Tipping the Scales

There are mornings that start out smoothly, only to culminate in a day that was a complete cluster.  Sometimes, though, things can go differently.  A day that can seem like a total write-off has one bright moment that tips the scales on a no good, rotten day to at least okay.  We had one of those days.

I woke up that morning with Norton coming down the stairs into my bed.  He woke us up by being angry and screaming at us for something.  Ugh.  Not a good start.  The day only progressed from there.Daddy had to leave for work.  That didn’t go so well, either.  Norton tried to chase his Daddy outside.  This was extra bad because Norton was naked and it was -20C/-4F.Tipping the Scales (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Norton was not happy when I picked him up, kicking and screaming, and bolted the top lock on the door.

I suffered through his grumpiness.  I had to hurry up and get the house in order so that I wouldn’t die of embarrassment when the plumber arrived.  You see, the night before, Norton had flushed a container of bubbles down the toilet.  No, not the contents of the container of bubbles.  The actual bottle.

While I was cleaning, I noticed a streaking Norton looking a bit… unclean around his bottom.  He had pooped on the kitchen floor.  And peed on the dining room floor.

He did this while I did laundry.

I cleaned it up.  I was not remotely happy.  This is not even a little bit okay, regardless whatever issues he may have.

By the time the plumber arrived, my house no longer looked like a crime scene.  This was not helped by Norton; he decided that the best thing to do with a clean living room was throw toys.

45 minutes and $140 later, the plumber left.  The toilet was restored.

Then life got a little brighter.  Norton dressed himself.  For the first time in weeks, he put his own clothes on and went to the bathroom without my having to nag him.  He wanted to go bye-bye.  I loaded the kids up in the van, safely buckled in their car seats, and took a long drive out to the middle of nowhere.  If I’m making a drive, I prefer open roads and as little stopping as possible.  It was great.  Norton and Eudora fell asleep on the drive.  I ventured out to a provincial park I’d wanted to check out with T’akaya, but it seemed so very far.  (And in reality, it’s about a 45 minute drive.)

I had some peace and solitude on the open road.  The kids woke up when I pulled into the driveway.  We shared a Hershey Sundae Pie from Burger King before Norton started acting like a shmuck again.

By the time the husband got home, I was done.  Over it.  I went out and got some things accomplished.  Norton was ready to go to bed when I came home.  “Mommy, come wie down with the Norton?”  He led me off to his room and climbed in his toddler bed, then scooted off to one side to make room for me.

I hopped in bed with him and snuggled up with my little boy for a bit.  “Mommy, cwose your bwue eyes,” he insisted.  I did.  I stayed in bed with him for probably ten minutes or so.  Then I kissed him good night and got out of bed.  “Mommy, more kiss?”  Of course, how could I not give in to that request?

I gave him another kiss and he said, “Good night, Mommy.”  He rolled over with his Pillow and slept without complaint as I closed the door to his bedroom.

The day itself might have been a huge, expensive suck… but at least it ended on a good note.  I’ll take it.

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. As Monty Python sings it, “Always look on the bright side of life!” Good job, Mama!
    Lindsay Gallimore recently posted…Best Free App for ToddlersMy Profile

  2. You know that I’m often in the same boat with my little dude. I love it when the day turns around and he’s back to the sweet little kid we all know he can be by the end of the day
    Regan recently posted…Snow DayMy Profile

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