Big Hugs Elmo Gets No Love

I’ve been waiting for a recall announcement to come out on the Big Hugs Elmo doll.  I kept expecting it to come out any moment now, but have been disappointed by Hasbro’s refusal to issue a recall.  Why?

Big Hugs Elmo Gets No Love (Cloth Diaper AddictsWell, it turns out that there’s more to the furry little monster than spindly arms and complaints of being hugged too tight.  There have been reports of batteries melting in the little guy.  As soon as I heard about it on Facebook (it happened legit to a friend of a friend, not an “I’m hearing this thing that happened to a friend of a friend’s mom’s aunt’s cousin’s wife’s sister-in-law’s niece” thing), I pulled the batteries out of mine and called Wal-Mart.  Yes, we could return it, no problem… and they’d already had two returned that day for the same reason in the Prince George store.

This sucks.  Seriously, I had moments when I appreciated that furry little monster.  Hugs are nice when my three year old is being a douche.  My concerns, though, about the Big Hugs Elmo battery problem goes beyond the disappointment of returning a Christmas present, even if it was one that had hugs that even a mom having a rough day could enjoy.  It’s about safety.

A damaged battery can release potassium hydroxide.  A battery damaged by overheating “may produce hazardous fumes of zinc and manganese; hydrogen gas, caustic vapors of potassium hydroxide and other toxic by-products.”Call me crazy, but I don’t want to have to worry about toys releasing hazardous fumes when my kid sleeps with it.

If you’ve got the Big Hugs Elmo, check your batteries.  Will you be keeping the Big Hugs Elmo in your home?

Big Hugs Elmo customer wants Hasbro to issue formal advisory,
2.) Duracell alkaline battery MSDS,

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  1. Thank you for sharing the warning, I am not a huge fan of Elmo even though my toddler would love him. I had the tickle me elmo when it was popular when my daughter was younger and he became an expensive paperweight in the toy box.
    Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families recently posted…Smoking During Pregnancy – What Risks Are Involved For Me and My Baby?My Profile

  2. Thanks for the warning. Thankfully, we don’t have Big Elmo, but I’ll be sharing this post.
    Sarah Jane recently posted…Week One {#catchthemoment365}My Profile

  3. Fortunately that’s the single Elmo-branded item we don’t yet own….

  4. Wow, thanks for the head’s up!! We don’t own it, but I had considered it! NOT ANYMORE! I hope they decide to recall it!
    Abi R. recently posted…New Year, New You doTERRA Promotion: $100 in FREE essential oils!My Profile

  5. wow! My 5 year old has been all over me to buy this thing. Im glad i didnt. I find it kind of creepy and now knowing that it could possibly gas my kid while she sleeps? yeah i’ll Thanks for posting this!
    Jeanna McMicking recently posted…Win Giani Bernini Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings. Retail $90.00 (US only)My Profile

  6. Oh no! My daughter has one, I will be checking fit right now,

  7. SO glad my kids are all beyond this stage! I’d be taking it right back and giving the kids the money to get something else they wanted.
    Brandi recently posted…#momfailMy Profile

  8. That’s too bad- but better safe than sorry, for sure! Thanks for letting others know about this potential hazzard.
    Ondria Witt recently posted…Wordless Wednesdays: Why Does Vacation Have to Be Over?My Profile

  9. BTW, haven’t had any issues with it as of yet, but I’ll be sure to let my mom know about this issue.
    Jenny recently posted…I’m Going to Mexico in March!My Profile

  10. Thanks for sharing – I had no idea it had this problem! I’ll be sure to let others know about it. I can’t believe it still hasn’t been recalled!
    Damaris recently posted…Ease of mind thanks to Kidoodle.TV – Safe & Fun Shows for KidsMy Profile

  11. Same thing is happening with the fisher price ocean wonders soothe and glow seahorse!

  12. Elmo has been in our lives since my son was just a babe. It’s too bad that this one has a serious malfunction. I totally agree Hasbro should put out a recall to save face for poor little Elmo.
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  13. I was actually going to get my boys one of these. However, after reading this post I am glad that I did not.
    Giveaways 4 Mom recently posted…What’s Going on With Giveaways 4 MomMy Profile

  14. Oh wow I was thinking of getting on of these a Christmas and changed my mind and got the Mooshka doll, so glad I did!!!
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  15. This is a good warning, but it does not put me off. I will be getting this and testing it first though.
    If it heats up or the batteries don’t fit I’ll return it..

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