Guest Post: Brilliant Bums Review (part 2: The Return of the Brilliance)

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Since I am the neighbour the Suzi referenced in her original review of Brilliant Bums diapers, and I got her onto the crackfluff that are Shelby’s awesome diapers, when she arranged to review Brilliant Bums, she brought me into the loop. I have a serious addiction to Brilliant Bums diapers, and I eagerly stalk the Diaper Frenzy as well as following Shelby’s FB page. I have six Brilliant Bums diapers (with one more on the way, which I hope to include a photo of), in a variety of styles: All-in-one with pocket, Pocket and Hybrid Fitted. And the Mancub is only 5 months old.

Let me start at the beginning.

The first diaper I got was this pocket:

We love superheroes at this house

We love superheroes at this house


It came with an organic bamboo fleece/Zorb trifold insert and booster, and micro-suede lining, for what I consider to be the bargain price of $20USD plus shipping. It fit him at 8lbs, and now, at 17lbs, fits even better. I love this diaper. When it first arrived, I spent about an hour admiring the workmanship (in fact, I gloated to Suzi that she needed to come see how beautiful the sewing was). I forced my husband to admire the workmanship, which he did. It was actually his favourite diaper for the Mancub when he was super wee, and still is one of the most frequently reached for when the hubs is diapering him.

I then fell in love with a halloweeny diaper, but didn’t get it on Diaper Frenzy stocking night. So I requested a custom, and a couple of things: Shelby’s communication is awesome. Seriously. She is in frequent contact throughout the process, right down to putting it into the mail and forwarding tracking info. Even when you give her complete artistic license, she touches base with you and sends photo updates. I didn’t show any of the halloween diaper updates to my husband, and when he opened the envelope, I thought he might swoon.

Once upon a time, I was a really good photographer. Not so much anymore. Great pic of the Mancub. Terrible pic of the diap.

Once upon a time, I was a really good photographer. Not so much anymore. Great pic of the Mancub. Terrible pic of the diap.

The spooky bum is an All-in-One with a pocket (so you can stuff a booster in there). It has a cotton velour lining, and a fold-over of PUL at the waistband of the lining, which is fantastic because it stops some of the waistband wicking that you can get from cotton velour linings (and also helps hold down the cotton velour, which is a slidey, stretchy fabric). For a while this was one of our favourite overnight diapers – the Mancub is a heavy wetter, and when he started sleeping in 5 hour jags, this was one of the few that wasn’t leaking and drippy when it came off. I have 2 others in this style, and all three see heavy rotation.

This leads me to the last style in my stash of Brilliant Bums. Shelby recently added Windpro Hybrid Fitteds to her arsenal, and needed testers, so I jumped and flailed and waved and was fortunate enough to get one. Which actually wound up being 2 because she felt they were both of seconds quality. Which leads me to another thing I think is awesome about Shelby and Brilliant Bums. She is a consummate professional and her quality is so astounding.

Anyhow, back to these hybrid fitted ‘seconds’. Uh, yeah, okay Shelby. She said it was because of the serging, but I went over both of them with my most nitpicky eye, and only found one place that I would have qualified as the least bit ‘off’ and even then, I wouldn’t say so off that it’s a second. She asked that I look at fit and absorbency. One of them was narrower in the crotch than the other, and while it fits well now, I can see that in a few more pounds it might start looking a bit like a banana hammock. But otherwise, the fit is the same excellent fit I’ve come to expect.

And let me talk about the absorbency. HOLY *expletive deleted*! First time on the bum, and so probably not at its most absorbent yet, and he went 2.5 hours in it. It was wet inside, but the outside was barely damp. And I could tell just by the weight of it that it was holding a huge amount of urine.

I mustache you a question. Does this diaper make my butt look big?

I mustache you a question. Does this diaper make my butt look big?


So to wrap this up, there’s a whole lot I like about Shelby and Brilliant Bums:

  1. She’s an amazing seamstress. Her diapers are beautifully constructed, from quality materials.
  2. Her communication skills are exceptional.
  3. Her turn around is fast! She has excellent time-management skills.
  4. Her diapers are affordable, and made even more so by the above three points. You know you will get a quality product, at a remarkable price, in a reasonable time.
  5. She a west-coaster too. Even if she’s on the wrong side of the border to be my my Sekrit Pretend Diapermaking Bestie.
  6. What?! I think this is a totally awesome reason to think she's great.

    What?! I think this is a totally awesome reason to think she’s great.


  1. Wow! These sound awesome! I only wish I could get a closer look at these prints! I guess I really should just see what’s available now though 😉


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