The Ultimate Calendar for Blogging Organization: CoSchedule

The Ultimate Calendar for Blogging Organization: CoSchedule- ClothDiaperingAgain.comI’ve written a post about different ways you can record ideas for blogging.  What I’ve been searching for recently has been a better way to keep track of my posts and social media, particularly something that works well with WordPress.  Now I’ve found this awesome premium plug-in that I absolutely love called CoSchedule.  It is pretty much everything that I wanted.

Calendar for Posts and Social Media

CoSchedule allows me to see what posts I have coming up in the next six weeks, along with all social media posts I have scheduled through CoSchedule.  It doesn’t show social media posts that I have scheduled through other platforms (like if I went straight into Twitter or Facebook or Hootsuite for example).  It also allows me to filter the view so I can look at just posts or just social media.  If you use Google Calendar, you can sync the two.

Easy Peasy Scheduling

Going into the plug-in itself, I can check out what I’ve got going on, quickly schedule some posts and social media messages, and schedule any draft posts I have.  I can schedule Facebook, Twitter,  and Google +.  What I really love is the drag and drop feature.  If I need to reschedule something, say move a post up or further out, I can easily drag it to where I need it or drag it to the right side to make it a draft.  Looove it!

Schedule Social Media While I’m Editing a Post

Yes, you read that right.  I can scroll down and schedule messages right inside WordPress!  No clicking over to Facebook or Hootsuite.  I would really love it if there were a way to schedule pins to Pinterest, but right now there’s not.  I would also love it if I could schedule the same message for more than one platform or time at the same time.  Like schedule the same message to go out for Facebook and Google + in one go, or to go out at different times.  Honestly though, I just really love that I can schedule pretty much everything right here in WordPress and don’t have to worry about copying and pasting the address or waiting until it’s published before I start scheduling anything.  I’m finding myself scheduling more media posts with how easy it is to do and with the fact that I don’t have to click over to another window or new tab.  I can also schedule individual media posts from the CoSchedule Calendar.  

Technical Support

I had problems connecting CoSchedule when I first installed it.  CoSchedule has online support and it is awesome!  It turned out there was a bug (is that the right term? Would glitch be better?) on their end, which was affecting only a select number of people, including me.  I was able to help them get it fixed (yeah, I really really wanted to try it!).  Brian was the guy who helped me, and he was so nice and helpful!  It took a couple of days, but I was finally able to connect.  Normally it does not take so long.  I love it when you get awesome service from a company.  It definitely keeps me coming back for more.

Over all- Loving it!

You do have to pay for this plug-in, but I think it’s worth every penny.  They offer access free for two weeks so you can decide if you like it.  It doesn’t take that long to decide that you’re in love with it.  So if I’ve convinced you to try it or have interested you at all, you can go here to try it out.  It costs $10 a month, which I think is pretty reasonable for all the great features and support you get (and they just unrolled one so that you can add photos to your social media posts).  There are more great features that make this awesome for blogs that have more than one person behind the scenes, such as being able to assign posts to different authors, add tasks, and other stuff I haven’t used because it’s just me behind the curtain. 😉  I can only imagine how much easier CoSchedule makes it for blogs with two or more authors.

What are your favorite WordPress plug-ins?  What tips and tricks do you use to keep your blogging stuff organized?


  1. I think you just convinced me to try it, Melissa! I have been searching for an Editorial Calendar, trying to make my own, and nothing is coming up that I like. I love that social media is integrated. As soon as I get back from my trip, I’m diving into CoSchedule!
    Thanks for sharing!
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