3 Reasons I Avoid Sunning Cloth Diapers

Did you know that you can fix pretty much any issue by sunning cloth diapers?  Okay, maybe not any issue.  It didn’t fix the government shut down.  It won’t restore the economy or save the planet.  However, sunning cloth diapers is an age-old cure that can fix smells, staining, and some people even use it for mild yeast.

But I don’t do it.  On the bright side, I don’t have issues that people often have that lead them to sunning cloth diapers, anyway.  Here are the three reasons I avoid sunning cloth diapers.

3 Reasons I Avoid Sunning Cloth Diapers

T’akaya the Brilliant Border Collie

kayaI love our dog.  She’s amazing.  She’s brilliant, she’s patient, and she puts up with Norton’s shenanigans.  She’s great about watching over him when she’s outside.  Plus, she’s wonderful to go on long hikes with.  (Actually, I’d rather take a 17k hike through the woods with T’akaya than anyone else in the entire universe.)  However, she’s also full of boundless energy and is convinced that if it’s the back yard, it’s really there for her to play with.  If I were to try sunning cloth diapers, she’d have picked them up and dragged them all over the yard.  I also love my diapers and would prefer to have them not become a chew toy.

The Ski Hill

My back yard is an interesting place.  I’m always reminded of that “I never went to college” essay, only instead of building large suspension bridges, it’s scaling the mountains of our back yard.  There’s this wonderful steep drop off that is only three feet high, but it’s enough where I just don’t go in the back yard past the drop off if I can avoid it.  It’s literally at like a 40 degree angle.  The last time Norton played in the snow in the back yard, I had to go out to help him back up the ski hill because he couldn’t get up without sliding.  And I’d have to scale the ski hill to put my diapers in a sunny patch in the back yard.  No thank you.

The Willow Tree

1053542977_47382534d4_mMy front yard has a massive willow tree in the front yard.  Sure, trees are beautiful and nice, but I’ve hated that tree since we moved in because it drops branches all over the place and ensures that my front yard always looks horrendous.  I’m not particularly interested in my diapers being literally crunchy from the tree droppings that land on them.

Do you sun your diapers?



Image credits:
Diapers on a Line: Amber Grundy
T’akaya the Brilliant Border Collie: Suzi Satterfield
Willow Tree: The J Train


About Suzi

Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Thank you! I have lots of trees, numerous neighborhood dogs and cats, and TONS of pollen down here in Louisiana. It’s only been 14 months with our cloth, but I’ve never sunned my diapers for lack of a good space and trying to avoid the pollen/leaves sticking to them. I thought I was the only one 🙂

  2. Ive only done mine on the porch. we have trees everywhere, but it works out okay
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  3. I very rarely sun my diapers. I have a folding rack that I bring out on very rare occasion but I haven’t noticed the sun to really do all that much. I only sun when I’m getting ready to sell a diaper and even then, they often need a little boost with some oxiclean to really get rid of stains. Plus, I’m lazy 🙂
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  4. I sunned a pocket once! I bought it used and it did have an EBF stain on it.. soaked it under the bathroom faucet and laid it on my front steps on a towel.. 4 hrs later – it was just like new! I wouldn’t routinely dry my diapers in the sun though – all that UV can’t be good for the elastics 😉

  5. LOL. Loved this! I avoid sunning because I’m lazy. 🙂
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  6. I think these reason are why most people choose not to sun dry their clothes outside. As an allergy suffer, hanging my clothes outside to dry would only make my allergies worse.
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  7. I sun my diapers every Sunday. But, I will say that I can do it because I live in Southern California, have a nice sized backyard with no pets and few trees, and have the time on the weekends. During the week diapers get washed after work and go in the dryer on low. On Sunday I go through the load and pull out any stained ones and make sure they get the full brunt of the sun. Between sun and buncha farmers my diapers are stain free (for now).

  8. I sun my dipes when I can, which is usually only in the summer. I live in the PNW so we have lots of overcast skies. I know it will still work but full on sun works quicker:)
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  9. No way! Caught a squirrel trying to make off with my charlie banana butterfly print!,it’s my fave! Never again!

  10. Thank you for admitting this! And I’m so glad to hear from other women who also don’t sun EVERY time. I do sometimes but we don’t have any privacy so I’m a little embarrassed to leave a rack full of stained diapers in my driveway for all my neighbors to see. I love the tip above where someone lays them on a towel on their porch. Great idea! But I too am scared of the squirrels running rampant through our neighborhood.

  11. LOL! Hilarious! I started reading this post like.. wow, should I really not sun my diapers??!

    Luckily our dogs don’t bother with the dipes, our backyard is flat and has tons of sunny spots. So yes, we do sun our diapers 🙂 But we also live in WA State so sunning is a short time of year where we get to do that. In the meantime, we air dry dipes in front of the pellet stove and it takes less than a day.
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  12. Have you tried sunning them in your window? I pin them with a clothes pin to my blinds and they sun nicely. Even on over cast days they get nice and white although it takes longer.

  13. Ahhhhh Willow trees and Prince George… LOL
    I don’t miss them one bit, but actually I don’t miss the Cottonwood’s even more 🙂
    NB has willows, but none as magnificent as the good ol’ PG willows.
    I’m new to CDing so maybe this summer I may try to sun them if needed, but I have similar reasons to not.

    One 150lbs garburator named Bear and a 50lbs shredder named Nanuq!! One look at those tasty diapers hanging in the back yard and I’m sure they’ll come up with a plan to get them down!! Nanuq will shred them and Bear will swallow them whole and then spend a day puking them out or pooping them all over my yard. Nope, not the back yard. The front yard holds the tree problem. Nasty 100 year old “pine” trees. Nothing like a BC Pine tree, but these nasty, ugly trees drop all sorts of things down. And the side yard?? Well that’s full of Manitoba Maples, notorious for dropping 500lbs branches for no reason, dropping those sticky helicopter things down, dropping sticky flowers down and just not what I want anything hanging near or on!!

    I’m out of options and locations to sun them outside LOL (maybe the horses would be nicer to them? who am I kidding, they’ll kill the diapers worse than the dogs…)

  14. Rita Topper says:

    Yes, I recently sunned some diapers and was amazed by the results! I need to make a habit of it.

  15. This post made me laugh and made perfect sense to me. Meanwhile, I’m a sun addict who had written two posts about why I love it! Lol I very much enjoy your blog! 🙂


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  16. Laurie P says:

    I hang our diapers outside once every 2 weeks. Other times I hang them inside by the huge window that is covered in sun all day. I’ve never really had problems keeping them white tho, maybe my wash routine just works for me the way it should. I just sometime prefer to hang them just as I do with all the other laundry.

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