Kids Getting Along Is Magical

I’m amazed.  Today, Norton and Eudora are playing rather well together.  They’re mostly playing in his room… and I haven’t had to get up to intervene.  I realized that it was going to be a nice moment of kids getting along when Eudora ran out of Norton’s room.  She wasn’t running out crying.  He wasn’t chasing after her yelling angrily because she took off with one of his toys.


Okay, so it’s an older picture from Christmas, but it’s one of the rare pictures of them in the same frame.

Instead, I heard something wonderful.  “Kiki, come back an’ pway cars!”

Eudora smiled and ran back to her big brother’s bedroom.  They played for another 20 minutes before they ran into the dining room to play with their kitchen.

Once they were settled in the play kitchen, the magic continued.  I could hear Norton saying “One for Norton, one for Kiki.”  Sometimes I’d hear shrieks of giggling, followed by “Okay, it’s your turn, Kiki!”

I was so enjoying the sound of my kids getting along that I was reluctant to move.  It was almost like if I so much as stirred, I’d cause some kind of disturbance in the Force or something.  Either way, it was a delicate balance that I did not want to upset.

The kids spent an hour playing together before the first little tiff.  By then, they were both tired and Eudora was in need of a nap.  Still, it was easily one of the nicest days of parenting that I’d had since the addition of Eudora.  I’m hoping that this amazing bit of sibling affection can continue.

Have your kids ever had such an amazing day of getting along?

*Clarification: Yes, they do frequently play nicely together.  However, kids getting along for that amount of time is much different than I’m used to!  Now we just need to work on building the habit and making life more peaceful for everyone.
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  1. Anastasia says:


  2. How funny, my sisters always called me Kiki! (Don’t ask how they got that from Mercedes, though!)

    It’s such a blessing when children get along, I agree! What a relief! My twins go through phases. At the moment my daughter loves to pinch my son’s face and they are requiring constant supervision!
    Mercedes recently posted…What Do I Know about Raising Children?My Profile

    • Not really sure how Norton got Kiki out of her actual name (considering there’s nothing with a K sound at all), but it was what he called her when we brought her home from the hospital and he was still pretty much functionally mute. <3


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