Snow Day! (Wordful Wednesday)

I tried to be wordless. However, it’s just not going to happen. This winter has been pretty weird. We’ve gotten massive dumps of snow (around two feet), followed by a warm spell that allows the heaps of snow to turn into ice, then rain to make the conditions even worse… and right after the mess is all cleaned up, we get another massive snow dump. While I was shoveling, I took the kids out to play so that they can get some of their energy out.

Snow Day! (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Eudora loved the snow.  It wasn’t too cold (just a bit above freezing), so I didn’t stress myself over her refusal to wear a hat or gloves.  She enjoyed playing out in the snow with Monkey… but she wouldn’t venture into the unshoveled areas of the drive way.  She would, however, throw Monkey into the snowbank and pick him up every few minutes.


And after she throws her monkey, she picks him up and gives him a cuddle.

snow-2013-3Norton, however, was less interested in playing in the snow.  He was more interested in eating the snow than throwing it.  On the bright side, though, since it was on my van, I know that it wasn’t yellow.

How do your children play in the snow?

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  1. How cute! It never snows where I live.

  2. I love it. We get snow fairly often but it doesn’t stay long enough to really play in it. The sun comes out and the snow vanishes, even as much as six inches can be completely gone in 4 hours. Hopefully we’ll be able to get a snowman in at some point this winter
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  3. I love the snow eating picture! My oldest always does that 🙂


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