bumGenius Audrey Shortage Sparks Frustration

I’m half surprised at how quickly the new bumGenius Audrey has sold out.  On one hand… after how fast the Jules diaper went, I expected a lot of women to buy quickly so that they could get it.  On the other, I saw more than one person comment that she hated the new bumGenius Audrey diaper.

Regardless of how one feels about Audrey Hepburn (the actress and activist that the bumGenius Audrey is named for), one thing is quite certain: this diaper has sold out less than 24 hours after its release.  It’s undetermined how many retailers have gotten it and how many diapers were actually made… but we do know that Cotton Babies has stated that it is a Limited Edition.bumGenius Audrey Shortage Sparks Frustration (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

The resulting sell-out (which I suspect has been a record for Cotton Babies) has resulted in some frustrated moms.  Some moms have decided that they’re really upset with Cotton Babies over this and are no longer willing to support the company by purchasing their products.  There have been grumpy comments about “greedy moms buying ten of them so they can sell them for $60 each” spoiling it, etc.  And I get that frustration.  I really do.  But remember this: you don’t have to be captive to the high cost of diaper flipping on hard to find prints or colors.  You don’t have to get sucked in.

Some have commented that the cloth diapering community has felt less friendly lately because of the perceived shortage of the latest Cotton Babies prints.  I get that.  It sucks when you run into something that essentially sucks the joy out of cloth diapering for you.  After all, they are just fancy poop catchers.  Nothing more.

However, keep in mind that this is a very simple supply and demand phenomenon.  The diapers will sell for only as much as someone is willing to pay for it.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a $2,000 WAHM auction, a single AppleCheeks diaper, or a gorgeous NIP diaper that’s been out of print for four years.

If you do not want to see diapers being resold at inflated prices, then don’t buy them at inflated prices.  It’s really simple.  Don’t play the game.  After all, as much as I love my pretty diapers and love having a wide, varied stash of unique or semi-unique diapers, I don’t need to have this many.  Most of the women who are freaking out about not being able to get the new bumGenius Audrey right now at a retail store are already in a position where they do have a minimum of enough diapers to get by.

You pay what you’re willing to pay for it.

Have you ever paid over retail price for a rare diaper?  Would you?

Blogger’s note: if you’re still looking for the Audrey, Cozy Bums does have some available for pre-order at the time of this blog post.
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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Wow, I am so shocked that people snatch them up and sell them for a profit. I would never pay crazy prices for a diaper, i get that some patterns are cutier than others but why not find something else more reasonable.
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  2. Alicia Owen says:

    It will never cease to amaze me how nutso some people go over cloth diapers…Especially considering they will only be used for a few years.

  3. I bought some used soft bums, they were actually my very first cloth diaper purchase, I didn’t have a clue about the company, the calendar bums and so on. I recently joined a Soft Bums B/S/T group and was shocked to see the prices, diapers going for $75 and more. It’s nuts. I would never pay over retail for a diaper, whether it was new or used. I did buy this diaper without even realizing how crazy it would be. I’m using cloth to save money, not spend a ton just because something is new and cute!

  4. I thought we were suppossesd to get an email to let us know stockibg was up. never got an email.

  5. Hahaha. My wife and I are talking about getting into the crazy world of high end diaper flipping. Easy money. Diaper money. Oh yeh.

    • Ha ha, yeah! Fund the kid’s college education by diaper flipping. (Obviously, I’m kidding before anyone decides to come after me with a pitchfork.)

  6. Stephanie says:

    I was disappointed, I tried two sites that had published release times. Both I was unable to make it through check out. Now I’m seeing them pop up on ebay for crazy amounts. I love cute cloth for my baby but not enough to pay $60+ for one!

