BabyKicks Nursing Pads


BabyKicks makes some pretty good cloth diapers, but I bet you didn’t know that they also make nursing pads!  Yep.  If you are a heavy leaker, just had your baby and started nursing (ouch, the engorgement!), or are just looking for something to last you all night, BabyKicks nursing pads might be just what you are looking for.

The Specifics

BabyKicks makes their nursing  pads out of hemp jersey and hemp fleece.  The hemp jersey have five layers, and the hemp fleece are three layers thick.  They end up being about the same thickness.  They are both serged and about 4 1/2 inches in diameter.  Mine shrunk into an oval shape after washing.  It does not affect how they work though.

How to Care for Them

I have been washing all of my nursing pads with our regular laundry and have had no problems with them.  I don’t suggest washing them with dark clothes though, because one time I washed them with something and the color rubbed off on the nursing pads (it’s not really noticeable).  It’s really not a big deal, since no one besides yourself and maybe your significant other will see them. Just for your information, so if that would be something that would bother you, you can avoid it.  They’ve stayed pretty soft as well.


By use, I’m not giving you step by step instructions or anything like that.  lol  It’s pretty obvious that you stick them in your bra.  I’m letting you know how I use them.  I prefer to use them for nighttime, because, for me, they are pretty visible through my bra (I’m a B/C cup).  Maybe for a larger chested lady they wouldn’t be so visible.  Another reason that I like to use them for night is because they are so darn absorbent.  I especially liked using them at night when my milk came in.

Where to Buy

Mom’s Milk Boutique (<–affiliate link) has them.  Look under Nursing Pads and Supplies.  You can also buy them from the BabyKicks website.

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