Finding Joy In Unexpected Places

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the last few days doing paperwork.  On one hand, I enjoy paperwork because it’s orderly, it has a purpose, and when it’s done, it’s obviously done.  I’m pretty good at finding joy in paperwork based on those reasons alone.

However, when it comes to things related to taxes, I have to work a little harder at finding joy.  Everything has to be just so in order to be correct, and it’s a bit harder to do everything “just so” with little children.  The paperwork that I’ve been up to my eyeballs in are cloth diaper charity related donations.  It’s not so much that the work is hard or miserable so much as I’m focusing very hard on making it all correct.  There’s no joy in perfectionism.

I’m working on an attitude adjustment.Finding Joy in Unexpected Places (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Instead of being annoyed when Eudora pushes a key on my keyboard and naming the letter (sometimes correctly!), I’m finding joy.  My daughter is learning, and she’s enjoying it.  She’s not trying to prevent me from whatever oh-so-important task I’m attempting.  She doesn’t know or care.  What she sees is me pushing lots of keys really fast, and she just wants to show me what she knows.

Instead of telling Norton to stop when he shows me a “fwying car” or when his “hetoptor” (helicopter) lands on my screen, I’m finding joy in his attempts at creativity.

Then there’s the work itself.  Instead of being annoyed with myself for putting it off or being intimidated by the sheer volume of paperwork I’ve been slacking on… I’m finding joy.  The willingness of others to give so that they can help others is amazing.  Doing this paperwork isn’t a miserable task.  It’s something wonderful because it’s a reminder of the kindness of the people in my community.  I’m pretty sure even the biggest grump in the world would manage to be happy about those things.

Have you tried finding joy in unexpected things?  What bright side did you find?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. A great reminder! I’m home today with a sick little one and while I have work to do at the office it’s nice to be here when he needs me. That’s my joy for the day!
    Nissa recently posted…GroVia: my thoughts on biosoakers, covers, and All-in-Two insertsMy Profile

  2. It seems that when it comes to motherhood (and life in general) a constant attitude check is in order. I pray that over time my reactions to interruptions and innocent mistakes will be more patient and positive. I don’t want my children to feel they irritate me, but instead that they bring me (for the most part LOL) happiness.
    Anne Sweden recently posted…Look Who’s Taking the Mom and Baby Industry by Storm!My Profile

  3. I hear you, and support you, mama. I can relate to a few of those things – specifically now, as Penny also is practicing her letters on my keyboard.
    Bianca @ The Pierogie Mama recently posted…Meet Me: A Q&A with Cherry Valley Macaroni KidMy Profile

  4. This is great. I need to do this when my toddler pushes a toy in my hand as I’m trying to finish up a post or do a little networking. He just wants to play with his mom and I need to remind myself that the post can wait 🙂
    Regan recently posted…That Mom with the Child Throwing a TantrumMy Profile

  5. I have to sometimes, very consciously find the joy in what the kids are doing. When I have something that I absolutely have to get done, then I tend to get frustrated with them, and not b/c they are really doing anything they shouldn’t be. It’s all about my attitude!
    Shannon Stubbs recently posted…Turn your living room from drab to fab with Sears’ Furniture CollectionMy Profile

  6. I pray for this too! A friend told me this past weekend that I was really patient with the kids, and I was shocked! I think that it’s something that I need to work on. LOTS.
    Melissa Mendez recently posted…Econobum- A Great Intro to Cloth DiaperingMy Profile

  7. It seems like only yesterday that mine were that little and yes, you will miss this. Might I suggest getting an extra keyboard for your littles to use next to you? They feel important when they are “working” with mommy and you can actually get something done at the same time.
    Nancy Bobbert recently posted…Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law is Seriously FlawedMy Profile

  8. Good timing! I’m trying to get my taxes done today so this is a good reminder to enjoy all the little interruptions!

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