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Selestial Soap Review-

Selestial Soap is an American company based right here in my home state of Michigan.  They have a wide range of products for the home, babies, and outdoors.  The company is committed to producing quality products that are safe for the environment and non-toxic to people, as well as to giving back to the community.  You can read and watch videos about their efforts to give back locally here.  I was pretty excited to find a business like Selestial Soap that is pretty local to me.

I discovered them at one of my local children store retailers, and contacted them about their detergent and bleach alternative for my cloth diaper laundry series.  They sent me a big box of their products to try out.  I was pretty darn excited to try them.  I’m going to give you a rundown on the different things they sent me and what I thought about them.

Household Items

I got to try most of their products from the TruHome collection: Soft Bottoms Soap Box, Sun Box, Soft Box, Dryer Buddiez, I’ll Fly Away Non-Toxic Insect Repellant, and the Bye Bye DooDoo Spray.  Yeah, the last one made me giggle too.  

They all worked pretty well!  I was able to use all of the laundry products on my cloth diapers without a problem, as well as regular laundry.  Be careful to follow the directions!  This stuff is super concentrated, so you need to follow the directions.  The Dryer Buddiez smell pretty strong coming out of the bag and my kids kept trying to take off with it.  This little bear works pretty well with my wool dryer balls.  

I have to admit, my favorite product is the Bye Bye DooDoo spray.  I keep it in the bathroom.  It works great at killing most smells, but it only- how can I say it?- softens really potent stinks.  I like using it in the kitchen as well, around the trashcan after the trash gets taken out.  It works by cancelling out the smell, not masking it.

I didn’t get a chance to try the bug repellant, but my husband did.  He says it works all right.  He used it on himself and the kids when he went fishing a couple of times.

Baby Bum Products

I love their Silky Bottoms Baby Powder.  It’s got easy to pronounce ingredients and it’s worked very well at clearing up minor irritation rashes.  I had been looking for something like it.  I actually only used the Clear Bottoms Diaper Cream once, but it cleared up a rash on my girl.  The reason I only used it once is because I’m not comfortable with the colloidal silver it contains.  I’m fine with everything else in it, but I’m just not comfortable with colloidal silver.  So you know, it’s also in the Soft Box (which I also only used a couple of times).  You can google it and make your own decision.  I just don’t feel comfortable using it.

I love that Selestial Soap’s products are made in the USA, most specifically in Traverse City, Michigan, which isn’t far from me.  And I really really love that they’re so involved in giving back to the community.  It’s hard to find businesses like Selestial Soap.  They’ve got good quality, locally made products, and they’re committed to supporting their communities.  It’s pretty awesome.

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