GroVia Magic Stick Z – Give Zinc a Chance!

I did not receive the GroVia Magic Stick Z for free.  I bought it when it first came out and am glad I did.  Since Eudora has eczema that flares up on her tush, I have to be super careful with her.  If you sneeze at her, she’ll end up with a dry, raw patch somewhere.  Sometimes it’s on her leg or her back.  Other times, it’s on her rump.

When dealing with eczema, it seems counter intuitive to want to keep the area dry…  After all, it’s basically really, really dry and itchy skin.  However, the wetness on the skin (especially in the diaper area) is most definitely not a moisturizing agent.  That’s where the GroVia Magic Stick Z comes into play.GroVia Magic Stick Z Review - CD safe with zinc oxide! (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

What’s the GroVia Magic Stick Z?

GroVia Magic Stick Z is essentially the awesomeness of GroVia Magic Stick with the addition of zinc oxide powder.  It’s made of crunchy hippie stuff like grapeseed oil, meadowfoam (which sounds like unicorn farts or something) and a variety of other oils and butters.  It’s a great moisturizing thing to help soothe irritation.  When you add the zinc oxide, you also get a barrier effect.

What’s Awesome About GroVia Magic Stick Z?

You see, zinc oxide in and of itself is essentially cloth diaper safe.  It’s when it’s combined with petroleum products and such that it becomes really bad nasty and causes repelling.  With the GroVia Magic Stick Z, there’s no petroleum products to be really bad nasty.  They do, however, recommend that you use a liner with it to protect your diapers… but that’s just good practice whenever you use any stuff on your kid’s bum.  Even good ol’ coconut oil.

When I use it on Eudora, I don’t get to smear a lot on.  I just quickly swipe it across whatever spot is irritated before I wrestle her into a diaper.  That’s a lot easier said than done when she’s screaming “No, no, no!” and kicking.  Just that bit can take care of a minor irritation by the next change.

I also love that it’s made in the US.  I prefer cloth diapering products made either in the US or Canada because I prefer to support our economies over that of another country.  And then there are the ethical potentials, etc.

What’s Not Awesome About the GroVia Magic Stick Z?

It’s pricy.  To the tune of roughly $17 if you’re buying it in the US and $21 if you’re buying it in Canada.  And it gets even worse when you realize that this price is for .75 ounces.  I really do wish that GroVia would do small sample pots so that people can try them without spending a fortune.  It’s not 100% guaranteed to be CD safe: the label does say specifically to use a liner if you’re putting on a lot.

Bottom Line?

If you’re putting your baby in sposies so you can slather his bottom with Boudreaux’s Butt Paste at night, then you just might really want to give GroVia Magic Stick Z a try.

Where to buy GroVia Magic Stick Z: Cozy Bums (Canada), Diaper Junction (US/Canada), Lagoon Baby (Canada), Nicki’s Diapers (US/Can), (US)

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. I use this and love it for the convenience, but agree that it is pricey!
    Mindy recently posted…The Inquisitive Mom’s Top 13 in 2013My Profile

  2. This looks Like a Great product and I will Tell the New Mommies I know!!
    Miranda Ward recently posted…LOW ENTRY LINKYMy Profile

  3. The other great thing about the Magic Stick Z is that it uses non-nano zinc oxide, which is safer for baby’s skin (i.e. the larger particles are not absorbed into the bloodstream.

  4. Alisha Kostiuk says:

    Thank you for sharing. My niece has horrible excema, all over her body but gets it extremely bad on her tush. Will have to give it a try and see if it makes a difference.

  5. I have never heard of this product before but I think I am going to have to look for it. Maybe it would help my sons exzema. Thank you.
    Colleen Busch recently posted…Simply 7 Snacks Case Giveaway / Review Non-GMO $30 ValueMy Profile

  6. Never heard of this product. My Best friend just had a baby and could probably use this, I will pass the information along. Thanks for sharing.
    Kari Ann recently posted…Two Great Sweepstakes!My Profile

  7. I have never heard of the GroVia Magic Stick Z. I was so luck Low’s eczema never flared to his bottom, just behind the knees and elbows.
    Teri recently posted…iPad Mini GiveawayMy Profile

  8. When I cloth diapered, I swore by this! It really helped clear up rashes and irritation, and didn’t affect my diapers at all. Love it!
    Brandy Nelson recently posted…Mommy Workout Prize Pack 1/29My Profile

  9. Sounds like an awesome product, that’s why it’s reasonable to be pricy! 😉
    Filipino Food Recipes by Ed Joven recently posted…Bangus Sisig RecipeMy Profile

  10. Whoa… yeah, that is a bit pricey, but if it works and makes my little guy more comfortable then I’m all for trying it. My kiddo’s eczema can get so awful that he won’t sleep at night.
    Tonya Bangart recently posted…{Motivate Me Monday} Puppies for SaleMy Profile

  11. GroVia Magic Stick Z is new to me but would have been welcome on my poor babies bums when they had diaper rashes. Even though it’s a bit expensive I think being in stick form it would last longer.
    Joie recently posted…Saturday Morning Nightmare Even For This Winter Witch!My Profile

  12. Two of my sons suffer from eczema so this is something that I will definintely be checking out for them.
    Giveaways 4 Mom recently posted…Everyone Prays: Celebrating Faith around the World (Children’s Book) ReviewMy Profile

  13. that sounds like really awesome stuff!!!
    heather recently posted…5 Easy to Make Salad DressingsMy Profile

  14. That is pricey, but sounds like something I would love to try!
    Holly recently posted…Nail ChronologyMy Profile

  15. On sale for 13.56 per stick (USD) now through April 26, 2015 (Gro-Via celebration of Earth Day!)!!!


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