Eco Nuts- Zero Waste Laundry

Eco Nuts:  Zero Waste Laundry-

You don’t have to go out and buy a new high efficiency washer and dryer in order to make your laundry routine more eco-friendly.  If you’re really looking to save some money, I’ve got some tips and a product you will love.

  1. If you have a regular top loader, adjust the water level to match the load size you’re doing.  And you can wash with cold water, but I think warm water helps get dirt out better.  If you adjusted your water level, you’re not going to be using more water than you need and it’ll be better than running more than one load trying to get your clothes clean.
  2. Use Eco Nuts to wash everything.  Seriously.  Eco Nuts are just soap nuts, but they work really well.  You can use them on clothes AND cloth diapers.  The best thing about these is that you can compost the shells and recycle the containers.  No waste.  If you have hard water you can use Eco Nuts liquid version, or just add Calgon water softener. They both work great. A cool thing about the nuts is that they can act as a fabric softener as well. With soap nuts, more saponin is released the warmer the water is, so they do work better with warm water. Again, it’s better to use warm water than to wash multiple times.
  3. Hang your clothes to dry.  If you do this outside, you’ll get the added benefit of the suns free strain removing powers.  If you don’t have a way to hang dry outside, you can get creative about hanging your clothes in the tub, on a drying rack, or even just lay them on the back of your dining room chairs.  But if you can’t do that, or just flat pot don’t want to, you can toss some wool dryer balls in with your clothes or cloth diapers.  It can help cut down on your drying time and also soften your clothes up a little bit.  Since wool dryer balls are just wool, you can compost them or tear them up and leave them outside for the birds to use in their nests when you’re done.

There you have it. If you want a waste free laundry routine, there you go. Pretty awesome, huh?  If you have hard water, try using the liquid Eco Nuts without Calgon.  I used it with Calgon and it gave my kids a rash.  Used it without, and no rash. FYI. 🙂

Want to buy some?

You can buy Eco Nuts from Kelly’s Closet (affiliate link). $9.95 for about 100 loads is a pretty great deal.  You can buy the liquid Eco Nuts from their site.  It’s a little more expensive ($9.49 for 48 loads HE/24 regular), but if you have hard water, it’s worth it.  They also have a cloth diaper washing set (with liquid Eco Nuts, their new Ammonia Bouncer, and a pack of their dryer balls) for $59.99.  It contains exactly what I recommend for a zero waste laundry routine. 

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