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There are a lot of diaper creams out there.  A LOT.  You go to the baby section at a store, it can be overwhelming seeing all the choices you have.  Chances are though that if you’re cloth diapering, you might be aware that a lot of those creams contain ingredients that aren’t considered that safe for your baby.  So I’m going to share some of what I have found out about ingredients you should avoid in diaper creams (whether you use cloth diapers or not), a couple of tips on using diaper creams with cloth diapers, how to clean diaper cream out of your diapers in case you use too much (been there, done that), and finally, a review of one of my absolute favorite diaper creams, that is not only free of possibly harmful ingredients, it is also great for use with cloth diapers.

Ingredients to Avoid Whether You Cloth Diaper or Not

I did a lot of reading on this, seeing what should be avoided.  It’s actually pretty easy to know what to avoid.

  • Any ingredient that you’d need a chemistry degree to understand.  You know what I’m talking about.  The ingredients that are really long and really don’t make any sense unless you are a chemist or are quite familiar with chemistry.
  • Parabens.  There are several kinds, and they are easily identified because they all end in paraben.
  • Petroleum jelly,  paraffin, white or yellow petrolatum, and mineral oil.  I’m grouping these all together because they’re mostly derived from crude oil.
  • Fragrance.  The way I understand it, companies don’t have to disclose what ‘fragrance’ consists of.  So unless it’s followed by a little statement saying that it comes from natural oils or whatever, it seems better to avoid it.
  • Talc-  This is a powder (you can find it in some baby powders) and can cause respiratory problems if your baby accidentally inhales it. Or if you inhale it.  Apparently, it’s more problematic than using a corn starch or some other based powder.

Ingredients to Avoid Using with Cloth Diapers

These ingredients can possibly cause problems with your cloth diapers, like staining, repelling, or stink.

  • Cod liver oil- which I’ll expand to include any kind of fish oil- apparently it can cause your diapers to end up stinking like fish and can be hard to get out
  • Zinc oxide- This one I actually have mixed feelings about including here, but apparently some people have had problems with it staining their diapers.  I personally have not had any problems using it, but I’m including it here so you know that some people, though not all, have had problems with their diapers from using it.
  • Calamine-  I haven’t seen many diaper creams that contain it, but it can stain your diapers and may cause repelling.

Tips for Using Diaper Creams with Cloth Diapers

I only have a couple of tips, but they are important ones.

  • If you are concerned about your diaper cream causing staining or repelling, use a liner.  It can be either a disposable one, fleece, or one you make from an old sheet or t-shirt.  Wash it separately from your cloth diapers.
  • Use a thin coat.  Most creams you actually don’t need gobs of it for it to work.  Which leads right into the next topic.

Cleaning Diaper Cream Out of Your Cloth Diapers

Yep, I’ve had to clean diaper cream out of  a diaper before.  It’s not fun, but it’s not hard either.  I had really slathered on some cream (Triple Paste) and thought that two disposable liners were going to be enough to protect my diaper.  Yeah, they weren’t.  I used way too much cream.  To get the diaper cream out, squirt a little Dawn on it and scrub it with a toothbrush and then rinse like crazy.  You can try stain removers like Shout or Oxiclean’s gel, but I would recommend washing them separately from the rest of your diapers if you go that route and making sure to rinse as much of it out as possible.  If you do have to use diaper cream, natural fibers are easier to clean than synthetics, so prefolds and flats are great to use, especially since the Real Diaper Association has come to the conclusion that yeast will not stay on prefolds through a wash cycle.

Little Twig Diaper Cream

Little Twig Diaper Cream is made of natural, easy to pronounce ingredients, and works great.  You won’t find any stuff you need to avoid in this diaper cream.  It is zinc based, but I have been using it on all our diapers (prefolds, flats, pockets, whatever) with no problems.  I do use it only when I need to.  This is one of the few creams that works for Sister.  She has pretty sensitive skin and if I apply this stuff at the first sign of redness, it clears right up.

I discovered Little Twig at a children’s store in Grand Rapids.  I can tell you from personal experience, Little Twig’s customer service is AWESOME.  For some reason, the children’s store had an old jar of the diaper cream and it gave Sister a rash.  When I wrote the company about it (at the time I was unaware that the jar was old), they sent me their unscented lotion and body wash for review, along with a replacement tube of the diaper cream.  They just sent me another tube for review (which I’m very happy about, since my other tube is almost gone!).

This is one of very few diaper creams that I recommend without hesitation.  I have over ten different diaper creams (I like to try new creams), but this and two others are the only ones that I use (the other two don’t have zinc).  I only use a tiny bit (the picture above shows how much I use- sorry it’s blurry, I had Little Man in my lap and he was kicking up a storm!) and it spreads smoothly.  It’s very creamy.

If you would like to order some for yourself, you can go to their website or check out your local CVS or Target.  Little Twig does have a store locator.  Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

What’s your favorite diaper cream?


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