, naps, bedtimes, (loves all foods, though, so far…hmmm…), showers, being told not to swallow food whole, (“Don’t choke! Chew and swallow. No, don’t choke on it, Mamas like their Babies breathing! I know, it’s just one of those unreasonable things, like having their Babies clean & breathing.”)

  11. Oh my gosh. I might be really old-fashioned, but I am just not into this whole “secret wisdom of children” thing that keeps coming up in my reading. Otherwise, I think we should all look into biting each other or pooping on the floor as appropriate methods of conflict resolution. :\ (Working in daycare can make you jaded lol.)

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