  7. LaidBackMama says:

    I stumbled upon this blog and some other today just innocently looking for somewhere that may sell the Jules print, unavailable at a local store. I personally hope they come put with the Jules print again, I love that print. I had just decided to try cloth diapering when that print was out. I had no idea cloth diapering had such a cult following. I absolutely would not pay some exorbitant amount for a diaper print. What I do not understand is how Cotton Babies really stands to gain from having a supply which falls so drastically short of their demand. I understand they will get some buzz at the outset, but ultimately they stand to lose a significant number of customers. The everyday mama like myself may prefer a certain print, but I’m certainly not going to let it consume my life. If I cannot get what I am looking for I will find something else somewhere else, and will likely find it is as good, if not better, and I am sure I am not alone. Additionally, if there is a large contingent of women looking for a certain product and it is not available, bottom line, that is money lost for Cotton Babies. People tend to need diapers when they need them, and if the alternative to say Jules is Armadillo, well, they’ll likely if not positively, go elsewhere. I’m scraping by with my tiny diaper stash at the moment hoping for a rerelease, but if not, I’ll either keep making do, or find something else to supplement what I have now. As so many have wisely said, these are after all just poop catchers!

    • Well, the previous releases of the Genius Series (Irwin and Maathai) didn’t fly, even though they were limited. But because Jules and Carroll were limited, they sold out quickly and never had to be reduced. From that perspective, it works VERY well for Cotton Babies. It also will allow them to mark them up higher.

  8. Oh I like the print! I use flips though and will have to see if this is one of their prints. No money for extra dipes now but maybe in the future.
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  9. I don’t know how I did it, but somehow I managed to buy two regular price Audrey’s from a different diaper site two days after they sold out on CB. I had no idea they would go so quickly, so I didn’t purchase from CB right away. When I went back to get them, they we’re gone. After lots of googling and searching, I got my two Freetimes.
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  10. I have never spent over retail for a “poop catcher”, nor did I feel comfortable with selling a retired or coveted diaper over retail price…because that is all that they are.

  11. We recently talked about this at our store! We were one of the lucky retailers who received a case of the Audrey diapers. We knew right away that we didn’t want to inflate the prices and sell them to our customers. As a brand we feel that inflating the prices was something that we shouldn’t do to our loyal customers. So instead we decided to do a giveaway on our Instagram, Facebook, and then we are launching a promotion where the diaper is free with a qualifying purchase.

    • Wow, that’s great! Is that okay in your agreement? I’d heard that some companies don’t allow their diapers to be a “gift with purchase” thing.

  12. Damonsterr says:

    I have gone out of my way to get a hard to find print but I haven’t been able to justify paying higher than retail. Creating a small supply of a cute new print is a great marketing scheme, gets people wanting it and talking about it.

  13. Jo-Ann says:

    I’m not a big fan of this pattern (or Jules for that matter), but there were a bunch of them at our local Babies R Us. I’m wondering if there were fewer available to Cotton Babies because BRU got into the cloth diaper mix. They much have significant stock considering the number of stores they have across the continent.

  14. Melissa says:

    The crummy part about it all is that there are some of us mommas that maybe don’t have the money at the time the diaper comes out. BumGenius puts out so few prints and that’s the appeal, breaking up all your plain BG colors with some prints that are in such limited supply and they’re usually gender specific rather than unisex.

    • They didn’t used to be so limited, really. They actually didn’t start limiting them until Maathai and Irwin sat in stores forever. 🙁

      It can be difficult, though, to find that balance between keeping your customers happy and making a product that people will actually want to run out and buy.

  15. I certainly wouldn’t pay over retail. ..infact for BG I wont even pay retail. I have a policy to jot spend over $5 on a used diaper and not more than $10 for a new one. Alva baby, babyland, and china cheapies are my friend!

  16. Judith Martinez says:

    It seems to me that making the diaper release so limited plays right into the Chinese companies that steal the prints and reproduce them. I know that lovelace was stolen and reproduced and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of the others copied also. A lot of customers don’t understand copyright law and assume that if they can purchase it here it must be legal but they’re wrong.

  17. I paid over retail on Ebay for some BG limited prints I really liked, but they were all new. There are used ones that people actually pay $50+ for. I know it’s crazy to pay that much just for a new diaper even though I’ve done it lol, but I draw the line if it’s used.


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